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    My sharp aquos tv 70" won't turn on. No power at all

    No power on my sha
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    Sharp Aquos LC-60LE644U

    My Sharp Aquos is stuck in USB mode, i do not have a remote. The buttons on the TV do not work to allow me to change the input.
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    I have a sharp tv what wires do I need to hook up a magnavox soundbar

    What wires do I need to hook up a magnavox soundbar to a sharp tv
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    Solved! No sound when ROKU BOX is connected to SHARP aquos LCD TV

    Hello,Please help on the following issue: On connecting ROKU express + to SHARP aquos LCD TV with High speed HDMI cable we are getting Video but NO Audio..Thanks. HR
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    Sharp TV P 8000 series will not turn on

    Sharp TV P 8000 series will not turn on
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    My antenna port got ripped out of my set. Can I use any other port to connect my antenna to?

    It’s a Sharp TV only 2 years old
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    Sharp Aquos LED TV - black/white screen (no picture) but sound

    My LED TV suddenly stopped showing pictures and initially only black screen showed up. But power and sound works fine. I opened my TV and disconnected and reconnected the ribbon cable, and now it shows white screen with some black lines. Visually every part under the hood looks good to me. If...
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    how do i know if my 42 inch sharp is a "smart tv" its 4 years od and is missing the origanal remote

    looking for answers on my 42 inch flat screen smart or not
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    Solved! Sharp Aquos Vizio soundbar and Onkyo reciever

    I have an Onkyo tx-nr757 reciever that I have the Xfinity cable box, ps4, Chromecast, a raspberry pi, and a fire TV all connected to (all using HDMI). That outputs to a Vizio soundbar which then connects to HDMI 1 port on the TV. I know that the soundbar is not ment to do this but the wife...
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    I have a sharp liquid crystal lc60c6600u screen is black except for colorfull lightning bolt can I fix it?

    please let me know were to start thanks
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    My sharp 52” is flashing green and won’t turn on.

    My sharp 52” tv is flashing green and won’t turn on. Can you help?
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    Download sling to my sharp tv

    I want to download sling tv app on my sharp tv
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    How to add Google chrome to my sharp smart tv

    Can not get goggle chrome on my sharp smart tv
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    I have a Sharp smart TV and connected the Gen 3 firestixk to it. No audio. What do I do?

    I purchased the Gen 3 Firestick and connected to my Sharp Smart TV. I have no audio. I also have a surround sound system. It did not effect the other firestick. I'm at a loss as what to do. I have reset and unplugged. Nothing works.
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    Audio through sound bar from ROKU

    I have a 2010 SHARP TV with no optical audio. I bought a SONY sound bar that attaches to the DirectTV box with the optical cable and receive sound from the DirectTV; however, when I hook up the ROKU Streaming Stick I get no sound. The HDMI cord is also plugged into the TV and sound bar. What can...
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    talktalk remote sync

    I have purchased a sharp aquos 4k smart tv and can,t find a code to sync my talktalk youview remote to my tv please advise
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    sharp aquos 2006 model

    is it possible our sharp aquos tv from 2006 has bluetooth?
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    Blank YouTube screen

    Can someone give me an analysis on how i can make use of YouTube in my Aquos Sharp Tv?
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    How do I format the SD card for my Tab 4

    I'm really not all that sharp, didn't grow up with this stuff. I have a sd card for a Tab 4 that doesn't appear to be detected. It was suggested that I format the card. I don't know how.
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    Solved! Restore a skipped input on a Sharp Aquos TV, 7 years old.

    Sharp TV Aquos, skipped input needs to be restored.Input 3 was skipped accidently and I need to restore it. The TV is 7 yrs. old. Help please. I've already tried Menu, Options, but there is nothing there that will do the trick. Also tried a factory reset.
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    Which tv model is better? Philips or Sharp?

    Hello, Below are the links for 2 similar 32 inches TV, can you please let me know which is the better one? Thanks
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    PVR-Funtion on Sharp TV

    i have a sharp TV "LC24CFG6132EM" where the record Funktion does not work in Germany. is it possible to aktivate this Funktion?
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    What earphones to choose? Sennheiser don't sound good to me

    Hey guys, Could You please help me pick a new pair of earphones? Until now I have been using a pair that came with my phone - Lenovo P90 pro - I couldn't believe they had a better sound/bass than my Koss KEB/30i (I have the lifetime warranty on those but in comparison they just sound dull and...
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    Can plugging headphones into a jack thats on damage or harm them?

