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    Solved! What is dual SIM / eSIM ?

    Hello, what is Dual SIM / eSIM? Are there phones with 2 SIM cards (electronically and/or physically)? I want to have two plans on my phone, so I need to have two different SIM cards. Do I need to buy a second phone to do this? Are there phones with 2 SIM cards? Is this an iPhone feature where...
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    Question The mobile phone can't connect to the internet with this particular sim card, but this sim card working fine on another mobile phone.

    Hi. Please help me. I have 2 mobile phones (Phone A and Phone B) and 2 sim cards with the same internet plan (Sim A and Sim B). 'Sim A' can't connect to the internet while on 'Phone A' but can connect to the internet when inserted on 'Phone B'. 'Sim B' can connect to the internet on both...
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    Solved! HTC Desire 820 randomly stops detecting the SIM card

    Hi everyone, my old HTC Desire 820 has a problem. It randomly stops detecting the SIM card from yesterday (I checked another sim cards and another device, it's a smarthphone fault, not a sim card). I looked through various tips in google what could be the reason and how to fix them, but they...
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    Solved! I m lost my my phone oppo a37 so i m block sim cards service

    I m lost my cell phone so i m fully switch off my phone or sim card service another etc.
  5. M

    Solved! sim card activation

    I have a LTE straight talk phone...can I activate a verizon sim card to it?
  6. O

    Don't have SIM card

    I want to activate my phone but don't have a SIM card
  7. K

    Samsung Galaxy j3 prime

    I want to unlock the pin of my sim card of my Samsung Galaxy j3 prime
  8. H

    How can i unlock my sim card

    My sim card locked on me how can I unlock it
  9. V

    how to unblock mobile sim card blocked

    B11 QNET i can unblock my mobile sim card how to solve it?
  10. R

    Solved! Retrieving sms messages from a android broken screen

    How to retrieve sms messages from a broken screen from android LG rebel 4 without the sim card
  11. R

    Solved! straight talk SIM into Verizon unlocked phone

    cant I just put my active SIM card in a used Verizon phone
  12. G

    Solved! Using sim card in sd slot

    Can i use a spare sim card i have in place of a sd memory card?...instead of going out to purchase a new sd card.
  13. J

    Solved! Can I unlock a verizon iPhone SE and use a sim card to move from cdma to GSM network

    I have a Verizon iPhone SE. As is, from what I understand, it's locked and only uses CDMA. I don't know whether I understand the technology. I'm going to New Zealand, where there is only GSM networking. (1) Since the phone is fully paid for, can I unlock it? (2) Is there a sim card in my...
  14. T

    How can get my sim card sms

    Lost my sim I want to get sms to
  15. P

    How to get puk code in another phone

    In another phone number sim card block please give me puk code
  16. D

    Sim puk retrieval

    I forgot my secret pin and consecutively entered a wrong one and my glo SIM 0705433781 was locked please help me with the puk no
  17. N

    How do I unlock my sim card

    Need help yea
  18. W

    Solved! Verizon phone straight talk sim card

    Will a straight talk sim card work on a version phone.
  19. K

    Unblock airtel sim card

    Sim card is blocked
  20. S

    lost a straight talk sim would I get another?

    I lost my sim card. I am with Straight Talk. How do I get another one.
  21. T

    Solved! Need a website

    How do I un lock a Samsung tab a 10.1 without a sim card.
  22. M

    Unlock lg dynasty for free to put my cricket sim card in for free

    How do i unlock my metro pcs lg dynasty so i can put my cricket sim card in for free
  23. H

    How do i unblock a permanently blocked sim card

    How do i unblock a permanently blocked sim card
  24. P

    Solved! Searching for my lost contact

    I didn't remove my sim card when resetting my phone How do I get my contact back
  25. B

    Solved! iPhone 6 sim card

    Have an iPhone 6 with Smart Talk need to know if the SIM card from this phone will fit into an unlocked iPhone 6 i got from my nephew.
  26. G

    Sim card active

    Sir my India sim card not working pallse sir my n.<<Personal information removed by moderator>> is active
  27. E

    How do i get old files from my sim card instead of my sd card to my new phone quick and easy

    How do i get old files from my sim card instead of my sd card to my new phone quick and easy right now urgently as soon as possible because i really need my old videos like yesterday please and thank you everyone I really appreciate it
  28. 3

    Solved! Att to straight talk

    Can I use the sim card out of my straight talk phone in an att phone
  29. M

    How do I get a code to unlock my sim card

    My sim card is needs a puk code
  30. F

    My iphone 4s doesn't have a sim do I need to buy the starter kit to make it work

    No sim card do I use straight talk or Verizon
  31. Q

    My Nokia 130 is lost and the SIM card is not in it.Can I find it and how?

