Help! iphone6 display issue

Apr 21, 2018
So i broke my lcd around a month ago i got my lcd replaced by some repairmans in my area. Heres the issue, When i use my iphone 6 it's alright for a couple minutes then the problem kicks in. The problem is the screen hangs and the brightness goes to down to the point that you cant see anything. While it goes down you can see it going darker and darker until you wont see anything. To fix this issue i have to press the power button to turn it off and press it again to turn it on. It's annoying because i paid for the lcd and its broken, I cant even use my iphone above 3 minutes straight.

Also i checked the backlight of the iphone cuz theres a little space in the side of iphone where you can see the light is still on but the display is completely dark. So idk whats the problem
You guys know?
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