Laptops without 3-wire DC (output) power connectors

Aug 14, 2018
Which laptop manufacturers still have power supplies with just two wires on the DC (output) side? For instance, Dell and HP have 3-wire connectors with a "smart-pin" which causes nothing but headache and forces me to buy overpriced replacement parts later on. Looking for a list of manufacturers who still make "honest" power supplies for their laptops.


Not really sure what you are asking, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using a 3 prong connection on a laptop power supply. The third prong is a ground which is a safety feature. Unless you are not explaining something correctly. Not sure what this "smart pin" is that you are talking about.
Aug 14, 2018

I mean on DC (output) side, not AC (input) side. On DC (output) side all you need to power a laptop is two leads (ground and VDC+), yet certain manufacturers started adding third lead they call "smart pin" or "center pin" that is typically used by the laptop to query the power supply for various parameters, typically over 1-Wire interface. Of course they claim it is needed "to improve user experience" and "increase safety", but it reality, the most important function for them is to enforce that only original power supplies can be used as replacement. Sadly, when either the interface controller on the laptop side or the chip in the power supply side stop functioning, you have an otherwise perfectly good laptop refusing to receive perfectly good DC voltage from a power supply. And you are lucky if it is a power supply fault, at least you can replace it, otherwise you will be buying a new motherboard, if it is still available. I have not one, but several laptops that I paid for now sitting on the shelf because of the same reason - failed "security" controller. So now I decided to refuse to buy from any manufacturer who engages in this scheme. Hence the question - which manufacturers still feed DC voltage over two wires instead of giving us a "third wheel".
Well ya, everybody is trying to suck$$ as much from us, hard-earner, as possible. :( but will you just overlook a laptop you otherwise like and insist on 2-prongs?

And don't even mention the 5-prong Mac charger, but I have come to accept it. I do have a third party charger and the dang thing runs a little warm and sux 2 watts even when idle, vs a real Mac charger suxs near zero, undetectable power when not in use which I like 'cuz my charger is permanently plug in at home.

Been watching youtuber the Rossmanngroup, he's a repairer and a big critic of Macbooks and even him suggests, BUY THE REAL THING. He carries weight with me.
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