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    Solved! TV Sound Setup: Mixing HDMI Input and RCA Output

    I'm at my family's home for the holidays and trying to do a little tech support... Their TV is a Sharp Aquos TMAN-A043WJZZ (see manual here). They use a Roku stick (via HDMI) to watch everything (no cable box) -- this all works fine using the TV's own speakers. Now, they also have an old Bose...
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    Question My Sharp Aquos LC-60C6400U led tv won't respond to remote

    Hi, I'm Rick. I'm 70 years old. Joined Tom's Guide yesterday. Was an IT tech with an MCSE for Windows NT and 2000. Also a network administrator and had a consulting business for a while. I know PC's but have no clue about my tv problem. My Sharp Aquos LC-60C6400U led tv won't respond to the...
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    Solved! Sharp Aquos TV: Power on but no audio/video and will NOT turn off

    Sharp Aquos LC-39LE440U I saw a thread that had this exact same issue from some time ago. The power light when plugged in is red, then green when you power it on. However, there is no logo or anything on the screen and no back-lights. Further, pushing the power button does NOT turn it off. The...
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    Sharp Television Not Working

    I found a sharp 43” television laying up against a tree brought it home plugged it up it powers on screen is lit but when I push menu button nothing appears on screen. Model number is LC-43UB30U. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be or have herd of this problem?
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    Solved! How do I get color to show using Philips DVD VHS player and sharp tv

    No color Philips DVD VHS player and sharp tv
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    Solved! connecting external speakers to Sharp TV

    I have an older Sharp TV (LC-46D62U)that I am trying to connect to Klipsh analog speakers. When I connect them I hear sound from the TV speakers only. When I go to the menu to direct the sound to the speakers, no options shows up for sending the audio through the external speakers. The owners...
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    Solved! Sharp HT-SB602-no sound & no display

    My Sharp HT-SB602 suddenly stopped delivering any sound. I'm still seeing a blinking red light near the remote sensor but the display is completely dark. I tried unplugging for an hour and but still nothing. Tried resetting but no display and nothing happened.
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    Low budget fix

    Sharp TV model LC60LE460U flashing light. 1quick and 1 long. Trying to get to the factory reset and/or check out LED lights. Any suggestions or ideas appreciated. Thanks
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    Aquos Sharp TV HDMI Signal Lost

    Aquos Sharp TV looses HDMI signal after powering off and then on. This happens with a Kaon Media HDTV transmitter. After powering off and on the Kaon media transmitter then the signal is back. This does not happen with other TV model and does not happen with the analog output of the device. Can...
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    careful, Sharp Roku TV will not give you surround-sound

    Need the ability to connect a 9 month old Sony stereo system suround sound Without an HDMI port into a new Sharp Roku smart TV. It apears the only way to connect your stereo equipment to this Sharp TV is with a HDMI cable. Sharp Roku is not smart enough for AV cables. If unable to connect...
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    Solved! Cant decide on a TV need some help

    Sharp LC-55Q620U vs Vizio V505-G9 Both have the main feature I am looking for (HDR10 and Google Play Movies) Main use is as a game TV in my loft (4k ps4) and movies. I am torn between these two, I notice the major difference is the vizio has the array led (however my last 2 vizio TVS have...
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    Sharp TV dead after remote control broke

    Hi, I have a new Sharp TV, after the remote control fell on the floor broken, the TV didn't work even the power on/off button on the side to the tv didn't work.
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    My tv the top half is a shade darker than the bottom half my tv might be two years old

    My sharp tv the top half is a shade darker than the bottom half and my tv is maybe two years old
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    Help with Tv

    Hope someone can help me fix my 70 inch Sharp TV is giving a sequence code but not sure ???
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    Solved! Sharp TV help

    How do I add Hulu to a 32" sharp he smart TV Q5000 series?
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    Downloading Kodi on Sharp Aquos 2018 model

    I keep trying to download Kodi onto my Sharp 2018 Aquos and keep getting a -501 error. I tried several times after turning off the verify apps from unknown sources button. I have also tried plugging in my Amazon Fire Stick 4k and I get a green screen, does Fire stick not work with smart tvs?
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    Solved! How do I stream from my Samsung ipad to tv

