Kinter MA170 12v 2a 2ch mini amplifier - Power supplied from a computer PSU???

Joseph Parkhurst

Oct 20, 2016
I am building a computer "in a desk" mod and I want to incorporate Kinter(brand name) MA170(model#) 12v 2a 2ch mini amplifiers (x4) into my build. They take a 2.5/5.5mm barrel type plug to power them with a non supplied power supply. I don't really want to buy and use 4 separate power supplies to power them all if its possible to power them from my computers PSU. If it's even possible, I could make my own cables with the barrel type plug on one end and whichever type plug I need for the other end. I asked about this in an earlier thread but only received one response which was that 8 combined amps through a molex would not be recommended. Would a different connection work and would they each need to be single wired to the psu? Any thoughts. ideas, or suggestions would be highly appreciated


DO NOT power the amps and the computer from the same power supply. Not only is it a recipe for disaster, but amps depend on nice, clean power inputs. You could TRY a second PSU for the amps, but I'd look to an audio source.
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