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  1. Niteridet

    Question SAMSUNG RUGBY 2

  2. K

    S& Edge Verizon to ATT (Firstnet)

    I recently switched from Verizon to Att and took my S& Edge with. I updated the Access Point Names. Internet is fine, I can call out, and SMS is fine. I am having trouble receiving MMS and some incoming calls. i can have good coverage, receive calls from some but not others. I dont know if...
  3. henrytcasey

    AT&T Rolls out Fake 5G Logo — and Competitors Pounce

    A new 5G icon appearing on AT&T smart phones is little more than marketing, and the competition is slamming the carrier for it. AT&T Rolls out Fake 5G Logo — and Competitors Pounce : Read more
  4. 3

    Solved! Att to straight talk

    Can I use the sim card out of my straight talk phone in an att phone
  5. J

    value of unactivated att phone

    i have a new galaxy s8 I received to replace a dead phone.Its not activated(ATT)and was thinking of selling it now before I activate it.Is it worth more unactivated?
  6. J

    Solved! AT&T Resource Query... seeking power efficiencies

    Have the AT&T 5044R. Have noticed that phone can no longer charge more than 50%. Loses significant power just from being on. Have been to "settings" do no see any special changes that can be made to spare power. Hoping for guidance from this membership. Yes... I lowered the display...
  7. A

    Porting number from AT&T to Verizon

    I started service with AT&T years ago when lived on an island in Alaska. I've since moved to Portland and want to switch my service to Verizon because there coverage is significantly better here. But, I'm told I cannot port my number because of where it originated and Verizon does not have...
  8. C

    AT&T Plans to Put 5G Labels On Non-5G Phones

    AT&T is bridging the gap between 4G and 5G with 5G E label on Android phones. That's a problem. AT&T Plans to Put 5G Labels On Non-5G Phones : Read more
  9. F

    Solved! Can I switch my Verizon prepaid phone over to an AT&T prepaid plan

    I need to know if I can switch my Verizon prepaid phone that I purchased over to AT&T prepaid? It's a Verizon phone that I used a Verizon prepaid plan on for almost 2yrs and now I want to switch to AT&T and don't want to buy another phone.
  10. R

    Can an AT&T/cricket phone if I jailbreak a T-Mobile phone

    Just trying to find out the best way to do a break iPhone so it can be used on any network preferably a T-Mobile/ simple mobile/TracFone phone to an AT&T/cricket phone
  11. S

    How do i unlock an att samsung galaxy s 5 to be used with my metro pcs service

    How do unlock my att galaxy s5 for metro PS network unlock code
  12. R

    Solved! How to activate my new att sim card in my old Verizon phone

    How to activate my sim card from att on my galaxy 5 from Verizon
  13. C

    Sim network unlock pin for att Sim with Cricket phone

    Need sim network unlock pin for my a tt sim card with my cricket Alcatel phone
  14. A

    Solved! Questions about troubleshooting my at&t phone

    My phone Keeps saying access denied when I try to go to a website and can't watch any videos on my alcatel AT&T phone
  15. J

    ATT unlocked V35 working with T-mobile but cannot send or receive SMS

    Hello everyone! I got an ATT unlocked V35 working with my T-mobile SIM. Calling is okay and I manually set the APN up and get LTE connection. But I cannot send or receive SMS. I checked the SMSC number is "+12063130004", 145 I also tried "+12063130004" But still cannot send or receive...
  16. A

    AT&T Just Made Mobile 5G a Reality

    AT&T has completed the first 5G connection between a consumer-ready device. Here's what it means for you. AT&T Just Made Mobile 5G a Reality : Read more
  17. C

    Unlock metro Alcatel for att

    I need to unlock my MetroPCS phone it's an Alcatel Fierce I needed to work on AT&T prepaid because when I went into the service they told me I would have service at my house I have coverage and I don't so I've already bought the phone I need to use it on another company
  18. J

    Unlock lg stylo 3 from boost to att

    I want to unlock my lg stylo 3 from boost do i can put an att sim in it.
  19. S

    how do I unlock a straight talk phone so I can use AT&T for my carrier

    I bought a straight talk phone that is locked. How do I unlock it?
  20. F

    Polk subwoofer connection

    How do i connect my at&t moble number bts100 to my polk subwoofer moble FR1 wireless subwoofer
  21. M

    Solved! Do I have to jailbreak my galaxy alpha to change from att to total wireless?