    Want to stream Sirius XM onto my Sharp Aquos Smart TV...pew2015 model
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    Solved! Question: Pairing duplicate TVs

    I purchased two Sharp 65" Class 4K Ultra... TVs. I hung them side-by-side on the wall. I thought I could use a remote for one and Amazon Fire Cube for the other. But any controller I use turns both on and off at the same time. Any suggestions for creating distinct remote pairings?
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    Solved! Getting tv to power on

    I have a 50 inch sharp tv and just a black screen.When I plug it in the red light flashes 7 times then a blue light comes and
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    Solved! Setup WiFi with wrong remote

    How to get on my WiFi with my tv (sharp tv) without the tv remote just the spectrum (WiFi) boxs remote ...
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    Solved! I have a sharp tv power on turns off by itself and the green power light starts flashing but no no picture

    I have a Sharp LCD TV model number LC 32 sb220 you I power it on maybe in about 5 minutes it turns off go into standby mode with the green flashing power has no picture turn back on and turns off again after a min or 2
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    Solved! Will my Sharp Aquos 60LE640U work in Europe?

    Will my Sharp Aquos 60LE640U work in Europe? In Hungary I use an Amazon firestick or a Roku stick and stream US TV through a router. We don't use local TV via cable or satellite. I know I will need a plug adapter, but those don't handle any voltage or hertz issues. We are moving the rest of...
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    Solved! How to add Hulu on my 32 inch sharp smart tv

    How do I download Hulu on my 32 inch smart TV
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    Sharp Soundbar/JVC SmartTV. Netflix

    UK based here. I've been reading with interest peoples issues with Netflix and their soundbars. I've tried and exhausted all the options mentioned, barring the optical cable. I have heard that Netflix simply don't support surround sound. However; having read some posts on here. Is the issue just...
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    Converting SHARP camcorder footage to digital (RCA cable not picking up video)

    Hey all, I have an old SHARP VL-E650U 8mm Analog Camcorder with a bunch of old family footage on it and I want to convert the footage from the tapes to digital. I bought a 3.5mm to RCA cable, and then bought a Video Grabber tool (
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    How to connect

    How to connect Tochiba digital TV to old Sharp DVD player
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    sharp smart tv

    my remote won't move when i try to go into youtube .how to fix
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    Solved! Modelnumber is lc-32lb150u it's a sharp

    The tv has sound but no video
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    Volume pop up happens constantly.

    Good Morning, I recently installed a 75 Sharp Android TV and connected my Sharp sound bar through the ARC HDMI. When hooked up this way the volume panel continues to pop up every 2 to 3 minutes. I have attempted to hook up through optical audio cable as well and tried 2 other HDMI 2.0 cables and...
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    Solved! LC32LB216U 8 flashes at power up. No picture.

    Sharp unit. Where can I find information on what the code is when it powers up. Red flashes 8 times, goes to blue, but no picture, no sound.
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    Solved! Bluray hooked up to sharp roku with HDMI cord

    Bluray previews all have sound, even before hitting play I have sound once movie starts no sound. Help. I don't know what else to do
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    Strange noise solved

    My laptop started making a very strange noise and I researched everywhere. Then I gave it a sharp tap and the noise disappeared and hasn't come back!
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    Solved! My Sharp Aquos Model LC-48LE653U power light is on but no images and can’t turn off

    Power light is on but no images and none of the functions work. I can’t even power it off from the keys or the remote. No logo display just a black or blue screen
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    Solved! Sharp Aquos 65 lc60le60u won't turn on. I just hear a clicking noise what's wrong

    My sharp Aquos 65 inch TV model lc60le60u won't turn on. I can hear a clicking noise. What's wrong
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    Solved! tv screen black

    I have a Sharp Aquos 70" TV model LC-70LE660U. It went out during a storm and power outage and may even possibly got wet a little. Now whenever i turn the set on all i get is the stanby light on and a black screen and the back lights flashes every 1 minute.
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    About Sharp tv, it shuts off and on by itself

    Hi I am GreenBay girl! I have a big Sharp tv, we have had it since 2010, it started about 2 years ago, you can be watching a show, or playing games, and it just shuts off, just out of no where, bam, just off,, thought maybe the screen was going out, but the picture is real pretty when it...
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    Solved! Video to pc

