acer5516 dead battery or bad adapter?

May 19, 2018
0 to the forum, with a question.....
Acer 5516 laptop.
...will not power on.
Ive tried with

only the battery
Only the power supply
both, the battery and power supply

The light on the power supply is on ((blue)
And with the power supply and the battery in there is a light on front left on laptop that used to be blue, but now it lights up as red

When i press the power button, absolutly nothing happens. And ive tried leaving the battery in and plugged into wall for well over 24hrs in an attempt to charge battery, to no avail.....

HELP....wheres the problem and how much to fix it....thanx in advance...Tbone

Since you are getting a light when the charger is connected I would start then with the battery. Replacing it that is.

A good test though before you try is to see if you know someone with a charger like yours. If so, try theirs on your device and yours on theirs. If it works on their device, then you know the charger is still good.

Those symptoms are common for a battery gone bad. And in some devices trying to run it without a functioning battery won't work. Just be careful that you get a good battery and not a random cheap one. Those things can be pretty hit or miss in if they work correctly.
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