Question Please help get a refund from AT&T wireless, returned cell phone.


Jun 16, 2022
Hi all, I'm hoping someone here can provide me with contact info for a person / department at AT&T that can process a $74 refund I'm due. The refund is for a Samsung phone I bought over the phone with an AT&T rep on May 10th. I returned the phone on May 17th as it was difficult for me to operate, I'm disabled with limited dexterity. FYI, I'm an AT&T wireless prepaid customer.

The AT&T customer service rep I spoke with on the phone on May 16th emailed to me a prepaid shipping label in PDF format. This PDF also included a link to track the return. When I click this link, it shows all the shipping info with the last entry being "Status:DeliveredDestination:Fort Worth, TX 76177
Date Time Description Location
5/26/2022 06:03 PM Delivered to Return Center Fort Worth, TX 76177". The rep I spoke with that day said I could expect my refund approximately 7 days after ATT got the phone. Unfortunately, I still have not received this refund despite the 5/26 delivery date.

I forget when I first started calling about the refund, I believe it was June 4th or 5th and was told to give it a few more days. I waited and when I still hadn't received the refund, I called back again. This time, the rep gave me what I believe he called an escalation number. I don't have the number handy but I believe it was around 12 characters long, started with four letters and the rest were numbers. He said one of his associates would research the refund and would get back to me within 2 day's however I never got the call back.

I called AT&T again last weekend and this time asked to speak with a supervisor. I gave her the escalation number and from that, she said she could see the refund is being processed and I should have it within a few days. Again, I still haven't received the refund. I believe it was 6/11 when I spoke to that supervisor, should I give it more time for the refund to be processed? If so how much? Again, AT&T got the phone back on 5/26!

The phone number at AT&T I called is 800 901 9878. Does anyone have a better number to call or better yet the name of a contact, someone in management that can help with this? Or an address where I can send a letter regarding this? Thanks for any info you all can provide!

Dan G.