    Hi I am wanting to down load the old video footage from my sharp viewcam Z and don’t know what cables I need. It has a DV and AV on this. Can anyone please help?
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    Solved! Do my 4k sharp uhd have hulu

    My 4k uhd smart tv
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    Solved! What harddrive can be inserted into my sharp tv modem number LC- 50LE751K

    What harddrive can be inserted into my sharp tv modem number LC-50LE751K
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    Solved! USB issues with sharp tv

    USB media files does not come up in my sharp aquos tv
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    Sharp Lcd only white screen

    Sharp lc-60e78un only has white screen no picture and white flickering. Replaced tcon
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    Solved! TV picture is upside down

    my sharp aquos tv pictures turned upside down how can i fix it?
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    sharp smart tv faulty

    hello I just bought a sharp 40in smart tv when tv is on for a few hours screen goes of (black) and just the sharp logo comes on and on top right corner of screen a circle with the words initialising comes on after about 30 seconds the tv goes back to normal. what could be wrong any help.
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    Monster Hunter World: How to get Sharp Claw?

    Monster hunter world has finally been launched for PC and its gaining massive popularity with every coming day. Those of you who have installed and started to play the game on your PC must have realized by now that the crafting mechanism in the monster hunter world is quite deep and intricate...
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    Solved! Where can I find the tv cast app

    Where can I find the tv cast app on the 55’ sharp aquos smart tv?
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    sharp lc-55p6000u power supply

    My Sharp LC-55P6000U tv's power board took a power surge R907 surface mount resistor burned out and cannot find a clear enough picture to tell what it used to be. if anybody has a good pic or just knows what it is it would be greatly appreciated. board number is 217664
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    Need help with a Channel Scan

    Sharp TV asking for channel scan My tv is asking me to do a channel scan but I dont have cable. I stream everything off my PS4. How do I fix this? Thanks! :)
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    Program remote for Sonoc

    Can I program a DirectTV remote to use with Sonos Playbar for my Sharp Aquos TV. I am trying to block the sound from TV and only have it come through Sonos
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    After a power outage my tv won’t turn off. Model LC-70LE660U

    After a power outage my Sharp tv won’t turn off. Model LC-70LE660U
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    Looking for solution

    I just bought a new power board for sharp Aquos LC-60LE640X. After fixing the power board and was powered, but failed to power on. Please help.
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    Youtube not on mg sharp smart tv

    When.i open youtube cant see any pic or videos only audio is working
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    Sharp Aquos Apps

    Sharp Aquos Smart TV. YouTube app will not load. Black screen appears and nothing else
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    Can't remove model no from screen

    I've a sharp 40inch TV which keeps displaying the model no on screen how do I get rid of it
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    Solved! how do i connect my LG47LB650V to my SHARP HT-SB30 sound bar

    how do i connect my lg47lb650v to my sharp ht-sb30 sound bar.
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    iLive sound bar

    I have a sound bar. Did what the directions said. My TV is a Sharp. Model number is LC-55N5300U. I've tried using the auxiliary cord. Still get no sound. Changed things on the TV too for the speaker and all. Can someone please help me to get this working ??
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    32in sharp flat screen

    Have sound and picture words come in clear but red and green pixels bright in spots is this a board or the screen
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    Need help hooking up dvd and tv

    Hello. I need help. On my DVD player it has the red white and yellow plugs. But on my sharp tv it has red white and blue. What can i do? Any opciones on what to do.? I have three tvs. Ive tried the dvd on two of them. But doesnt work. Only one of the tv gets the dvd player.
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    How to connect Sonos sound bar to sharp aquos lc65d64u tv

    How to connect the Sonos sound bar to my sharp aquos lc65d64u tv
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    How do I change Sharp tv grayed out audio settings?

    I have a Sharp LC-26SB14U with a Roku hdmi stick and I’m trying to hook up a Bose solo 10 sound bar. Tv has a digital out that’s coax (that doesn’t seem to do the trick) so I bought a converter to coax to optical... that still doesn’t make the tv recognize the Bose.... how do I get to change the...
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    Sharp aquos 43inch is turning on then turning back of please help

    The screen also when turning on is turning blue