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  1. U

    Issue using phantom power to SCM 900 condenser microphone ( Noise )

    Hello , I got one Superlux PS2 ( 48v power supply ) and Microphone SCM 900 When recording or hearing myself there's a lot of noise , just not possible to record with that much noise . My Pc specs : CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-6700K Processor (8M Cache) OC 4.5Ghz GPU: ASUS ROG Strix GeForce® GTX 1070...
  2. S

    MS-1761 laptop (GT780DX) - not charging, producing smoke and smell when power supply is plugged in

    Hey guys, This issue just came up with my laptop yesterday. After unplugging and replugging a minute later I noticed that the laptop battery is not charging anymore. I have to say though the battery is really worn out, it only hold charge for like 15mins. I can still power up the machine (it...
  3. T

    Building A VR Computer

    So i know there is plenty of threads out there about building a PC but i dont want to flip through dozens of threads to try and piece together answers for my various questions so i thought making my own with all of my questions would be the best choice. Im planning on building a Vr PC and this...
  4. E

    Spoon or Fork for Anti Static Safety?

    Can I attach the end of my ESD Anti Static Wrist Brand to a spoon or fork when builiding a pc? My case doesn't have a metal in it, and I dont want to use the power supply method.
  5. M

    Are these voltages ok?

    12v 12.096v 5v 4.960v 3.3v 3.36v are these voltages normal ?these voltages are took from bios.
  6. potche

    I need some help removing the white noise in my background.

    So I bought a Tonor XLR microphone with a power supply recently off of ebay, pretty much a new product, and as a content creator for youtube I really hate this buzzing in the background. I recorded a voice sample at dropbox for the specific sound, all youtube videos just tell me to get some...
  7. H

    condenser microphone not working?

    I bought a Neewer NW-800 and i have not tried that on my PC yet, but it isnt working on my laptop. My specs are: http://imgur.com/a/TE0Lu And what is important to know if i want to use a condenser microphone on a pc?
  8. L

    Solved! How can I keep my pc on all the times with my APC BX-650-CI?

    Hello When PowerChute shuts down my pc, it does not automatically turn it on after the power goes on. My PC is configured in a way, that it automatically turns on if it gets connected to the power, but if it was shut down when it was connected to the power and was not get disconnected, it does...
  9. D

    Solved! can any phones power a usb hub?

    Are any phones able to power a usb hub without a separate power supply? So that I could copy between flash drives etc?
  10. M

    Altec Lansing sub woofer humung problem VS4121

    I have a altec lansing subwoofer, I notice that a humung sound comes out when i plug it into my computer but when i plug it on my cellphone the hum went gone. I was puzzled on how can i fix it. I tried to check the power supply and it was ok. Ive read some comments on the internet that maybe i...
  11. K

    Is it the power supply

    Hey I did house audio setup using a 5000w monoblock it is connected to a dc regulated power supply 12v at 10 Amp stable but the power fluctuates on the amp so it dips with a capacitor work
  12. A

    Ac adapter not recognized

    I have dell laptop (inspiron 3542). My laptop suddenly stopped charging properly today. It says plugged in,not charging. During reboot a warning message appears saying ac adapter not recognized. Laptop will run in low performance mode to cope up with low power supply. Due to this games lag a...
  13. I

    Microphone problem? Which one should I get? Snowball or NW-700?

    I recently saw that you could use a promo code for the Blue Snowball Ice for $35 on Frys, and I thought that was a good deal, but I heard its very quiet. So I was wondering, should I go with the Ice or should I get the NW-700 and a Phantom Power Supply for $50 Total. Here are the link: Ice -...
  14. C

    Different charger to charge laptop.

    Hi guys, Just wondering can anything bad happen if i use a 20v, 3.25A charger for a 19V, 3.42A laptop. The wattage turns out the same for both (65W). The Laptop is a Toshiba Portege R830 also the polarities are the same on the charger and the laptop. Thanks, Eoin
  15. M

    Solved! Laptop power supply stops buzzing when plugged in,laptop is dead wont charge or turn on

    Hi all I have a HP G2 455 laptop,the power supply slightly buzzes when its NOT connected to the laptop,when I connect it,it goes quiet but I cant charge or switch the machine on.Any ideas please? Laptop or the psu, which is it? Theres no lights indicating power is getting to the laptop either Thanks
  16. XM Keeper

    My TV keeps turning off, help me fix it

    Okay, I have a TV that has had an issue for quite some time now. It is a Seiki 39 inch 1080p LED TV, model number SE391TS. Not a common TV, I can't find it anywhere. The problem is that the TV will randomly shut off while in use. It doesn't turn back on, it has to be turned back on manually. It...
  17. Q

