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  1. W

    Unblock iPhone 6

    Unblock apple iphone 6
  2. J

    Is there a way to privately mass text on iPhone 6?

    Hi guys :) I am using iOS 10.2. I wondered whether there was a way to send a mass text to a large amount of my contacts without: a) Having them see the other people who I have sent it to. b) Having their responses show up for other people. I basically want to know whether there is a way to...
  3. N

    how can I activate new T-MOBILE sim card outside u.s.a

    how can I activate a new T-MOBILE sim card out u.s.a? I have been having difficulties in activating.
  4. T

    Can i use a prepaid sim kit to activate an AT&T iPhone 6, that is on installment plan and not paid off?

    Activate iPhone with prepaid sim
  5. JediMa

    Help - Looking for 1st good IN-ear Headphones

    I want to buy a good set of IN-ear Headphones to use when i'm walking around, training in gym or so, I tried to read on different websites but they all have different brands and opinions.. I would use it my sansa clip or iphone 6, budget around 90 USD and wired please help me :)
  6. F

    can you switch a phone from at&t to metro pcs?

    can you switch an iphone 6 from at&t to metro pcs?
  7. A

    Can my Verizon iPhone 6 Plus be used as straight talk if the service no longer works?

    Can my version iPhone 6 Plus be used as straight talk if the service no longer works?
  8. F

    convert iphone 6 from cdma to gsm

    My iPhone 6 uses Verizon's CDMA system. I would like to switch to Tracfone and use AT&T's GSM system. I realize Tracfone can also serve CDMA, but there is a critical dead spot on Verizon's system where I travel frequently.
  9. B

    Iphone 6 vs S7

    I found an iPhone 6 for $250 or should I get the S7 for $440, is it worth the extra money because i'm kinda short on money or is it not worth it and just get the iPhone 6, I want something that will play pokemon Go smoothly since I only have a 4s
  10. B

    Unlocking my iphone

    I have straighttalk service and I am trying to unlock my att iPhone 6 which att said can be done. I want to use my Verizon straighttalk SIM card in the att phone. Can this be done and if so how??
  11. K

    Can I use my Unlocked Sprint Iphone 6 plus for straight talk?

    I was wondering if I could use my Sprint Iphone 6 plus for Straight talk? or
  12. E

    How to transfor pics from a sprint iphone6 to samsung

    How to retreave pics from Icloud from a iphone6
  13. G

    ATH-M50x sounds majorly different with different sources, DAC/AMP necessary?

    Basically, I have a Z-97 A ASUS motherboard and an IPhone 6, which I both use with my M50xs. I feel like the headphones sound very different on the IPhone, the bass is withdrawn, and the vocals are underwhelming. I am wondering if a portable DAC/AMP could help with this.
  14. Shadeslayer110

    iTunes Not Syncing on iPhone

    Hey Guys, So iTunes is acting up recently whenever I try to sync music onto my iPhone 6. I have music on my computer that I imported to iTunes. However, when I go to click sync after I am sure that the songs I want to download are checked off, the songs will not download. No matter what I do...
  15. B

    I want to know my lost iPhone Now using Sim No.

    I lost my iPhone 5s .I want to know Being Used Sim No. To contact the Thief.
  16. M

    Transfer of photos from iPhone 6 to PC with Windows 10

    I cannot transfer photos from my iPhone 6, nor my iPad 2, to my PC, Windows 10.. This has not been a problem before. Every time Microsoft automatically updates my computer in the middle of the night something stops working. In Windows 10 I have no control over updates. My iPhone is listed in...
  17. R

    How to jailbreak and unlock sprint iPhone 6 9.3.1

    Sprint iPhone 6 unlock and jailbreak
  18. P

    How to print off food network with iPhone 6

    How to print receipies from food network with iPhone 6?
  19. N

    Printing from iPhone 6

    I have Epson XP 320 that I want to print to from my iPhone 6, can I use hotspot for wifi?
  20. A

    Controller for iPhone 6 Plus

    Is there a good controller for the iPhone 6 Plus. I prefer that it could it and i need it to fit in my pocket. I am going to be using this for Moonlight Streaming. Thanks for the help. :)
  21. K

    Iphone 6 with LG G Watch R BECE

    So, my iphone's android wear doesnt show the watch, when i try to do it through the actual bluetooth screen, it connects for a single second then dissconects and comes up with "G Watch R BECE is not supported". How do i get it working?
  22. 1

    I've locked myself out of my iphone 6 with no backup.I read I'm screwed. Am I truly?They say erase and restart. But all my

    Reading SIM cards. iPhone 6 technology.
  23. Z

    Nex-5 vs. Iphone 6

    Hi, Im going on a trip overseas soon and im not sure what i should bring. Is the nex-5 that came out a few years ago better than my iphone camera? Thanks
  24. N

    Smartphone with max 4.7 inch display and great sound quality in headphones?