    Ok so I just bought a new pair of audio Technica m50x's and thought I would plug them into my piano using the quarter inch jack that came with the headphones. I had my piano at a relatively low volume compared to how loud it can actually get. The piano was still on when I plugged in the jack...
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    Can you connect SHARP LC-40CFG6452K to Bluetooth speaker and TV speakers at the same time?

    I have the SHARP LC-40CFG6452K is there a way to connect the TV to a Bluetooth speaker and play through the TV speakers at the same time?
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    Why isn't there clarity?

    Bought a 50 inch Roku Sharp tv and doesn't fill the 50 inch screen How come?
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    How do i add Direct Now on my sharp smart tv

    I have a smart TV and need to add direct Now app
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    I have an old sharp surround system with 5speakers .it also has an optical out port my lg TV has an optical out I bought an ra

    I have an old sharp hi-fi system but it does have optical out same as of TV I bought a converter rac to optical centre and side speakers work but no sound from the 2surround speakers this is driving me nuts any help would be gratefully appreciated. Ps when I do a sound check on hi-fi all...
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    I have a sharp lg70qu1 and the white light keeps flashing. I already tried resetting it and nothing. Help!

    I have a sharp lg70qu1 and the white light keeps flashing. I already tried resetting it and nothing. Help!
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    Help connecting tv to surround bar

    I have a sharp tv model No LC-60E69U and a Sony bar and subwoofer model no SA-CT80. The tv has no optical plug in and the bar has no hdmi slot. Thank you
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    How do I connect a 3 plug RCA component to a sharp TV with only 2 plug RCA

    3 plug RCA cable, 2 plug RCA TV
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    How do I find the App Store on my Sharp Smart TV

    I'm trying to find the App Store on my Smart TV so I can download Just Dance for my daughter, but I can't see it anywhere. Please help!
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    sharp powers on but only shows a part of the sharp logo and color vertical lines

    Sharp aquos TV turns on but only displays part of the logo and vertical color lines
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    Sharp tv model LC-19SB15U trying to connect sound bar Megacra S7020 . I tried optical connections no sound, tried RCA 3

    Tried optical connection, no sound, tried RCA to 3.5 mm no sound. Tv has no option in menu to turn on external speaker, no way to turn off tv speakers. Sharp tv model LC-19SB 15U Sound bar Megacra S7020 thank u
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    We have sharp tv and given a password which was 7931 but now dosent login on what should we do

    We have sharp tv and given a password which was 7931 but now dosent login on what should we do and please send me password brocker cod Thanks
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    Solved! Cannot see Sharp VCR menu on TV screen

    I was gifted a used Sharp VCR (model # VC A524OU). It came with a remote (G0774GE) but no owner's manual, nor could I locate one online. I have a Sony CRT TV with a DTA adapter. When I removed the VCR I was using, I connected the Sharp in exactly the same way - DTA cable to in port on the VCR...
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    Solved! Connecting an android box to a led tv(Sharp Aquos LC-32LE260M 32 Inch) via HDMI

    I want to buy an android box and connect to a led tv (not a smart tv but support hdmi,picture and audio via fat-32 data storage device) via HDMI 2.0.Can it be connected with each other? Ps:Ive used a laptop and tried to connect with hdmi but after 5 sec the tv shows no signal.Plz help me im...
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    YouTube on a sharp.aqous tv

    Is there any way to make YouTube work on A-sharp aquas 3-D TV70 inch purchased around 2012 something changed. It.worked before Google updated its version to v3 ?? Hulu Netflix and.others work well No YouTube Ant idea's
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    lg sound bar sh3k not working with sharp lc-32sb24u

    lg sound bar sh3k not working with sharp lc-32sb24u, i used the optical out cable provided with the sound bar but the sound wont come out from the tv. when i connect the sound bar to the PS4 with the same optical out cable it works
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    Circuit board for sharp stereo

    Do you guys know of anyone that sells circuit boards for older sharp stereo systems. An sc 6900 made around 1989 to be exact. Also are their any reputable repair services out there where I could ship my stereo to if I cant fix it myself?
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    Home stereo amp

    How can i hook an amp up to a older home stereo without audio outs. A sharp sc6900 to to be exact. This unit has an interal amp. Can i get signal from the speaker connection. The amp i would like to hook to it is a sharp 7700 cd with rca connections.
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    Why is my 1T external seagate drive and my 64g usb flash drive always stop on my sharp 40in aqous lcd tv

    My 1TB seagate external hard drive and my 64g flash drive always stop while watching a movie in a Sharp 40’ Aqous LCD TV
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    Amazon Fire Stick not working on older Sharp Aquos TV