    Can i run this on a 250w power supply without breaking anything

    https://outervision.com/b/T4ecSP shows my gear in short dell optiplex smalltower windows 10 pro intel core i5 2500 3,30GHz 16gb ram (4x4 sticks) and nvidia gt 710 (2048mb) amd radeon 5450 (512 Mb)
  18. C

    sony vaio PCG-6P2M

    what power supply are compatible with my sony vaio PCG-6P2M
  19. M

    My standalone dvdrecorder and ups problem

    I have a standalone dvdrecorder.It is connected to a satelleite receiver and also connected to a digital line interactive uninterruptable power supply(ups). My problem is, a few weeks ago my standalone dvdrecorder was recording something and I think there was a problem with electriciy and my...
  20. B

    My Laptop Charging Light going ON and OFF

    My Asus eeepc's charging light is flickering. In windows, it continuously and alternatively shows 'battery mode' and 'ac mode' with an interval of one second. In bios setup the problem does not arise. It can be run without battery with the help of charger and I did not find any problem when it...
  21. L

    Upgrade my PSU from 450W to 500W

    My stock cabinet came fitted with a 450W 24 pin PSU and it got fried due to power surge in my home. I found that buying a 500W new PSU is pretty much cheaper than 450W, If i replace the 450W with 500W is this gonna cause any trouble to my desktop or might be advantageous in having extra power to...
  22. A

    SOLVED - Chromecast Audio No Toslink Signal

    I have two Chromecast Audio devices powered by the supplied USB adapters connected to the main power supply. When I turn these devices on, the red Toslink LED shows for about 2 seconds and then turns off so that I cannot use the Toslink connection to my DACs. The analog connections work OK. I'm...
  23. C

    Car amplifier possible?

    Will a pc power supply adequately power a car amplifier in a Home set up
  24. T

    Laptop not turning on properly

    My asus laptop stopped functioning properly after I used a new charger. The charger's output is 19.5 volt and my laptop takes 19 volt. In the shop, my laptop was functioning properly with the new charger. I brought it home and left it charge all night since the battery was completely depleted of...
  25. J

    Best MIC under $50 - no external power supply

    What's the best under $50 microphone that doesn't require an external power supply (has to be connected only to the jack port), or maybe one that need a usb supply?
  26. L

    PSU voltages off

    I looked at HWMonitor for my CPU temperature, then I saw that the voltages from my PSU are off. (Look at the screenshot included) Is this normal? Or should I immediatly contact the store where I bought this PC? http://imgur.com/Jg6K5aP
  27. X

    weird static from computer.

    My microphone (Neewer NW-700) has this really weird static whenever I try to record with it. I even purchased a 48v Phantom Power supply for it. It doesn't help. I have to boost the microphone in order to hear myself. I also noticed that if I plug anything into the microphone slot it would make...
  28. T

    Solved! I changed the power supply board but still no picture

    After I changed power supply board it powers on but still no picture could it be the mother board?
  29. L

    Laptop Won't Power Up

    Hi all, Yesterday I went to use my Toshiba P50-A laptop and found that it was completely dead. I had left it closed and in sleep mode as I always do, and I found it powered down with no LEDs on (it was plugged in). The power button does nothing at all. So far I have tried: * Holding down...
  30. E

    Hp pavilion g6 not booting

    Hi all, Sorry for the long post... Last night my laptop shut off (NOT proper shut down, just shut off) automatically while I was working. There was no system temperature message even though the system was pretty hot. Anyways, I switched it on and logged on to Windows (there was no prompt about...
  31. N

    Samsung LCD TV has sound and picture, but no backlights!

    I have a 52" Samsung LCD TV. When I turn on my TV I can hear sound, and when I shine a light at the screen I can see a picture. The problem is the backlight doesn't come on at all. I am trying to determine which of these boards is causing the problem: - Backlight Inverter Board - Power Supply...
  32. S

    Panasonic th-p50x30m repair problem

    hi there specialists i need help on this Panasonic plasma tv there is no led on when pressing the start button.i started to check the power supply board and found that there is no stb 5 v at pin 6 i cant figure out way .any idea of someone that repair this power supply or similar ?? the...
  33. A

    Solved! Dell "Charger too small" workarounds?

