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  1. C

    What is causing white background noise on my microphone?

    Hi everyone! I recently bought the Neewer NW-700, along with the NW-100 48V Phantom power supply. I am getting white background noise and I'm wondering what's causing it. I have connected the Microphone to the Power Supply with an XLR-XLR cable I have connected the Power supply to a FIIO USB...
  2. T

    Solved! Is it possible to use a 12V3A (36W) power supply for a 20x2W stereo amplifier without any problems?

    Hello, I have 2 of the mentioned power supply, and I have an amp thats rated for 12V 2x20W, and an other one which is rated for 12V 2x50W. Is it bad for the amps to use them with a power supply like this, or I should buy a bigger one? (I know it's gonna be "less effective", but that's not the...
  3. K

    HI grade model W651UI Laptop

    Can anyone guide me where I could purchase a new power Supply and laptop battery from as Hi Grade computers have gone out of business. Thanks for all your help it is so much appreciated
  4. B

    Solved! Help To know the watts of this power supply

    Please, I need To know how many watts in my power supply.. https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=501626165229
  5. I

    Solved! External Graphics Card not working

    I have a Dell Optiplex Usff 9020 and a Zotac 650 1gb destroyer tsi with a power supply for the card and a beast egpu adapter. Its all plugged in but my PC isn't detecting the card please help. -Jamo p.s My graphics card fans are spinning.
  6. L

    Solved! Power Supply Adapter

    can i use a ActionTec power supply input 100-120 60hz 0.3A when the tablet says power source DC 5V 3A straight line on top and 3 dashes on bottom.
  7. V

    Can the power supply board burn/damage the main board? (Samsung TV)

    I have a Samsung TV UA40F5000AR that doesn't turn on but has the red light on. When I checked the internet, the problem seems to be either in the main board or the power supply board. The technician came and thought the problem was in the main board, so he replaced it with a new one. The TV...
  8. B

    Monitor only shows black screen

    Hello everyone. Sorry if this has already been solved I didn't see any threads that fixed my problem. I recently purchased an Acer ED242QR and when I turn my computer on I see exclusively a black screen. No logo and no windows. The menus don't show up either. I have tested my second monitor and...
  9. W

    Solved! Where would I find a power supply for example projector rpj129

    I have an RCA rpj129 projector and the power supply went bad on me where would I find a new one I can order
  10. P

    Solved! Laptop screen goes black after power supply plugged in

    My toshiba M840 screen instantly goes black if power supply plugged in and would never turn on back. I've tried many method but none of that work , the screen goes black even in the save mode and I think it either the power supply problem or my motherboard. I hope I can find my solution here...
  11. packersfan036

    laptop power supply question

    I have a Lenovo legion y520 gaming laptop. a oem charger cost is around 70 dollars, I can get a aftermarket for 16 dollars. big difference. my question Is, is it safe to use a aftermarket charger? all the specs match as well.
  12. J

    Solved! Safe to use lower wattage power supply on laptop?

    Ok so I bought a used laptop before finding out the power supply doesn't have enough wattage that the laptop needs (uni PSU) but the voltage is correct. I noticed obvious throttling when playing games and the backlit keyboard would flicker, I assumed it's because the system isn't getting enough...
  13. D

    Solved! Sony HT-RT3 Power failure

    Hi, Suddenly my Home Theater stopped working. I am experiencing power supply failure to it. What is the best approach to resolve the issue. Thanks Santosh
  14. B

    Computer keeps shutting off

    About 3 months ago my pc would work fine but recently it shuts off then comes back on or just stays off. after it shuts off I have to turn the power supply off and back on again before it will turn on again. Any help?
  15. C

    Selecting the right power supply for a tower speaker(Philips)

    Hello! I got a tower speaker form my uncle and not very fimilar with audio systems, I don't know how to revive this 3 feet tower speaker.. I'll just attach the photo of the speaker.. Please help me to bring back it to live
  16. S

    effect on laptop battery

    my laptop has a Polymer/Prismatic Battery, do I have to unplug the power supply cord once the battery is fully charged. if I don't do so does the power supply affect the battery life?
  17. J

    AT2020 XLR lots of static (repost) desperate for help.

