High Pitched Beeping Noise


Jan 2, 2018
I have been hearing this loud high pitched frequency through my headset. The volume of the frequency is about 10khz. It occurs twice in a row, every 10-20 mintues. It is NOT a beep from my bios. I have been trying to solve this issue for the past week with no luck.

I thought it was an electrical issue so I purchased a voltage regulator, it did not fix the problem so I returned it. I thought the problem was from the audio ports so I used a usb audio adapter and that also did not fix it. I used the front audio ports of my desktop and the problem occurs. I used 3 other headsets, the problem exists on all of them. My wires are all grounded, I also tried other electrical plugs & sockets and that did not even help. I also used a different desktop at a different room and the exact same problem occurs on the other desktop. Installed and reinstalled drivers from Realtek and Asus' website. I moved USBS (Mouse/Keyboard) away from the ports and that didn't help.

The occurrence of that high pitched frequency gets reduced when I touch my keyboard that is made of aluminium.

This is how it sounds like:

My specs:

UPDATE: When the high pitched frequency occurs, and I unplug the audio jack and let the tip of the audio jack touch the ring of the audio port. I would still hear the high pitched frequency.

UPDATE: When the high pitched frequency occurs and I unplug the audio/mic jack and insert it in a USB port I would still hear the high pitched frequency.


Question from jamaling4 : "High Pitched Beeping Noise - Headset 3.5mm"

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