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  1. G

    Microphone too quiet

    My new microphone is so quiet, it's an Aqta BM 800. I think I have not enough voltages for my microphone. Do I need a new power supply or is there a way or a soundcard with power cables so I can get the electricity separately?
  2. P

    Brightness flickering - AC plugged in - Lenovo G50-30, Celeron N2830

    When the power supply is plugged in, my laptop screen(brightness) flickers - it looks as if every 1/5 of a second the screen changed brightness, say about 2% - it is a very subtle change but very visible on a white background. On some forums I read that some users have a problem with switching...
  3. N

    Solved! Toshiba Satellite Pro 430CDS

    i have a toshiba and the screen wont turn on. i dont hear the power supply kick in nor the cd driv or hard drive. i found it in my dads friends garage under some stuff and thought it would be cool to gety it running. it powers of after a while though.. any ideas? i got no money so i gant do anything
  4. A

    Brand New Windows 10 Laptop Suddenly Powers Off - Desperate, Have Tried Everything I Could Think Of

    Brand new laptop (Jumper EZBook 3L Pro, Windows 10 Home Build 16299.371) suddenly powered off after a couple hours of use on battery (when battery level was about 30%) without warning and just a short static sound when the screen goes off, like cutting off the power supply on a desktop, not like...
  5. K

    If cpu gets hot will it still work?

    Hi i want to ask,i have an old pentium 4 pc that haven’t been used for years and i was testing it to see if the power supply still works and turns on but the cpu doesn’t have a heatsink (I’ve bought a new one but online so still waiting) so I tested it a few time because it stop spinning...
  6. K

    Solved! Replace power supply cord?

    Toshiba Satellite c655. The power goes out (lights off) i have to unplug then replug; power up and hit enter to go through error screen. It then works for an interview determine the period of time then does it again. Is it possible that dust has built up in socket ? Or that battery needs...
  7. V

    amp or preamp

    friends i have ZY-DTS8HD 7.1 Channel Decoders Decode Board DTS AC3 3D HDMI 1.4 DTS Decoders with power supply url: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/ZY-DTS8HD-7-1-Channel-Decoders_60705606490.html?spm=a2700.8443308.0.0.29cf3e5ftAlSWF What should i do next? Please guide...
  8. A

    Solved! Htc Vive Related

    I am living in India and want to buy htc vive from Canada due to to cheaper cost .Will it work? if i use in India as faras "Power supply difference" is concern in these countries .
  9. E

    voltage to high?

    im fixing a samsung led tv with a blown led strip,there is a total of 60 leds on 4 strips and power supply gives 366 volts d- and d+ is it normal?
  10. J

    Satellite A500, WIN7/64 - Sudden random power-off.

    The laptop powers off suddenly even with adapter plugged in. I keep it plugged in 100% of the time. I have never replaced the battery because it says it is 100% charged, however I rarely use it with battery only as the life is less than one hour. No consistent pattern with the power-off...
  11. T

    can a 19.5v laptop use a 19v input power supply?

    Laptop power supply exchange
  12. A

    Laptop Stuck in Shutting Down Screen

    I need help in my compact laptop, i cant shut it down nor operate using the keyboard, i tried connecting it to its power supply, but still the screen says shutting down with the loading thing.. please i need help. big thanks!
  13. S

    Car Sub/Amplifier used with Yamaha HTR-5990

    I have read a bunch of threads on this issue. I plan to use a computer power supply to power the car amp. My question is exactly how do I connect the car amp to the Yamaha receiver? I know its an RCA cable from car amp to Yamaha but could someone tell me exactly where/how I connect to the...
  14. U

    Transistors in Audio Amplifiers

    Hello, Guys How are you. Actually couple of days back I`ve purchased and amplifier for my 2 JBL subs. GT5-S12s, 275 RMS x2, 1200 PMPO each. Amp is running on 220 volts with 200 watts power supply. At back of its panel, it has a pair of 2 speaker terminals for section A and section B. Like A...
  15. T

    I just got given a Toshiba satellite laptop had to buy a universal power supply I plugged it in but it won't power up or show

    I plugged my Toshiba in to a universal power supply but it won't power up or show any lights
  16. Megan_batman

    Help make my PC VR ready

    This is my computer right now CPU- Intel i5 2500 Ram- 12 GB DDR3 Motherboard- Lenovo Mahobay Graphics- 1024MB ATI AMD Radeon R7 200 Series PSU- 350 W If I get a gtx 1050ti, will my computer be VR ready? Also, how long should I wait to buy a new graphics? I was told to wait for the prices to...
  17. T

    I replace power supply,remote transmitter inoperative still

    Hitachi……model# LE32H408 Tv will not power on ,I replace the main power supply board . I get Power On light and standby light now. But no picture and remote will not work. I also replace remote senser on tv ,remote still won’t work. What do I do next on the tv ? Thanks :??:
  18. T

    I want to fix Coil Whine Issue with my laptop.

