Question TV not displaying from Laptop anymore.

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Jan 28, 2023
When I connect my laptop via HDMI to my tv the laptop recognizes the tv, but I will get "no signal" or just a black screen.
It has worked previously, few weeks of my laptop sitting and trying again it does not connect anymore.
Laptop is a Sager 1920x1080 @ 240hz running on a 2060
TV is 4k Vizio @ 60hz
Using the same HDMI cable and verified that it works.
TV still works as an accessory display on my desktop's surround setup.
In Window's display settings the TV's information is all displayed correctly, everything seems in order except for no output.
Laptop's screen blinks like it usually would when you change displays, laptop even tries using the TV for audio. Device recognition sound plays on the laptop, but no sound comes out through the TV after connecting.
I have flashed the TV's firmware twice, gone through the correct ordering for connections.
I have reinstalled the GPU's driver with DDU in safe mode twice.

Laptop only has 1 HDMI port. Could it be faulty even though the laptop recognizes everything about the TV?
Could it be another software issue not related to the integrated graphics or GPU?


Feb 4, 2023
Sometimes the HDMI connection doesn't work properly immediately, by experience, on most laptops, I had to plug the cable and move it a bit (sometimes I had to unplug it a little bit) otherwise the connection is not going through 100%) Try without forcing too much on the port.
Also try to use only the external display instead of mirroring or expanding the integrated one.

Need to test the laptop HDMI output on another screen.
And maybe use another HDMI cable too, there are different versions of HDMI
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