In search of a home phone base cell arrangement that will silence unknown callers.

Jun 29, 2023
I still struggle to find a good home phone system for my overall context, which is not an unusual one. A must for me is silencing unknown callers, but they can still leave voice mails, as with the great iphone feature option currently.
I prefer a home phone base (e.g. ZTE) for cell signal reliability, compared to an internet based home phone.
Using a mobile phone as the home phone is not ideal for me because I do not want to wear my cell phone all the time around the house (ranch style), or rush across house to hunt my mobile phone down when it is ringing.
Connecting my mobile phone to a cordless system via bluetooth has the problem of always keeping the phone within the 30’ or so range of the cordless base, which is not practical for me.
Ideal for me would be a cordless system attached to a home cell base phone , with the cordless system having the feature of silencing unknown callers while allowing voice mails. But I am not so far finding this feature on any cordless phones. Ideas or comments?
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Aug 11, 2023
Look for a cordless phone system that offers call blocking features. Many modern cordless phones have call blocking capabilities that allow you to block specific numbers or categories of calls, such as unknown callers. Additionally, they often have built-in answering machines for voicemail. While these might not provide the exact "silence unknown callers" feature, they can help filter out unwanted calls. Panasonic, VTech, and AT&T are some brands that offer cordless phone systems with call blocking and voicemail features.