    Recently I bought a MSI gaming laptop(GL62M 7RC), and I've been struggling with annoying coil whine. I googled so much on this issue, but couldn't find any solution to fix it. This sound comes from somewhere inside the laptop, but it does only when it's charging. It stops if I unplug the power...
  19. B

    Power Bank Laptop

    llo, I have a HP Pavillion DV7 that wont charge any more but will run on power supply.Have tried new batteries and new power supply and had it looked at by a pro with no luck so save virtually given up on solving that one.My question is will it run on a power bank or does a power bank just...
  20. S

    new fan for virtual reality

    changed CPU cooler, motherboard has power but no power to the system. power supply fan doesn't even spin.
  21. J

    Neewer NW-700 too quiet

    I had purchased an NW-700 a couple of months ago, and along with it came an NW-100 phantom power supply, an XLR to XLR cable, an XLR to 3.5 millimeter jack, and other various accessories. I hadn't really used it until today, and I noticed it is way too quiet. There is no buzzing sound present...
  22. A

    Buying New school Laptop

    1. What is your budget? no more than 1400 dollars 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? preferably 13'' but i am willing to go up to 15'' 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1920x1080 or more 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? i need a...
  23. G

    Power Jack On Laptop Not Working

    So, I went to sleep Tuesday night with my laptop on and plugged in, like I always do. I wake up to see that my laptop is off, and even though it is still plugged in, it is receiving no power from the power supply. I was hoping that the power supply/charger had stopped working, because that is...
  24. C

    My Aspire E 15 for some time now for no reason every few hours just shuts off

    My Aspire E 15 for some time now for no reason every few hours, just shutting off, the screen goes black without any warning, then the 'ACER' sign appears. I must then restart it this is very annoying. It then comes up with the page did not shut down properly, restore page. It is fully charged...
  25. Myronazz

    Solved! Dell Laptop won't charge

    Hello, i've got a Dell Insipiron 411Z and it does not charge, it does receive power from the power supply and it does turn on, but the charge indicator LED is blinking I got this laptop back in 2012 and the problem started happening at around 2015 if memory serves, at the same year, my mom...
  26. S

    HP Elitebook 8760w: Random Crashes when Charging

    Hello, My friend and I both own HP Elitebook 8760w's (with the same specs). CPU: i7-2620m GPU: Quadro 3000m RAM: 4GB His OS: Windows 7 Professional x64 Problem: When his laptop is plugged up, the laptop randomly forces itself off- making the same sound as if you unplugged a laptop without the...
  27. A

    Acer F5-573G wake-up issue

    Hello, guys, Yesterday I got the following problem - my laptop was in a power-saver mode, AC line connected; I disconnected the line, closed the lid and moved it from the desk; with no AC power supply opened the lid; the laptop was active (there was a slight warm gust from the ventilator grid)...
  28. C

    Can I use 19.5v 4.82A power adapter on my speaker which needs 19v 3A?

    Can I use 19.5v 4.82A power adapter on my speaker which needs 19v 3A?
  29. V

    Solved! What power supply for Gtx 1080 in laptop with 8700 i7

    Hey, i finally found great site for laptops. Pcspecialist company will make me notebook for best price. Right now im interested in laptop with 120hz g sync, i7 8700 and gtx 1070. For this laptop would be 330w power supply enough. But, if i pay lil bit more euros, i can get gtx 1080, 120hz...
  30. B

    5/12 vol;t powersupply what voltage what wire red white yellow flypower powersupply 12 volt ext hdd

    12 volt power supply for external hard drive has three wires yellow red and white one is 12 volt one 5 volt one ground cant find diagram anywhere flypower powersupply
  31. J

    High Pitched Beeping Noise

    I have been hearing this loud high pitched frequency through my headset. The volume of the frequency is about 10khz. It occurs twice in a row, every 10-20 mintues. It is NOT a beep from my bios. I have been trying to solve this issue for the past week with no luck. I thought it was an...
  32. K