    Hi all, sometime around Jan 15-20 this year a message started popping up on my Dell Precision M4800 stating that the 130w power supply I had plugged in was under the recommended 180w and in short it was going to throttle system performans/not charge etc. (I think I might have done a BIOS update...
  34. Lycaone

    The bare minimum to play VR

    Hi guys, i'd like to know the cheapest PC parts to play VR games. I've heard that the absolute minimum is a Skylake i5 (or any 4 cores CPU) and a GTX 1060, but i'm pretty confident that you can play VR with lower end stuff. I'd even like to know if the amount of RAM matters in VR games (cause...
  35. K

    230w - 330w Power Supply Adapter with 2.5mm ID x 5.5mm OD plug, or...

    The 180w plug for my laptop just isn't cutting it. I'm only at 56% TDP on my 980m and I don't know if my 4810mq is getting enough power either. I have 32GB RAM, often use at least two USB 3.0 plugs as well, though I'm not sure how much that matters. I need more power than 180w. My options are...
  36. E

    toshiba satellite freezing up even after new os install

    my daughter gave me a toshiba satellite and said it needed a power supply I bought one and it charged. Soon after it ran slowly and then froze up can't close apps or install new one, mouse works and can get into task manager and reboot.took it to repair shop, they said win 10 would fix it, it...
  37. A

    EXP GDC beast (eGPU system) will not power on

    I am very new to this stuff, but i decided to try to do an eGPU setup. I have the EXP GDC Beast, a GTX 1050, and an EVGA 500 Watt power supply. I have the beast plugged into the power supply with the long 20 pin connector and the 4 pin connector labeled "CPU", but the beast and the PSU never...
  38. edd209

    Toshiba laptop with Acer Power supply?

    Hey, The power supply I got with my Toshiba Satellite pro-c50 bust so I ordered a new power supply, different brand (Acer), but with the same part number ie. PA3917U-1ACA. The laptop powered up as usual but then the battery icon said it was 100% charged straight away. Then when I plugged out...
  39. M

    Samsung LED TV UN55FH6030FXZA Screen Flickering

    I have a Samsung UN55FH6030FXZA and the screen is flickering even after replacing the power supply. I have tested the power supply output with and without LEDs plugged in, with the main board disconnected and with only the TCON board disconnected. With only the supply connected the i can still...
  40. G

    lenovo Ideapad Yoga13

    Black screen when plugged in to power. Display is fine on battery. Tried a different power supply but have the same issue. Any idea what the issue is and how to fix?
  41. P

    Toshiba Satelllite C55T won't post

    I'm dealing with a maddening problem. Toshiba Satellite C55T won't post. When pressing the power button, the laptop fan will spin up, the HD spins up, but it never posts. After 30-45 seconds, the system powers off. No Toshiba logo, no beeps, no nothing. Same result if connecting an...
  42. H

    Wrong headphone amp power supply

    A friend of mine recently gave me a Samson C-que8 headphone amp, but he doesn't have the power supply. It requires a 19V 1A AC input. I found two power supplies laying around: one rated at 12V 1.2A AC output (correct amperage, wrong voltage) and one rated at 18V 0.5A AC output (more or less the...
  43. M

    Laptop FPS Spike

    Hello I recently bought a used Venom Blackbook 15 http://www.shopvenom.com/globalstore/venom-blackbook-15-v02602/ The power supply I received with the laptop was a 19.5V at 7.7A. When I was surfing the web this worked fine, however when I fired up a game the laptop would shutdown instantly...
  44. S

    GT70 Shorts Any Adapter Plugged In

    Hello, I'm an owner of a GT70 whenever I plug an adapter in to the computer the adapter will make an audible noise and immediately turn off. I believe this means that the computer is shorting any adapter plugged in. I have determined that this is not a battery issue since the same happens when...
  45. N

    Issues with Alienware M14 R2

    Hello, I'm trying to find the cause of my laptop randomly switching off. Please be patient with me, I'm not an expert on laptops. Some months ago I had a problem with the battery not charging ("battery connected but not charging") which sorted itself out after some plugging/unplugging trial and...
  46. R

    Solved! Can old Hard drive and old power supply affect the PC performance?

    Hi, I recently bought new Motherboard Gigabyte F2A68HM-S1 with AMD processor A series that running 3.5ghz. I also partnered it with GeForce GT-730 2Gb ddr3 video card. But still I experiencing hanging in my pc even if I already formatted it. The only ones that left old was my 160gb hdd and 500W...
  47. L

    Best microphone for commentary/recording for 50-150 dollars.

