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    Solved! Messages app taking up 800mb with little files

    Hiya! My Messages app (the one installed with the phone) takes up 795.9mb of my storage. However, I only have 2 conversations with no images or large files attached. When I go into Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Messages, all sections of Documents & Data have Zero KB in them, so there's...
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    Solved! I phone to tab

    How do I sync photos etc from my iPhone 6 to my Lenovo tab 4 10
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    Iphone not booting up anymore :(

    So my girlfriend dropped my iphone 6, and when i picked it up it had a black screen and wouldn't turn on, so i put it on charge into a wall charger and an apple logo showed up. I had confidence it would be okay but it showed the apple logo for about 5 seconds and then the screen would turn black...
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    Solved! iPhone 6 Plus not turning on after repair

    Hey all, I have had the touch IC flicker on the top of my iPhone 6 Plus for a while now. I have gotten away with placing a piece of tin foil under the metal guard which houses what I believe is the graphics unit, at the top right corner of the phone circuit board. Today the flicker issue...
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    Solved! iPhone 6 sim card

    Have an iPhone 6 with Smart Talk need to know if the SIM card from this phone will fit into an unlocked iPhone 6 i got from my nephew.
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    Solved! ow can i find iphone 6 using mobile or IMEI number

    i have lost my mobile and i cant find it
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    Solved! When I switch off the phone iPhone 6 the battery from hundred comes to 0%

    My iPhone 6 is hundred percent charged but when I switch it off it comes to 0%
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    Solved! can i connect my iphone, that has service with straight talk, to a smart tv?

    i want to watch netflix on my flat screen smart tv!
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    Solved! so if your phone is gsm unlocked, can you use it already in different countries?

    goodmorning guys, i am confused with the gsm unclocked and factory unlock, can you guys help me with the question? it would be a very big help. thank you
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    how can i get old text messages from a lost iphone

    i lost my iphone 6 and i need text messages from there for my lawyer can i retrieve them?
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    cant get my facebook loged into my iphone6

    need help adding my facebook acc to my iphone6
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    How to iphone 6 touch disease?

    Does anyone know how to fix iPhone 6 touch disease without soldering or bending?
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    Can i transfer IOS App over to Andriod?

    Im currently an owner of a iPhone 6 Plus, and its about time for me to upgrade it, as its getting quite old. Oneplus 6, and the Samsung S9 interests me, but the real problem is the switch from IOS to andriod. Ive been a long time iPhone user, and therefore my account on thier system contains a...
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    How to transfer from IPhone 6 plus to HTC 10 or HTC U11

    Hi, I need to transfer my notes, contacts and sms to either one of my HTC's. I am currently transferring notes one by one via email and contacts by typing. Is there another way? I don't want to use ICloud or any third party apps. Is it possible to use the HTC transfer tool to transfer these...
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    Unlocking iPhone 6plus

    I have a Verizon iphone6 plus that i purchsed through verizon a while ago. I switched it to straight talk. After a while i got off straight talk and want to go back to Verizon but straight talk has a lock on it and won't release it. Is there a way to unlock my phone?
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    Iphone 6 touch disease/ touch irresponsiveness

    has anyone ever encountered the touch disease on their iphone 5 or 6? Its when your phone doesnt respond to LCD touch. If yes, what did you do to fix it? Its actually a very popular manufacturer defect but apple wont bother because its out of warranty now. I did change my touch IC a couple of...
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    Confusion Regarding unlocking a fully paid for iPhone 6

    I recently upgraded from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 10. My carrier is AT&T. The iphone 6 is fully paid for, but it still has a sim card in it. The iphone 10 also has a sim card in it which i use for calling. But both sim cards are of the same number. I wish to submit an unlock request on the...
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    Solved! My new iPhone X is getting battery drain soon?