    Solved! exp gdc problem( the psu&gpu fans wont even work)

    i've recently bought an exp gdc 8.4 and a gtx 650 ti, but after i connect all the cables from the psu to gpu&exp to the laptop nothing works, even the fans is not spinning, i've tested the psu with a paper clip and it works, please help i3 2310m gtx 650 ti msi hawk 200 watt psu exp gdc 8.4
  33. D

    Car speakers for computer without computer power supply

    So I've been looking around online and I can't quite seem to find an answer to what I'm trying to do. I'm in a need for a solution for my current situation. I currently have a cheap cyberpower sub and two old home theater speakers that I whipped together whenever the cyberpower satellite...
  34. G

    EVGA 650W with a self build

    Hi all, Merry Christmas! Sorry very new to all this. Just want to couple check that this power supply will work with this build ? Reason for change is price difference and also I live 5 minutes away from PC World so easy to get hold of quickly. Power supply...
  35. H

    Solved! Looking for a usb sound card and phantom power supply the BM 700 condenser microphone is most compatible with

    Hello again everyone, so I just found the things that my condenser microphone needed to work properly. However, I don't want to make a mistake on buying wrong product. So I was wondering what's the most fitted and budget saving usb sound card and phantom power supply for the BM 700 condenser...
  36. A

    My ASUS laptop screen flickers

    My asus laptop's screen flickers when the battery level reaches close to 60%. But there is no problem when used on power supply.
  37. B

    Power supply comparable with other t.vs

    Changing power supply boards with other.t.vs
  38. K

    Laptop PSU Issue

    Hey Everybody. I’ve just had a power supply issue with my new Asus GL503VD laptop and its Auto range power supply (model A17-150P1A). I’d been using this power supply with 120 volt 60hz power in Canada with no problems. I used the included power cable to do this (IEC 320 C5 to NEMA 5-15P). In...
  39. johannes.grande

    Looking for the small circuit board containing the USB-3 and DC power port for Yoga 2 Pro

    I fried the USB-3 port on my Yoga 2 Pro. Where can I find/purchase the board integrating USB port and DC power jack?
  40. A

    alienware 17 psu problem (help please)

    i just bought an alienware 17 2015 model and i have noticed that gpu (r9 m290x) has very bad performance and very poor results in userbenchmark! after i checked everything and changed drivers too many times without any improvement i figured out that in bios settings ac adapter says 180w and my...
  41. M

    Power supply cord won't fit into wall socket

    Hey, I've just bought an Asus laptop and wanted to charge it. Problem is: The power supply cord won't fit into the wall socket. I bought the Laptop on the Internet, but it is from the USA, where I am, too. It is just too thick tonfit into the wall socket. Help me, what can I do? Ps. I'm in Arizona
  42. N

    Dell mini 10 power on problems

    Yes I have a Dell Inspiron mini 10 laptop I have no battery for it but I have a 19V power supply power light comes on but nothing else happens
  43. A

    Is this rig enough for VR? PSU question

    I'm running this build and planning on getting the Oculus Rift for my system. Is this enough for it? MSI 980 Ti Gaming 6G Z97-E Motherboard i7 4790k Processor @ 4.0ghz 16GB Kingston Hyper X DDR3 2133Mhz RAM 1TB SSD 250GB SSD 2TB HDD 7200 RPM 2TB HDD 5400 RPM CORSAIR 750W CS Series Modular 80+...
  44. C

    Acer 4736G Battery Startup Problem

    The laptop won't run without power supply. Battery is in good condition and charges. If I remove the power supply the laptop shuts down almost immediately. If i try to boot without the power supply connected the power led comes on and fan runs for a few seconds and stops. I then have to hold the...
  45. R

    Can I replace a power supply in a LG 47 inch from a smaller tv such as a 36 or 32 inch and not be the same brand of tv???

    I have a LG 47 INCH LCD and the red light comes on but when I try and turn the TV on, nothing happens so my friend says to maybe replace the power supply??? I was wondering can I replace it with another power supply from a smaller tv and it not be the same model tv????
  46. A

    Solved! Amp power affecting channel volume?

