Solved! how to i get my TCL Roku tv TCL Roku TV connection to Vizio surround sound system?

Jan 13, 2019
how to i get my TCL Roku tv to enable my Vizio 5.1 channel surround sound? Can only get the sound bar activated but not the wi

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As usual you provide no exact make/model, so am going to makes guesses...

Ideal situation: TV ----(HDMI ARC)----> SB. This provides best sound and allows CEC (power, volume) control.

Next option: TV ----(optical)----> SB. No CEC control.
If you are getting the soundbar to work but not the surround speakers then check that the TV is set to bitstream rather than PCM. Make sure that the content is in surround. The surround speakers will only be active when the director of the film turns them on. It's not unusual for a film to only have seconds of surround sound.
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