    As I am using iPhone 6 later ...it has been giving greater battery performance but now I am using iPhone X ...battery drains so fast...is there any solution for this?
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    So I was trying to hook my iPhone 6 to my Phillips smart tv and then it froze my remote won’t work on it

    It’s not working so I need your help like should I unplug it I’m scared it won’t turn on if I do that
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    Help! iphone6 display issue

    So i broke my lcd around a month ago i got my lcd replaced by some repairmans in my area. Heres the issue, When i use my iphone 6 it's alright for a couple minutes then the problem kicks in. The problem is the screen hangs and the brightness goes to down to the point that you cant see anything...
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    If I already have a iPhone 6 but it’s grey can I change it to gold

    Can I change my iPhone 6 for a different color
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    Bought an "Unlocked" iPhone, when in reality it is at&t only

    On ebay i had bought an unlocked iPhone 6. When I got it, I tried to put the sim card in. It said sim not supported. I have purchased 3 unlocking tools already. None of them worked. I can't use the phone at all because I can't activate it. Is there any way of getting past the sim activation or...
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    Hearing Aid integration

    I grieve the loss of my Galaxy smartphone. I switched to an iPhone simply because it connects via blue tooth to my hearing aids, without an auxiliary device. Does anyone know if Samsung is ever going to provide that programming? I would love to switch back to Galaxy. Stan
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    iphone10x error downloading

    downloaded my iphone10x from windows 10 before I backed up my iphone6. now I have lost texts and emails. When I try to go back in with my 6 it tells me it can't recognize it
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    my 2nd hand iphone 6 is unlocked but keeps saying no service please help

    how can i sort this thank you
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    How do I Connect my iPhone6 to LG android tv

    Please help How do I Connect my iPhone6 to LG android tv
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    Help with iphone 6

    Actually, the iPhone was perfectly normal...Once i kept the iPhone beside my head and unfortunately that day, water from the air conditioner(above my head)fell inside and made my iPhone completely wet as the droplets of water fell directly on the earpiece...I was shocked to see the iPhone in the...
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    transfer photos from iphone 6 to google photos

    How to transfer photos from Iphone 6s+ to Google Photos.
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    Solved! Bengoo Kotion Each G9000 won't work on PC, Windows 10

    Bengoo Kotion Each G9000 won't work on PC, Windows 10 It works on DS and iphone6 (mic was not tested but speaker/headphone works) but when we connect it to my computer, Windows 10, we cannot find it. I have looked in device manager and I cannot find it at all. On the site where I purchased...
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    How do I download photos from my cell phone to my iPad

    I have questions using Fujifilm 32 GB – USB flash drive inserted in my iPhone 6 to store the photos, how does it work? I have tried unsuccessfully to store the photos from my iPhone 6 to the USB flash drive how does it start downloading into it?
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    Unlocking iPhone 6 with imei

    So my wife and I want to each get an iPhone 6. We have metro pcs as our service now. I found one at Walmart for a good deal but offered through their service of Straighttalk. I have read that you can unlock the phone by using an imei service. The question I have is if I do buy that phone can I...
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    How can I recover a call that came to my iPhone 6 today

    I need to find the location to a call that came on today about 10 minutes ago I have appointment with them
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    my iphone 6 has been lost how to track

    at mumbai central station
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    iphone 6 - restore?

    Last week my phone inexplicably broke- its an iphone 6 128. I woke up one morning (you may sing this sitting on the porch and strumming your guitar) and the screen was ALL STRIPY! well- half stripy anyway. I then borrowed an old iphone 6 16 to use while mine was being mended. I backed up Big...
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    my phone fell on the floor and i have had the phone for a year in a half now and it will not work.

    The phone will not work everytime i try to turn it on it will but then turn off again i dont know what to do i have i have had it for a year in a half now.
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    how to get uber app

    i am new. how you get uber app onto my iphone 6?
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    I need heIp

    I think something is wrong with my iphone 6 battery it runs down way to fast even when im not using it. It charges pretty fast and dies fast i got a new apple chager and it only helped a little it stays charge for about 2 hours now before it was 1 hour i really think sum up so i checked my wear...
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    Iphone 6 not restoring

    Hello there. Recently my iphone has been having problems with boot looping. In previous cases i just set the phone to rest and try it in a few days or after a while, but now it just keeps on boot looping. I have tried to restore the phone, holding the power+ home button etc. but nothing worked...
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    Earphones mic picks up sound and plays through earphones present

    so i got this Xiaomi Piston v4 and i plugged it to my iphone 6 and when i go to this Filmic Pro app to record it plays through my ears when the mic picks up sound and i would not like that , also it pops when the mic picks up sound pls help
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    iPhone 6 trouble please help!