    Hello everyone. I was hoping to buy a microphone soon which I need for recording and commentary. My environment is pretty noisy at times with a loud computer, a loud fan running all the time, and some other loud noises that happen at times. My budget is around 50-150 dollars. I think I might...
  48. L

    Are my laptop and it's batteries allowed to be on a plane?(GT83VR6RF)

    I recently purchased a laptop GT83VR 6RF and i will be traveling from Toronto to Hong Kong with "Cathay Pacific", will my laptop and it's large batteries be allowed on the flight? And will i also be allowed to use it on flight? Thanks.
  49. XtremeAero426

    Something next to my laptop's processor is smoking when I plug in the charger. What part is this and/or what is the problem? (

    I noticed that my laptop stopped charging so I opened it up to diagnose the problem. I originally thought it was either the charger port or the charger but when I plugged in the charger while it was exposed I noticed something start smoking. I immediately unplugged the charger and battery and...
  50. J

    Laptops are thin. Why are power supplies still fat?

    Modern laptops are pleasingly thin. I can slip one into my briefcase without making it look like a pregnant sloth. So why are power supplies still shaped like bricks? It seems to me that if a self-contained computer can be made less than an inch thick, a 19VDC power supply could, too. It could...
  51. J

    Need help deciding on replacement power supply for speakers -- Manufacturer no longer makes original; very peculiar make

    Hello, I have been traveling for quite some time, and upon my return cannot find the power supply for my Creative Labs Inspire S2 speakers. I have contacted the manufacturer, and they sadly no longer make this power supply. I cannot find it anywhere on the internet, and have realized that it is...
  52. B

    Virus Problem and PSU question

    Firstly, I am having a virus problem... well i believe its a virus. Everytime i open Google Chrome or Internet Explorer it auto opens www.searching.com! I did abit of research and follwed the steps to fix the problem but it still comes up. I changed my google start page to http://google.ca/, and...
  53. M

    Power supply for sub failed, line-level input options?

    I HAD a powered sub (Polk DSW Pro500) that the ps failed on. It was connected to my 7.1 receiver (Onkyo TX-SR805). Is there a way to connect the line-in on the sub to the reciever in a non-coax (LFE) way? I put the system together 9 years ago and don't remember my way around the components very...
  54. M

    Shuts off while plugged into power supply

    I have a Toshiba L755D-S5109 Model # PSK32U-03P00X. I am having an issue with it staying powered up. I just purchased a new battery. The power light and battery light will start flashing and within 5 mins it will shut off without warning while plugged in. It did this with the old battery. I...
  55. M

    When I unplug the power supply, the screen goes blank, as if I pressed fn+f2

    I have a lenovo y40-80. It works fine when plugged in but when I unplug the power supply the laptop screen goes black, I can still use the monitor. I noticed that the same thing happens when I press fn+f2. So the screen isn't turning off but the back lighting is turning off (I think that's what...
  56. J

    Kinter MA170 12v 2a 2ch mini amplifier - Power supplied from a computer PSU???

    I am building a computer "in a desk" mod and I want to incorporate Kinter(brand name) MA170(model#) 12v 2a 2ch mini amplifiers (x4) into my build. They take a 2.5/5.5mm barrel type plug to power them with a non supplied power supply. I don't really want to buy and use 4 separate power supplies...
  57. M

    External GPU and PSU for HP Compaq 6000 Pro SFF

    Any recommendations for adding an external GPU and PSU for an HP Compaq 6000 Pro SFF? Looking for a 2 GB card and at least a 1000 watt power supply if possible. Full specs: http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?sp4ts.oid=4024462&docLocale=en_US&docId=emr_na-c01883661...
  58. J

    Sharp Aquos LC-70LE650U

    This TV has the fault code at power up - 2 slow followed by 5 flashes. Replacing the power supply and/or the T-Con card with new cards has no effect to the fault. However, lifting both the SC5301 and SC5302 ribbon cables from the T-Con card allows the TV to power up, backlight the panel and...
  59. M

    Using a Power Supply instead of a charger to power a laptop

    How feasible is it to use a power supply to power a laptop? I have an old and used laptop. An HP Elitebook 8540p. Around an year ago, the charger that I had received with it fried. Since it was an old system, I couldn't find any new or genuine chargers so I had to buy a cheap knockoff charger...
  60. ace3217

    Need audio clarification/advice

    Hey guys not sure if this is the right thread or not, mods please move it to the correct one if its in the incorrect place. Ok so lately I have been wanting a buy myself a condenser microphone and I have settled on the BM-800. Ive been reading into this mic and have discovered I need a phantom...