    Hey I just got this mic today and hooked it up to a Behringer PS400 Phantom Power Supply i plugged everything in correctly and the hiss is still there. It's really loud. heres a clip of me speaking. https://www.mediafire.com/file/lf899jrc1d1dma4/Recording_%2828%29.m4a/file please help? thanks
  18. M

    Solved! home theater system

    How to connect subwoofer with speaker wire input to receiver with RCA output? ( subwoofer doesn't have power supply)
  19. P

    Solved! Whats the name of this power cord for the speaker?

    https://ibb.co/gUd6xy whats the name of this power cord. Thanks for help.
  20. N

    Solved! Loud Humming coming from Sub

    So i have a car sub hooked up in my house. I know everything works fine as i tested it all with a car battery and it sounds incredible. But i dont want to keep a car battery in my house so I bought a computer power supply that out puts 30 amps @ 12v (that is what my subwoofer amp is rated...
  21. K

    Gpu or Power supply Problem?

    So i have a alienware 17 laptop now recently its powercord broke and i brought a new one but the new one is for a alienware M17 how ever it has the same Volts,Amps and Watts as my old one did. The problem is since i got it my laptop has not been able to run high gpu games insted they freeze or...
  22. B

    Is 8gb Ram and core i5 sufficient for Adobe creative suite??

    Hi there, I'm a graphic designer and i want to buy a laptop , but not completely sure of the specs i will need. I dont have a very large budget ,so i found one within my price range but it is a Core i5 6th generation, and 8gb RAM.. Will this be sufficient??
  23. J

    Solved! home cinema power supply

    I have a 230 volt home cinema but would like to use it for in my car someone knows if I can place 12volt directly on the power supply and where on the power supply
  24. D

    Solved! Are vizio TVs dual voltage?

    The back panel says 110v but inside the power supply board clearly says 110-240v.
  25. A

    Solved! Where can I get an original Sony PSU for my TV? (UK)

    I need to replace the power adaptor for a 4 year old Sony Bravia PC. Sony's official dealer wants around £50. I presume that, similar to the car industry, the company's preferred supplier will be the most expensive, with others able to offer the same product at a lower price - but I'm not...
  26. K

    Notebook won't turn on

    Hi, Some days ago I've tried to turn on an old notebook (hp pavilion dv7) without success (until a week ago it worked without any problems. I erased the disk in order to install ubuntu, but i had other things to do and i didn't do it). I've noticed from the power supply a strange noise...
  27. K

    After cleaning, Asus UL30A switches off when moved and doesn't see an SD card

    Hi all, my laptop was recently at a repair service after I spilt a dense, sticky, sugary liquid on it (the area was not too big, left side of space bar plus C, X, D were sticky, the laptop was in cca 45 degrees position (on a stand), so the liquid flew largely down). I was told the motherboard...
  28. V

    Power supplies for amplifiers are connected parallel to the power board in a home theater.

    I have 4 different amplifier in my home theater with each having its own power supplies. How are the power supplies onnected to the power board?
  29. G

    What power supply should I buy?

    Hello! I have this problem. My laptop cable broke, so I need new one. I tryed searching and I bought one. 135w, 6,75A output. So Amps is maching, but Computer shows, that its wrong cable and doesnt chardge. How much wattage cable do I need? Specs: Lenovo y50-70, intel core i5, GeForce 960M 2gb...
  30. S

    Alienware 15 and 17 2 problems

    I bought a used Alienware 15 which has had 2 known problems, but there was no answer online. I hate, however, solved them and hope you will put this on the page so it can be used by others. In total, I spent 9 hours separating everything, switching refrigeration paste, frame, new original power...
  31. B

    sharp lc-55p6000u power supply

    My Sharp LC-55P6000U tv's power board took a power surge R907 surface mount resistor burned out and cannot find a clear enough picture to tell what it used to be. if anybody has a good pic or just knows what it is it would be greatly appreciated. board number is 217664
  32. S

    my power supply and battery problems

    my power supply charger powers the laptop on when the battery is removed but with the battery on it doesn't power it on. and imost of the time i power it on then put the battery in then it doesn't charge it but sometimes i do the same thing and moments later i find it charging ? my question is...
  33. T

    Logitech Z623 Power Supply ->Voltage?