    I was wondering if anyone could help me fix a problem with my phone, i used this forum for pc trouble i had and got great helpp so i was wondering if anyone knows what's wrong with my phone. i cracked the screen a while back so i stopped using it, it was sat in my chest of drawers for a good 12...
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    Dropped iPhone 6, now no headphone or microphone, even after replacing

    Hi All, I dropped my iPhone 6 one too many times, this time on the corner by the headphone jack. The screen cracked badly, I could no longer get the plug for headphones into the Jack, and worse, the microphone(s) no longer work. A local shop replaced the screen, but could not locate...
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    How do I track my phone on order online

    Iphone 6 per owner I did it online this morning and I was not trying to send it to the address it was send to how can I fix thAT CAUSE I CALLED THE BOOST MOBILE THEY WAS CLOSE BUT I DON'T WANT TO COME TO THE WRONG ADDRESS
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    i lost my phone at home i know its in my home but ive looked EVERYWHERE! help!....please

    last time I put it in the kitchen
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    Solved! How to make a iPod turn in to a iphone

    I just want a iPhone 6
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    how to unlock my sprint iphone 6

    how to unlock my sprint iphone 6 with a msl number. is this possible for another carrier to unlock it for me with the msl number or is ther another way.
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    Got scammed AGAIN

    I recently bought an iphone 6 plus only to find out it had an icloud lock on it. After many long hours of trying i successfully bypassed the icloud lock. Its not gone i can just bypass it. I did an imei check & the previous owner has find my iphone but its clean. Not reported lost or stolen...
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    Iphone 6 screen is messy (maybe wrong session)

    When I got home today my phone looked like this http://imgur.com/1qVu1Qa Everything works with it except it looks like that (the touch aswell). I replaced the screen maybe 3 months ago but I havent had any problem until now. (Its not original, have the original left somewhere). And again...
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    Using iPhone 6 headphone jack for simultaneous listening and talking (mic).

    I have a an old fashioned phone handset that can plug into my iPhone headphone jack. The idea is to be cute and use the old fa
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    No service iPhone

    I have a iPhone 6 Plus and I had been using it on a at&t pre paid card for a year and it had been working great and then out of no where my phone said no service I took it to cricket and the couldn't get service either , does any body know what happened or what can I do to get my service back?
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    Iphone 6 restarts randomly

    Iphone 6 is stuck in a loop and continually stops and restarts too quickly to complete a restore through Itunes.
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    Which will be the Best?

    I want to buy a Smartphone. iPhone 6 or 7 Which will be the best?
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    Upgrade To Which IPhone?

    Just a quick question. I have broken my iPhone 6 after having it for 3 years. I have the option of either upgrading to an iPhone 6s for $200 or an iPhone 7 for $398. Opinions?
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    My YouTube videos won't load on my iPhone 6. I've never had this problem and all of the software is up to date. Somebody pleas

    I watch YouTube on my iPhone 6 and just recently the YouTube videos did not load so I tried to delete the app that didn't work I hard reset my phone doesn't work does anybody have any suggestions
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    Will my Verizon iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy 6 work on Verizon straight talk

    I currently have a plan with Verizon and its alittle pricey for our family so I'm thinking of switching to Verizon straight talk and I'm trying to find out if my iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 and my Samsung Galaxy 6 are switchable to that
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    How to use only finger scan lock on Iphone 6

    Hello everyone, i have recently bought the Iphone 6. The problem i am facing is that if turn off the option for security pin the phone unlocks without finger scanner. Is there a way to set only finger scan lock and not the pin code lock. Help!
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    I want to use my Verizon iphone 6 on Straightalk

    Hi, I just recently decided to switch from Verizon to Straight Talk. I have a Verizon iphone 6. I was wondering that if I paid off my phone and unlocked it, would I be able to use it for Straight talk?
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    how to rotate photo files

    I am looking for ideas (or an app) for rotating a quantity of photos on my iphone 6. I know how to do them one at a time but was looking for a 'all at once' option. If I can't do that directly on the phone is there a why to do the same on my Windows 7 desktop machine? Thx!
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    I buy iPhone 6 it was blocked network

    I buy the iPhone six it was a network block how to fix it