I want to power my car amplifier from a computer psu .....Plz Help !!!!


Dec 9, 2015
Hey guyz

i've just purchased a bass tube and an amplifier for it for my car

Bass tube- https://harmanaudio.in/jbl-gt-x1200t-subwoofer-tube.html

And i want to hook it to my computer or any stereo output just for fun

and i'm having a spare old computer psu of 17A Dc output through +12V Rail
so i wan't to use that psu to power my amplifier and i dont know how much power it will require

and after searching through the internet i found out that i can do that
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOTjI7FpUKk this guy here in this video is using a cheap 600W psu to power that thing but my psu is around 400W

So i wan't to ask u guyz here how could i make this possible plz help i'm an amateur in this kind of stuff plz help