Samsung laptop lcd replacement compatibility

Feb 28, 2018
Hello and thanks for looking. First off, the laptop I'll be asking questions about: Samsung Notebook 5 np530e5m-x02us.

This laptop uses a 15.6" 1366x768 TN panel with a 30 pin connector. The viewing and colors on this display in game is quite bad. Would the 1920x1080 IPS panel listed below be compatible with my laptop? They both use a 30-pin connector. The 1080p is just for the Intel i7 version of my laptop, I believe. Mine uses a Intel i5-7200U with a dedicated GPU. Plenty enough power to drive 1080P.

Original panel:

1080p panel:

Also, when replacing a lcd on this touchscreen laptop do you have to separate the digitizer from the LCD panel itself or are they already separate parts? I have experience with both smartphones and non-touchscreen laptops but never a touchscreen laptop.

Thanks for any replies.


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