Acer laptop will not power on without being plugged in, even though battery is charged 100%.


Jan 26, 2014
Hi Tom's Hardware,

My Acer laptop stopped powering on. When the power button is pressed the amber light blinks three times. If I hold the power button down, the amber light blinks several times then stops and when I release the power button and press it again the amber light flashes three times again.
To turn it on the charging cord needs to be plugged into it. Once the laptop is on I can see the charge level of the battery (which is almost always full) and I can disconnect the power cord and the laptop stays on until the battery is depleted. While the laptop is on it works like normal and I can shut it off and a few minutes later I can turn it on without the power cord being plugged in. Sometimes I notice that after turning the laptop off, if I carry or move the laptop somewhere else and push the power button it won't turn on again and the amber light blinks three times (to turn on it needs to be plugged in).

One time I left the laptop off for two weeks and it wouldn’t turn on so I plugged in the power cord and when it turned on, the battery indicator at the bottom right of the windows screen showed an icon with a battery with a line through it indicating that a battery was not detected. HW Monitor did not display anything where the battery information is usually located (it usually says AL14A32 and displays the voltages). While it was on I unplugged the power cord and it instantly shut off. I left it off with the power cord plugged in for around three hours then turned it on again and noticed that the battery icon indicated that the battery was charging like normal and the laptop could be unplugged without turning off. In this particular case the battery may have just been completely depleted and unrelated to the main issue.

Acer Aspire V14 Touch


Windows 10
Intel Core i5-4210U 1.7 GHz

Thank you very much for your time.

Update: It seems that it was the connection from the Battery to the pc. Simply re-seating the battery seems to have fixed this problem. I was referring to some sort of power supply switch before but that doesnt even seem to exist. Thank you so much the advice.

Thank you Toms's Hardware,

Daniel S
The battery saying it is charged doesn't mean it actually is. If it is going bad (the battery) then it can say it has more of a charge than it actually does.

Also, if the battery is not putting out the right amount of power to power up the device, then it will cause this as well. You may well have to replace the battery.
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