    I'm on my second amp after the first sent a quiet/no signal to the left channel. This amp is doing the same. I've tried switching speakers and cables so its not that. Then I switched my power supply from an output of 12V 5A to 13.5 3A and the speakers wouldn't play anything/quiet. So now Im...
  47. K

    I don't use the laptop's removable battery

    Hey guys, I have a laptop with a removable battery. Now, I usually keep the laptop running without the battery, having it plugged in. I know that desktops have the power supply to convert the electrical energy applied. Is it OK or not to run the laptop without the battery, I mean can this cause...
  48. M

    tv jitter problem

    I have a Westinghouse TV model Dwm55f1g1. Even with nothing connected, while viewing the menu screen, everything jitters slightly up and down. I have replaced both the power supply and main boards, but still have the problem. Any ideas or suggestions?
  49. R

    Solved! Help needed with (probably) ground loop issue.

    Hello all, I get a high-pitched whining noise whenever I pair my PC with other audio equipment having a separate (built-in) power supply. The noise is significantly louder when scrolling, switching pages, clicking, opening programs. Using line-in to link PC soundcard with HIFI Amp: noise...
  50. G

    Bad Power Supply Problem

    My laptop power supply kicked the bucket, it just randomly stopped charging. I went to Amazon and bought a new cord for my Dell Inspiron 15-3531 from AC Doctor INC. The cord supposedly was for my laptop. When the cord arrived i plugged it in and heard several loud beeps from my laptop then the...
  51. C

    I need an additioninal EPS power connector?

    I am trying to find a power supply for my computer: Gtx 1080 X299 aurora gaming 9 Corsair vengeance lpx 2666 ddr4 16 gb 1 tb hard drive 7800x When I enter these parts into pcpartpicker, and i put in a corsair cx750 power supply it tells me i need an additional EPS power connector 1. What is...
  52. G

    What is wrong with my laptop?

    So I have an Acer Aspire E1-572G and I have received this problem as of yesterday. For some reason my laptop doesn't work when unplugged, like it literally just keeps restarting and beeps before force restarting. When plugged in however, I get none of these problems. I'm not too sure why it is...
  53. E

    Miktek CV4 with power supply buzzing with good, new electrical setup

    Pretty terrible buzz. I read another post (https://www.gearslutz.com/board/gear-shoot-outs-sound-file-comparisons-audio-tests/656120-miktek-cv4-bock-195-beesneez-phelicity-adk-tt251-telefunken-ak47mkii.html) about something similar sounding...
  54. L

    Latitude E5570 laptop will charge using docking station but will not charge when directly connected to power supply

    I have a Dell Latitude E5570 that will charge on my docking station and the battery will hold a charge. However when I plug in the power supply directly into the laptop the LED light turns off. I have opened up the laptop and disconnected the power port and plugged in the power supply, the LED...
  55. T

    US Gigabyte Laptop Power Adapter weak or not working, laptop switching between battery and charging

    I travel a lot. My work takes me to Japan frequently. I only use my Gigabyte P55W V4 for gaming. It has wasted a power supply once, and fried a motherboard twice in two years. Manufacturer's warranty took care of those problems, but now I'm outside the warranty and I'm dealing with what seems to...
  56. C

    Powering an AMP with PSU

    Hello guys! I am planning to build a subwoofer for my room. I have PIONEER TS-W3003D4 subwoofer. SPECS: 600w nominal 2000w max 4 Ω Also i have PIONEER GM-D8601 APM. SPECS: 600w nominal 1600w max 4Ohm 24A I am looking for a PSU that can run my AMP. I am looking at CHIEFTEC ATX 2.3 A-135...
  57. J

    Power Supply Compatability

    I have laptop that's 19v 2.37A I want to buy a power bank that's 20v 3A Will it charge?
  58. R

    help samsung un55ju6700

    set has no black light changed tcom,main board, power supply when you plug in red light comes on but can't turn off this is 55 inch curive screen
  59. D

    Power supply cord voltage issues for HP 15-P030NR Beats laptop

    Daughter dropped her laptop on its side where the power cord connector enters the Laptop. Battery ran down and would not charge. The laptop is now dead. Power cord reads only 13.1 vdc when it should be 19.5vdc. Could this reduction in voltage be the reason why it wont start the computer or...
  60. mrmike16

    Can I use a 12V, 1000mA plug for speakers that use 15V DC, 800mA?

    Hi, so I moved countries and I am trying to find replacement cables for my speakers rather than use transformers. I found one for my Dell speakers, but not my old Gateway2000 speakers from Altec Lansing which are so much better than modern speakers. These are computer speakers I am talking...