Question Sharp LC-60LE6300U won't turn on after storm, attempted repair

Jan 18, 2022
Good Morning Everyone,

I'm looking for some assistance in repairing my Sharp Aquos TV (LC-60LE6300U). It stopped working about a year ago and I'm now getting around to trying to repair it. After a storm, the TV, DVR, and router stopped working. I assume the power surge came through the HDMI cable, the TV was plugged into a separate surge protector from everything else that died. The TV would not turn on, the "Sharp" LED on the front did not turn on when plugging in the TV.

Anyway, I researched how to diagnose the issue with the TV. I checked the fuse on the power supply board, it was good. I checked standby voltage on the power supply board, assuming I checked the correct pin, the board is not marked clearly to me. I got 5V at the standby pin. I determined from there it had to be the main board since I already assumed HDMI input was a possible cause.

I replaced the main board and still the TV does not turn on. The only change is that the "Sharp" led logo on the front does come on for a second when initially plugged in, then nothing. I tried a couple variations of "reset" that I googled, with no change.

I read that it is most likely the main board or the power supply board, but there is potential for it to be both. So I replaced the power supply board... No change. Still lights the logo when plugging in, no blinking error codes, no "reset" changes.

Since I've already spent some money on this, I'd like it to work, but I'm not sure what I'm up against. Any ideas of what to check next? What else could be fried?

Thank you!


This is why I always recommend to just buy a used working TV and not really bother buying parts for repair since in many cases just simple board swaps don't fix anything. Not much to do here with the current TV except go over the electronics that were not replaced to see if anything was damaged. Visual or use a voltmeter on all the components to check for proper voltage through them.