    Do I have to jailbreak my galaxy alpha to change from att to total wireless? I just Ned to change my provider
  22. B

    Solved! Total wireless cellphone

    Just need a plane flip phone my LG from att isn't compatible but they have a 3g LG about 30$ and it's 25$ unlimited talk and text not sure what carrier but They referred me to simply wireless because I had the att phone! Need to update anyway it's from 2015 they also have a Android flip phone 4G...
  23. L

    None these is NOT HELPING ME. How do get to my att home page

    So how one my photo is covering my att home site to reach or check my mail
  24. A

    Can I use a att prepaid sim card on a unlocked phone, like for example the Moto e5 plus?

    I want to put a prepaid sim card on a unlocked Moto e5 plus but I don't know if they are compatible.
  25. S

    Will AT&T sim work in 4g lte tablet?

    i have a Verizon 4g lte tab, and an AT&T SIM card. Will this tab work w the sim?
  26. E

    how do I tern my at&t(byop trackfone) tablit in to a phone ? Without wifi.

    Hi I have a at&t g pad 7.0 lte. It dosnt come with text and phone dialer. Also for some reasion I also cant brows the internet. I might not have the data setings setup right. Any 1 know of any apps that will let me make phone call's and texting out of wifi area ?
  27. T

    Unlock code galaxy s7 att

    Unlock galaxy s7 att if theres any help thanks in advance
  28. T

    Solved! How to use at&t sim in an unactivated simple moble zte z557bl phone

    I bought a zte z557 for simple mobile under impression it would work on my area well it doesn't and I can't get refund is there a master code to reseit. it has different preference on preferred networks in settings gsm lte cdmca I'm lost
  29. M

    AT&T S5 safe to root?

    My Samsung galaxy s5 is on AT&T prepay. I have all the usual bloatware. My android version is 6.0.1. Will the root process on this site work on my version of Android?
  30. J

    I have a HTC One cell phone with Sprint service how do I change the AT&T service

    I have a HTC One phone Sprint service how do I change the AT&T service
  31. V

    Connectivity issues with att

    I've been told that people have called my phone yet I have no missed caalls
  32. D

    does sprint or AT&T have lap tops

    thinking about changing carriers. does sprint or at&t off unlimited plans for tablets/
  33. P

    Rooting an AT&T S6 Galaxy to use on T-Mobile network?

    How can I ROOT my former AT&T S6 Galaxy phone and set it up to work on the T-Mobile network, and what is the danger of doing that? Here is the context for my question: I have an S6 Galaxy purchased from AT&T, but I have switched to T-Mobile as my carrier. I am in a small pocket location within...
  34. misssmith11

    Will AT&T's Magic Leap Exclusive Make Us Embrace AR?

    AT&T will be the exclusive carrier of Magic Leap's highly-anticipated mixed-reality headset. Will AT&T's Magic Leap Exclusive Make Us Embrace AR? : Read more
  35. S

    prepaid cell usage att

    can I check usage of minutes from internet
  36. G

    AT&T Doubles Admin Fee for Customers Because It Can

    AT&T has doubled the "administrative fee" on the bottom of its monthly wireless bills from 76 cents to $1.99. AT&T has 64.5 million monthly customers, meaning it will raise its revenue by $800 million a year. AT&T Doubles Admin Fee for Customers Because It Can : Read more
  37. A

    S5 Verizon phone, with a At&t Straight Talk Sim, Coverage is Great

    I have an S5 Verison phone, with an At&t Straight Talk Sim in it, I have better service than my husband who has an At&t phone with Straight Talk At&t Sim in it. Question is WHY do I have BETTER service than he does?
  38. A

    How to use an att phone for net 10 service

    I have a phone with net 10 service, and the volume is going out on it. I have an old att phone, how can I get it to work with net 10? When I put the SIM card in, it asks for a network number.
  39. A

    Confusion Regarding unlocking a fully paid for iPhone 6

    I recently upgraded from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 10. My carrier is AT&T. The iphone 6 is fully paid for, but it still has a sim card in it. The iphone 10 also has a sim card in it which i use for calling. But both sim cards are of the same number. I wish to submit an unlock request on the...
  40. S

    is cricket wireless covered under at&t

    just trying to see if cricket wireless is included in this list alone or tied to at&t
  41. W

    Solved! unlock code needed for AT&T iphone 7 to use with t-mobile.

    bought an AT&T iphone 7 on letgo. I'm a sucker as the guy told me he would get the unlock code for the the next day. of course, he blocked me. Turns out it is blacklisted for whatever reason. I need to use it on tmobile. I've tried unlocking services which say that AT&T won't give them the...
  42. H

