Brightness flickering - AC plugged in - Lenovo G50-30, Celeron N2830

May 5, 2018
When the power supply is plugged in, my laptop screen(brightness) flickers - it looks as if every 1/5 of a second the screen changed brightness, say about 2% - it is a very subtle change but very visible on a white background. On some forums I read that some users have a problem with switching off "Intel DPST" when the power supply is connected and disable this technology by disabling the "Sensor Monitoring Service" service.
While the computer is connected to the charger cord...

1. Right click on the desktop and then choose "Properties".
2. Now go to "Settings", then "Advanced" and finally "Monitor".

NOTE: This may be found in a different area/different names on your computer. However, you still want to go into the "Monitor Settings", no matter how you get there.

3. Set the screen refresh rate to 50 hertz.

4. After you apply these settings, the problem should be fixed.

Also, if you are unsure of setting it to 50 hertz, check what your system is set to when you are running/connected to the battery only.

When running on battery the refresh rate is usually 50 hertz, and when on the charger cord power it will often be on 60 hertz. Hence the flickering. Making them both the same (50) should do the trick.