Question I want to play sound out of a phone speaker from a computer (via Bluetooth?)

Sep 12, 2019
Trying to work out how to control the output of a phone from a computer for use in a theatre show. Sound will be coming out of Qlab through a mixer, into which I can easily connect a Bluetooth transmitter. I then need to configure the phone (can be iPhone or Android) to receive the signal...

Any ideas?
You should be able to control the input of an analog input BT transmitter with either the mixer or PC output control. That will adjust the output level of the BT receiver within a certain range of volume (too low = noisy, too high = overload).
However I don't know if you can turn your phone into a BT receiver and pair it to the transmitter. Other solutions that might work for you are here
Sep 12, 2019
Thanks. Some useful stuff in that thread.

Seems like configuring phone to a BT receiver is not possible, but receiving audio over wi-fi is. So, next problem would be how I can send audio over wi-fi? I'd like control via mixer, so that a continuous sound can be panned from phone to main speakers. So, I don't want to send audio direct from computer to phone.
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