    Will my att SIM card work in metro pcs phone

    Have att phone SIM card that’s on !Will It Work In Metro Phone
  43. PhilipMichaels

    Red's $1,300 Holograph Phone Coming to AT&T This Summer

    The Red Hydrogen One will be available through AT&T when it arrives later this summer, though we don't know when nor how much it will cost. Red's $1,300 Holograph Phone Coming to AT&T This Summer : Read more
  44. L

    I just switched from AT&T prepaid samsung phone to samsung straight talk galaxy J7 Sky Pro. I cannot send messages on my new

    I just switched from AT&T prepaid samsung phone to samsung straight talk galaxy J7 Sky Pro. I cannot send messages on my new phone. Can you help
  45. C

    My cricket phone side by side with an att phone, press the send key to make a call, ATT gets right on, makes the call. My cri

    My cricket phone side by side with an att phone, press the send key to make a call, ATT gets right on, makes the call. My cricket phone: dialing,,, dialing,,,, dialing,,, timeout.. Oh Dear!! Press send,,, dialing, then gets on. :( :( :( Other than throttled network access for both calls and...
  46. R

    Network unlock pin fork92

    Unlock network sim pin for at&t primetime
  47. J

    Verizon to At&t

    I have a verizon galaxy that was gave to me but I have a att chip how do I unlock the phone for any carrier
  48. T

    Solved! If I bought a us cellular phone and didn't activate it with the us cellular sim card, can I use a sim card from at&t as my car

    I bought a us cellular phone years ago but I never signed a contract or activate the phones with us cellular, but I am activated and signed to at&t. My current phone is already paid for, and I'm due for an upgrade, but I don't want the monthly payment. Can I just switch sim cards to the us...
  49. D

    Solved! Wifi fast for iPhone, agonizingly slow on laptop

    I have had issues with my home internet/wifi since I switched to ATT U-Verse. I have the plan allowing for apx. 50mbs. My TV service is perfect, and the wifi constantly speed tests at or near the 50mbs mark on my iPhone 6S. However, the wifi slows to a crawl on my computer. When I speed test on...
  50. S

    Activate at&t sim card for straight talk phone

    Activate sim card for att in straight talk phone
  51. PhilipMichaels

    Prepaid vs. Postpaid Phone Service: What's Better for You?

    While the line between prepaid and postpaid phone service is blurring, some differences remain. Here's what you need to know. Prepaid vs. Postpaid Phone Service: What's Better for You? : Read more
  52. R

    Bought an "Unlocked" iPhone, when in reality it is at&t only

    On ebay i had bought an unlocked iPhone 6. When I got it, I tried to put the sim card in. It said sim not supported. I have purchased 3 unlocking tools already. None of them worked. I can't use the phone at all because I can't activate it. Is there any way of getting past the sim activation or...
  53. K

    Can I swap the mainboard between AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S6 GM920 variants?

    I have a completely broken LCD/Digitizer on an AT&T SM-G920A with photos I'd like to recover. I acquired the Verizon variant, (SM-G920V) of what I believe to be the same exact model S6 in "Black Saphire." I was wondering, rather than remove the screen assembly from the new SM-G920V, and try...
  54. G

    Here Are the First Three Cities to Get AT&T's 5G

    AT&T has confirmed these cities will be the first of 12 that will get mobile 5G this year. Here Are the First Three Cities to Get AT&T's 5G : Read more
  55. J

    Tethering my data

    I'm currently an AT&T customer and I go through quite a bit of data every month a substantial amount because I can't get internet service where I live so I use my phone as a WiFi spot! However I'm wondering if I switch to Straight Talk and bring my S6 from AT&T they say that you can't tether...
  56. G

    Unlock code s3 att

    Need unlock code for a galaxy s3 from att
  57. M

    iPhone 5- AT&T to Verizon?

    My brother gave my mother his old iPhone 5 model md638ll/a that he had with AT&T. I wanted to add that phone to my Verizon account. I called Verizon and they said I can't do it because it's not for use with Verizon service. Is there any way around this?
  58. G

    Wait, What? AT&T's 5G Launch Won't Include Smartphones

    AT&T will roll out 5G service without a phone that can take advantage of faster speeds. Wait, What? AT&T's 5G Launch Won't Include Smartphones : Read more
  59. M

    Solved! Need advice on cheapest solution for malfunctioning Samsung

    I've been an AT&T customer for 25 years. My 2 year old Samsung Galaxy phone stopped working in Oct 2016; the touchscreen wouldn't do anything. The warranty had expired, & I've never thought adding insurance to my account was worth it. To have the phone fixed was over $100-$150. So I got another...