    Hi, I have a problem with the Logitech Z623. Suddenly it doesn't go on and now I have it opened and saw that at the protections are not more good, there goes no power through. I would like to test it now with a extern supply, but I don't know which power was converted... AC/DC and the Voltage...
  34. J

    Solved! Would you Buy This? Ryzen 1400 GTX 1060 6GB

    I'm here looking at the SkyTech ArchAngel 2 RYZEN 1400, 16GB DDR4 2400 Ram, GTX 1060 6GB, and a 600W Power Supply for my VR system and I did a comparison on PC Partpicker, Cyberpower, Ibuypower, and Newegg and those had a higher price. https://skytechgaming.com/product/shadow-ii-copy/ Would...
  35. S

    What issue does my laptop have? PSU / CPU / Motherboard

    So just last night my laptop started going through a series of shutdowns, where I'd be in the middle of something and it would turn off on its own, no warning beforehand. I got in touch with support for the manufacturer and they're telling me that the worst case scenario is the motherboard being...
  36. M

    What does continuous flashing standby light mean ?

    I have a 42 inch Panasonic tv. When switched on the standby light blinks continuously. I have changed the power supply board for a new one and yet the problem is still the same. It attempts to switch on and then goes back to standby mode blinking. Please help me.
  37. B

    After 30 minutes left my acer desktop automatically power off.

    My acer desktop powered off randomly after 30 mintues from starting.
  38. H

    LG OLED TV power- blinking logo- no picture

    LG OLED 65EF9500-UA power on LG logo at bottom blinks, but no picture of sound. Is this the power supply? How to repair? What parts do I need?
  39. A

    Possible Power Problem with my Element TV Model ELEFW605

    Hello, I have an Element 60" TV, Model ELEFW605. I bought it for $30 and am trying to fix it. So far I've been able to determine that the panel is still good, I can see the picture on the screen via a flashlight test. I'm thinking the problem lies within either the Power supply/Led driver...
  40. D

    Problems with car amplifier; Computer PSU

    Hi, I just subscribed so I could get help from someone here. I have a really peculiar situation here and have found nothing like this in the web. Please help me, it's been like 3 days of me messing around with this and no results. (I'm a little bit out of practice with my English, so sorry for...
  41. G

    Power supply connector on motherboard

    Hello, I have replaced a keyboard in a laptop, but when disambling the laptop , the plastic of the powerswitch popt out. As you can see, the pins are still there and the white clipper is still intact, question, how do i get this clipper back in without damaging it...
  42. R

    Laptops without 3-wire DC (output) power connectors

    Which laptop manufacturers still have power supplies with just two wires on the DC (output) side? For instance, Dell and HP have 3-wire connectors with a "smart-pin" which causes nothing but headache and forces me to buy overpriced replacement parts later on. Looking for a list of manufacturers...
  43. R

    my vaio shuts down asap the power supply is off

    it goes off as soon as the supply is cut. it has been happening for a week now and it does not start until i plug into power supply. please give some suggestion
  44. M

    RCA LED46C45rq, power supply has 5V standby power but doesn't come on

    I believe this tv was hit by a power surge this week. The LED standby light is not on. The power supply output has 5V at one pin when the tv is plugged in (I assume this is standby power), but the other 5V and 12V pins do not. Nothing changes when I push the power button. I have checked that...
  45. T

    Problem with laptop power supply

    My customer brought me l a Fujitsu A series laptop. When i turn it on with the battery and not plugged to the power socket, it doesn't turn on. I plugged it to the power socket with battery in it. Still it doesn't turn on. But when i plug to the power and the battery removed, now the laptop...
  46. S

    laptop not working with presence battery if too connected to power supply . (toshiba)

    i am able to work with my laptop when it is connected straight to power supply without the presence of the battery. but when the battery is inserted, system is not working, even it is connected to power supply. how can i solve this and use my laptop in normal mode?
  47. J

