laptop not working with presence battery if too connected to power supply . (toshiba)

Aug 9, 2018
i am able to work with my laptop when it is connected straight to power supply without the presence of the battery. but when the battery is inserted, system is not working, even it is connected to power supply. how can i solve this and use my laptop in normal mode?
It could be a few things. The battery could be going bad and in need of replacing.

However, I think that would be secondary. The first issue would be to see if the charger itself is going bad. If it is, it would start to act odd, like not running the laptop if there is a battery in need of charging in it. Meaning the charger is not putting out enough power to both run the device and charge the battery at the same time.

Try testing this by seeing if it will charge it while the laptop is off. Not hibernate or sleep but actually turned off. With the battery in, connect the charger and see if it charges the battery. If it does, then the charger is the main and likely only issue. If, however, it won't charge it even when off, then you are looking at both the charger and the battery as needing replacement.
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