Question Sharp with green dots

Apr 12, 2021
Hi, I have an older Sharp LCD, model # LC-C5262U. It has green dots on the screen, sometimes its just along the top, and then it will spread to the entire screen. It just started, the TV wasn't disturbed in any way, it sits out of the way so it wasn't hit or jarred. I also tried replacing the T-con board with 2 different boards, and the problem persists. It is also independent of any input, the green dots are on the screen all the time on all the inputs and without an a/v cable connected to the TV.
What else should I try?
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Replace it with a working used one for about $150. I would have done that before buying any boards for it, TV repair is almost never worth it since replacing boards does not fix the issue a good number of times, and trying out screens or some other parts is just dumping more money into something that may not fix it.