Sharp TV Weird colors/K symbol


Dec 26, 2016
As described in the title, something weird happened to my brand new sharp tv. I had to reset it, because it didnt respond to any actions, whether using the buttons on the tv or the remote. So i plugged it off from power and during boot up, the tv showed odd colors, for ex. Red was replaced with green, then the TV began to slideshow colors. I turned it off with the remote and booted it up again, and once more the colors during boot up on Sharp logo, were reverted from red to green, then it kind of got fixed but everything seemed "white", like as if someone put a white filter on it. Also, top left shows a "K" symbol with "LC-A40CF64..." written next to it and W:0 underneath. Youtube/Netflix and really everything works fine, its just the colors that are out of place, and the weird stuff in the top left. I have no clue what it could be, no idea how to fix it either. Any ideas?
Jan 7, 2019
Hi. Just wondering how you sorted the problem. I have exactly the same now. Thanks