Question My Sharp Aquos LC-60C6400U led tv won't respond to remote

Feb 22, 2022
Hi, I'm Rick. I'm 70 years old. Joined Tom's Guide yesterday. Was an IT tech with an MCSE for Windows NT and 2000. Also a network administrator and had a consulting business for a while.
I know PC's but have no clue about my tv problem.

My Sharp Aquos LC-60C6400U led tv won't respond to the remote. Started two days ago. At the same time, my PC which was using the tv as a monitor crashed and is unrecoverable. Will require reinstallation of Windows. ugh.

I live in Western Florida, which is one of the most lightning susceptible areas in the country. There was a power outage overnight before this happened but I have multiple surge protections, including on my incoming lines by the electric company. I replaced the remote. Put in new batteries. No result. TV is well out of warranty.
I've tried every fix online that I could find. Nothing has worked yet. Nothing is blocking the ir receiver, I've cleaned that area in case of dust buildup. I've done all the resets, unplugging, removing batteries, etc.

I'm thinking despite redundant protection, a power surge burned out the IR receiver.

Would appreciate any ideas I haven't tried.
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