Question Get TV output from a local TV channel 998 showing Lobby camera of a condominium building and stream it to iOS SIP/VOIP application

May 13, 2020
I will buy this TV:
I want to build an iOS application that will unify
- audio communication comming from my Condominium building Buzzer system that is calling my cell phone, which I should answer and press 9 to let the visitro in.
The buzer system will interpret this DTMF signal as a command to hang up the call and open Lobby door.
-video comming from Lobby camera that a resident always has access to by tuning to channle 998 on local Rogers TV receive using digital box or top set.
I would like to have a SIP/Voip applicaton that unifies these 2 streams and provide a dial pad or just a button: "Open Door" or "Deny"

I will soon have Control4 home automation system and eventually I would like to see if I can achieve an Intercom kind of system using this approach, but this is desired.
I could then register multiple users having either Cell phones, Softphones (SIP/Voip) to have ability to open the door. Some might or might not have video feature if they are abroad.

I am playing with Twilio programmable voice and I am close to find a solution to redirect Buzzer's Call to a resident's cell phone to multiple parties using phones and Sip/Voip app.
I want to see how to obtain Video downstream in compressed or uncompressed form to some device/software that can make this available to this SIP/VOIP application.
Is HDMI 2.1 ultra high speed definition cable with Ethernet capabilty and eARC feature necessary for this to work.
Any of you have any experience on how to do this? Many years ago there were Video capture cards.

Thank you,
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I see some problems on the AV side.
  1. You will have to have channel 998 selected on the box every time you want to view it. A separate box just for that channel would be needed I think.
  2. The HDMI output of the Rogers box will be HDCP encrypted so splitting the output won't work unless you can strip the HDCP off the output that feeds the set up you come up with. If the box has a composite video output that would be much easier to work with since it's not copy protected.
May 13, 2020
Thanks @americanaudiophile
Regarding 1. I can probably send a notification to Control4 that a buzzer called my phone via Twilio/Control 4 event notificiation and Control4 can be programmed to tune to channel 998.
Regarding 2. I am not sure untill I see Rogers digital box and there is on top set (I am not sure what each of these offer regarding video outputs).
I was looking at some Samung code:
This seems to be some TVtuner module manager (that can tune to a certain channel).
I was wondering if it can expose some sort of URL RTP streaming enpoint to connect clients to.

If I do manage to get composite video output from one of these Rogers devices, how would I go about programmatically gaining access to this composite video output so I can somehow push the video to client or allow clinet to connect
I will try to ask the same questions to Samsung dev forum
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