    Samsung TV with no backlight and no sound [UN32EH5000FXZA]

    Hello everyone, I have a UN32EH5000FXZA 32" Samsung LED TV. It is a few years old. Recently I went to turn it on and no picture came up. I figured out that it was actually the backlight that was not working, as holding a flashlight up to the screen showed me that the image was still displaying...
  48. B

    Laptop wont turn on

    Hi i had accidently spilled oil on my laptop 2-3 months ago after which i quickly followed the instructions on how to dry it. Didn't turn it on for almost 48 hours. And it seemed to have worked just fine until recently I experienced no sign of life after falling to sleep to netflix. Did try...
  49. S

    Searching for ext. hard drive USB 2.0 w/ext. power supply?

    I have DISH TV with the DVR. I can, and have, connected a external hard drive to the DVR. The hard drive, RIP, died. I am now looking for a external hard drive USB2.0. The hard drive must have an external power supply (required). I think I can get away with USB2.0/3.0. Someone please help...
  50. C

    Toshiba Satellite M840 does not turn on with new battery install and the plug in power supply. The charging red light blinkin

    I bought new battery. After installing the new battery and plug in power. The computer cannot start. If I removed the battery, it can be started. I put back the battery, it cannot restart. Charging indicator red light blinking.
  51. Myronazz

    Vintage laptop power supply trouble

    Hello...! Sooooo I found this really cool vintage laptop from 1990 but unfortunately, the seller is missing the power adapter AND the connector is actually quite strange and not common at all, i found an adapter but it costs £60 which is way too much for a power adapter, so i thought i'll do...
  52. D

    Dead battery not letting turn on the lp

    My hp laptop battery s dead. Now if I m trying to turn by the power supply it’s not coming up. And after pressing power button caps lock light keep flashing in every 5 seconds. So how to fix. I need some data from it.
  53. T

    Laptop screen goes pixelated when moved or a window is full-screened

    My Clevo laptop screen goes pixelated whenever it is moved or when I full screen a window, the issue does not persist when I remove the battery pack and just use the laptop primarily from the power supply that is plugged in to the mains. I understand that the initial solution is to replace the...
  54. DavidVioMC

    External GPU Power Supply?

    I have recently bought Beast V8.0 and set it up for my laptop with a GTX 970 but I;m currently using an ATX PSU and I would prefer something more compact. The only power supply that I found is DELL Y2515 220W but I'm wondering if there are another choices? Thanks
  55. J

    Yellow triangle exclamation piont

    New battery New power supply on a satellite c55 now have a yellow triangle with exclamation point over battery icon doesn't show that is changing
  56. A

    There’s no longer power supply to my cd drive. It won’t open with the button unless I use the small hole and it won’t re

    There’s no longer power supply to my cd drive. It won’t open with the button unless I use the small hole and it won’t read the disks either.. am using Asus X441S
  57. H

    This amplifier would be good with this subwoofer ? Help Me Out Please.

    I have a SPL wa300-77f subwoofer with input and output adapters of a BP 225 BP subwoofer , i want to connect is to my PC, and i wanna know if this amplifier would be a good choice for the combo :D, (...
  58. J

    LED TV flashing

    I have a Toshiba 50L2400U LED. Once it warms up, the screen intermittently turns off and back on. It doesn't matter which input I use. I tried unplugging the cable from the main board to the display - the backlights still blink. Using a multimeter, I checked the pins on the connector going from...
  59. B

    Lenovo Y50-70 No power

    Hi there, So my laptop just suddenly died one day. I am getting now power at all no LEDs or anything. I opened it up to find that one of the power mosfets was getting really hot when I plugged in the power supply so i figured it was bust. I replaced this mosfet but the new one is also getting...
  60. W

    acer5516 dead battery or bad adapter?

    Hello...new to the forum, with a question..... Acer 5516 laptop. ...will not power on. Ive tried with only the battery Only the power supply both, the battery and power supply The light on the power supply is on ((blue) And with the power supply and the battery in there is a light on front...