Confusion Regarding unlocking a fully paid for iPhone 6

Jun 15, 2018
I recently upgraded from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 10. My carrier is AT&T.
The iphone 6 is fully paid for, but it still has a sim card in it. The iphone 10 also has a sim card in it which i use for calling. But both sim cards are of the same number. I wish to submit an unlock request on the AT&T website to unlock the iphone 6 but i am worried it would unlock my iphone 10 as well. I only wish to unlock my iPhone 6. Could you please help me on how to do it ?
The AT&T customer care wasn't very helpful regarding this issue and i'd be grateful if i find a solution here.
Thank you


Oct 1, 2014
Have you tried making your request through AT&T's website:

It will ask for your phone number, but I believe that's to verify your a customer. The important digit, as hang-the-9 says, is the IEMI number for the phone. Supply the iPhone 6's IEMI number -- you can find it in the Settings app or by dialing *#06# on the phone -- and AT&T should be able to process your request.