    I have an older Sharp Aquos 60 inch TV (2005 or 2006); with 4 HDMI inputs. When I try to run my Amazon Fire Stick (2017); nothing displays. Is the HDMI technology in the 2017 Fire Stick just too new for this older Sharp TV? Sharp gave me this answer but it seems to be the opposite of what I'm...
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    Sharp TV Weird colors/K symbol

    Hello! As described in the title, something weird happened to my brand new sharp tv. I had to reset it, because it didnt respond to any actions, whether using the buttons on the tv or the remote. So i plugged it off from power and during boot up, the tv showed odd colors, for ex. Red was...
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    Surround sound / Fire stick

    I have a Sharp tv and a Sony sound system. I have just switched from cable to a Fire Stick and can’t get the surround sound to work.
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    Trying to get audio to Old Sony Strd515 receiver from not so new Sharp tv.

    I’ve been trying to connect my Sharp LC-19DV24U to my old Sony STRD515 receiver. The receiver has no digital input/output. I bought a digital to analog audio converter and a coaxial cable because the tv only has a coaxial output. I connected it all and no sound! I tried all the different...
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    Which orifice do I plug my sound bar into?

    Which orifice do I plug my sound bar into on a sharp aquos 55" TV , it looks like a headphone plug that's coming from the sound bar, (lost instructions ) red and white plug coming from sound bar, going into one (looks like a headphone jack) it's a 38" 2.0 bar and an...
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    on my sharp tv, all the HDMI outlets indicate input, but the vizio sound bar says only use output! Nothing says ARC and I hav

    I have a vizio SB3651-E6 sound bar and trying to hook to my 46 inch Sharp TV. HDMI outlets on back of computer all say they are "input". The instructions for the sound bar says I should use only "output" HDMI...nothing indicates ARC. There are outlets for "digital audio output" and I have the...
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    Hook up RCA Home Theater Sound Bar to Sharp AQUOS Model #LC-55P6000U

    Tech stupid. Please help--I have a new TV and sound bar that I can not get hooked up. I tried optical cable but nothing.
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    Sharp TV won’t turn on

    So I have a Sharp Aquos LC-50LE650U that will start to power on then immediately shut off. Used to get Sharp Logo now I don’t even get that. Was looking to see if anybody had any idea what part was malfunctioning. Thanks
  51. A

    Remove input information

    Hello I just bought a SHARP LC-40LE185M... there is a green square and k letter inside it and some words near the square, I don't know how to remove them.. Any help?
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    Optical cable not working on Sharp Aqous TV

    How do i hook up a samsung sound bar to a sharp aqous TV? I just recently switched my primary TV from a Westinghouse to a bigger sharp Aqous. I am having issues getting my soundbar working. My old tv had my chromecast, bluray, and cable box connected by HDMI and i just used an optical cable to...
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    How to hook up RCA sound bar to sharp aquos

    I plugged in the digital input and output cords but it won’t play sound.
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    my 60" sharp Aquos keeps turning off, many time I reset factory holding down switches and then works for a while then later on

    my 60" sharp Aquos tv keeps turning off, many times I reset factory holding down switches and then works for a while then later on turn itself off again. I see some picture flickering or backlight flickering or if a dark screen between moments of tv picture will shut it off again. What part do...
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    Solved! Sharp Aquos LC60LE644U has sound & no picture

    Tried reset procedure by unplugging, pressing volume down & channel down buttons and plugging back in without any success. Still no picture at all. When this first started, I was able to get the Sharp logo after unplugging and reconnecting the set. Now nothing seems to work. The TV is only 2...
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    Can I connect my old JVC DVD player to my Sharp Roku TV? The JVC player has 5 plugs (red & white, red, blue, green) that don't

    Just want to know if my old (20 years) JVC DVD player with 5 plugs (red, white & red, blue, green) can be hooked up to my new Sharp Roku TV with sockets for 3 plugs (red, white, yellow).
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    Do I get netflix im already a customer

    Changed to a Sharp smart tv and get netflix anymore.
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    How do I get my Sharp Aquos TV sound to come through my Samsung Blu Ray sound system? I have optical audio cable running from

    TV and Blu Ray speakers not connecting
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    LC-60LE644U problem when plugged in

    My sharp Aquos smart tv turns itself on a few seconds after i plug it in. It then shows the sharp logo, after that it goes black and responds to nothing. remote or buttons on tv do nothing Did try to reset with holding the volume down and power button on tv, does nothing also the netflix app...
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    Can anyone please help my LC-52DH66E tv turns on then goes off

    Hi can anyone help my sharp tv comes on for about 3 seconds then goes off and flashed red