    My Nokia 130 is lost and the SIM card is not in it.Can I find it?and how.Its really urgent cause I need it for school!!!
  32. N

    Solved! I lost my sim card with which I had made fb ac n now unable to login as I had also fottgoten password

    I lost my sim card n password of fb with which I had made fb ac
  33. A

    Sim card lock

    Please help me unlock my ZTE z959 sim code out of my cricket phone I'm now using straight talk
  34. J

    dont know wat my phpone number is

    can I get a phone number by the PUK or barcode that the SIM card came with
  35. B

    How to unblock my sim card when is permanently blocked

    How unblock sim card
  36. N

    Solved! Locked metro LG and TMobile sim card

    I'm trying to activate a new Safelink T-Mobile sim in a locked metro LG X210MA PHONE
  37. C

    Solved! Lost SIM card

    Hey folks i recently lost my sim card i live in greece is there any way to track my sim card or someone could track it for me? my number is <<Personal information removed by moderator>>
  38. M

    Want to stop SIM card

    Want to stop SIM card
  39. A

    Solved! how can i read messages from my deactivated sim card.. the service provider cant retrieve my sim bcoz i dont have the sim casi

    how can i read messages from my deactivated sim card.. the service provider cant retrieve my sim bcoz i dont have the sim casing
  40. P

    Block my facebook

    The number that I used to open Facebook was stopped, but my Facebook is now blocked. When I open I'm asking for 6 digit code but my phone does not have a SIM card. How can I get the code? Will not my facebook open,?
  41. H

    Solved! Hi. I have a very similar issue. And have lost nearly all hope. PLEASE HELP!

    In a very similar kind of predicament. I have an old Samsung SGH-E317 clamshell-style cell phone with pictures on it that I'd like to transfer to a computer (MAC or desktop). I've tried lots of things. Purchased a "data-sync cable". Didn't do anything. Took the phone and its SIM card to a CVS...
  42. R

    Solved! How to activate my new att sim card in my old Verizon phone

    How to activate my sim card from att on my galaxy 5 from Verizon
  43. A

    OSED I forget my fb password nd lost my sim card how i get my account back

    I don't know my facebook password.. I lost tha number listed in fb so how can re open that?
  44. C

    Sim network unlock pin for att Sim with Cricket phone

    Need sim network unlock pin for my a tt sim card with my cricket Alcatel phone
  45. D

    Solved! Need help please

    I did a factory reset it came on said welcome english then Wi-Fi and cant get passed that dont have sim card its a Samsung core can u please help
  46. B

    I lost my Sim number How to block my number

    I lost my Sim card number How to block my Sim number
  47. L

    Solved! Activate Samsung 5note

    Have a Samsung 5 note unlocked how do I put my Cricket SIM card in and get service Okay work for the first two days I can make calls send texts but now it says that it's um about location and everytime I try to make a call it says it's it doesn't do international calling
  48. S

    Solved! its not telling me how to reset to factory settings without the sim card

    i have a Samsung ipad the lady i brought it of didn't do a factory reset before she sold it to me there is no sim card .im stuck with all her email and cant delete it .i can i reset it back to factory
  49. C

    Model number 2ACCJB039

    My sim card is not in it but it still won't let me get in on it cause idk
  50. P

    Solved! to swap a Sim card from Vodafone to 2degrees

    I want to change my cell phone provider to another provider
  51. S

    Looking for some help

    HP 10-p018 wm x5-z8350cpu 4gb 64gb can u tell me if it takes a SIM card
  52. wedweterger342

    Need help with my phone

    If i have my sim card in, when I turn on my phone, it says Samsung with a unlocked lock and then word custom beneath it, then the wavy samsung screen, then the at&t screen(which takes longer to load then with no sim). If the sim card isn't inserted, then it boots normal, says Samsung galaxy S4...
  53. R

    Retrieve sim card PUK code for SafeLink wireless zte557BL

    I have no idea how my Sim card got locked I just pushed a wrong button and now I need the PUK code for SafeLink wireless ZTE557BL
  54. K

    A B c

    I lost my Sim Card And Forgot my Password In Fb Account .Please How Can I Open My Fb Account
  55. H

    Solved! What do r-sim cards do?

    When I got my andriod phone, it had a sim card in it. But in the box was two R sims cards. Can somebody please tell me what they are used for?
  56. C

    Solved! retrieve old photos

    My old service provider discontinued my phone number so I am unable to retrieve my portfolio and photos from that phone. I still use Cricut but I threw my old phone away and didn't think to take the SIM card out can I retrieve my old photos from that phone
  57. C

    Solved! Will a normal SIM card work in my laptop for data use?

    My laptop has a WWAN card and SIM card slot, which I'd like to use for data connection. Where I'm at, the best deal (good price to data ratio, no contract, great provider coverage) is using a prepaid "normal" SIM card which includes call, text and data. Will this SIM that includes...
  58. L

    Solved! Can't transfer photos from deactivated Galaxy S5 to computer

    I have a deactivated Samsung Galaxy S5 that I took pictures with and now I can't download them to my computer. The computer doesn't seem to recognize the deactivated phone. I tried putting in an active Sprint SIM card into the old AT&T phone but the Sprint SIM card is locked and evidently can't...
  59. K

    Solved! how do i unlock sim card for galaxy j3 luna pro

    my phone say's that the sim card is locked how do I unlock it