Question How can I try out my Samsung HW-N950 Atmos Soundbar?

Feb 22, 2019

I was looking for some advice on how to get some Atmos demonstrated on my HW-N950 soundbar. Here's my setup:
I also am feeding a Verizon FiOS box into the HW-N950 into the soundbar, but I don't believe that supports Atmos.

So I have an old TV and know that because of that I can't get 4K or UHD. That said, I am hoping I can listen to some Atmos content via the Roku, but thus far I haven't been able to find any. I've:
  • Looked on Netflix, but didn't see anything. I've read it's only supported from certain devices like an Xbox
  • Looked on Amazon Prime. Supposedly Jack Ryan, but the only thing I've presented with is 5.1
  • Looked on Vudu. Supposedly many titles are Atmos and I'm even supposed to see the Atmos demo stuff there, but I can't seem to see it. I'm wondering if it's because I don't have an UHD TV and that UHD/Atmos are tightly coupled and thus it isn't presented as an option
  • Looked on Hulu. Nothing
So a number of questions:
  1. I've read that my Roku Ultra does support Atmos. True?
  2. Any recommendations on how I could test out the roku/soundbar combo on atmos?
  3. Am I not finding anything because of my lack of UHD? Is there a way around this or a way to trick the system?
  4. What question am Inot asking and I should be?
Thanks so much!
Some info on content here that might help.
Cable and broadcast only support Dolby Digital so you are correct that there is no content there.
Does your Netflix account support 4K? Not all do.
You may be correct that you need a UHD TV for the Roku to output Atmos.
In any case considering the lack of actual content and the fact that using a soundbar with upward firing speakers doesn't recreate the effect of ceiling speakers very well I wouldn't worry about it.
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