    Hello, i want to buy a max 4.7 inch (4.5 min) smarthone with great sound quality on headphones (don't care about external speakers), and top of the line specs. From what i've found it's either iphone 6 or xperia z3 compact. I will be listening mainly to radio so the best sound quality must be...
  25. E

    Sprint iPhone 6 Sim Card used in a Router

    I have a unlimited data plan with Sprint. Is it possible to take my sim card out of my iphone 6 that is capable of 4G LTE and place it in a sim card capable router such as a craddlepoint router and get 4G LTE internet through that router?
  26. waterise

    Phone Question (Help)

    Not sure where to post this. Alright, so I'm in a predicament. I currently have the LG G3 with AT&T. I'm not eligible for an upgrade until like April 26, 2016. My touchscreen got cracked a little but it makes the phone almost impossible to use. Literally, to type "lol" it takes 5 minutes. I...
  27. A

    From Android to Ios

    my Samsung galaxy s3 broke and I bought a new iphone 6 and I cannot transfer my boom beach account to it because I cannot use my galaxy s4............. there is no way im starting over and if I cannot get this resolved bye bye boom beach
  28. V

    webcam not working (toshiba)

    recently i upgraded to windows 10 and everything was fine, then a few days later the web camera stopped working i have tried updating the driver, uninstalling and installing it, restarting the computer, basically all the methods but nothing works. When i go in to device manager and go under...
  29. P

    Lost iPhone 6

    Hello I had my iPhone 6 stolen recently and it has find my iPhone set up with UK EE network as the provider. When I try to locate it on my PC it states offline? I would love to find my phone again, I pad a company a small amount to find it and apparently it's had it's sim changed to a T Mobile...
  30. G

    Audio with iphone 6

    Hi I think to start a youtube channel. I have a iphone 6 which has a decent camera. How should I record audio for that? I am new to this stuff.
  31. T

    iPhone 4S carrier disconnected from AT&T to Sprint; want to transfer favorites and contacts to new iPhone 6

    I switched carriers from AT&T to Sprint for my new iPhone 6. A backup to iCloud was not performed prior to Sprint transferring my number and service from AT&T (you would think they would have ensured this was done before making the transfer!) I do not have wifi on my iPhone 4S - can I...
  32. K

    Can't transfer photo's from iphone6 to hp desktop

    Help! I have thousands of photo's on my iphone 6 and when I try to download them to my desktop I get the message "there are no new photo's" I have downloaded pictures from this phone to this computer in the past, but now it doesn't work. What do I do?
  33. J

    How to retrieve text messages fro iPhone 6

    How can I retrieve text messages from my iPhone 6 that have been deleted and my apple account and iCloud were not signed in?
  34. W

    Sprint unlock code

    I requested for my iPhone 6 to be unlocked.I am told it takes five working days to have the task completely done. It's ten working days and still haven't received any information. Any help?
  35. valentinalucia

    I Regret My iPhone 6, Now I Want Android

    I bought an iPhone 6 mostly because of everyone else was. Here's why I'm making the switch to Android. I Regret My iPhone 6, Now I Want Android : Read more
  36. L

    Iphone 6 Not turning on

    I went the beach and used my life proof case and my phone still got wet and I see a black faded cloud on the bottom of my screen but the area still works.. My phone has been charging fine the day of and in the car on the way home it died so I put it on the charger and it came back on and was...
  37. J

    Can you call with an unlocked gsm iPhone

    I was planning to buy an unlocked iPhone 6 and it gave me an option of sim free and gsm but can I still call if it has any of those options?
  38. A

    How do I connect iPhone (6) to Mac air's wireless (wifi in phone is broken/greyed out)?

    Wifi to iPhone - minus the wifi?
  39. C

    After Water split(HELP)

    OKay so after my iphone 6 got dropped into the toilet,i put it in the rice for 2 days and turned it on and it's work,but the screen is untouchable .........I cant slide anything....the screen is literally not working,,,,since I cant turn off my phone I began to put it back into the rice...when...
  40. B

    Sprint iPhone 6

    I purchased a Sprint iPhone 6 about a month and a half ago on Craigslist thinking it would be super easy to get it unlocked because I have Verizon. I need to know PLEASE that it is possible to have the sprint iPhone unlocked and use my verizon SIM card. They are the same size SIM card that fits...
  41. D

    Is there a way for my iPhone 6 plus to pair with my next book and share internet?

    My nextbook pairs with my iPhone however it still says not connected on my phone. Is it because it is android and apple products?
  42. Z

    Why can't I watch a full video on my iPhone 6?

    I can't watch a full video on Facebook with my iPhone 6. I could until about 5 days ago.
  43. A

    T-Moible IPhone6 Bad Esn Help Need AT&T

    Okay So I Have 2 IPHONE 6 At T-Mobile And I've Been Paying Them But My Next Bill Will Be $400 And I Can't Afford That So Is There Anyone Way Of Unlocking Or Going To Another Company Since It'll Be Considered A Bad Esn (Which I Doubt It'll Be Blacklisted Since It's Not Stolen) In The Past I Had A...
  44. M

    Thoughts about iphone 6 plus?

    I want to knw everything about 6 plus because I want to buy it.
  45. F

    I lost my iphone 6 but the phone is still on network can i find it through imei number

    Lost my iphone sumwher on the road can i find it through imei number
  46. F

    Ringtone in Iphone?

    How to set the ringtone in Iphone 6?
  47. S

    Can I power my lphone 6 plus with only a solar charger and no battery?

    Can I power my lphone 6 plus with only a solar charger and no battery? I need a solar charger for an iPhone 6 plus that can power it directly from the sun with no battery.Does anyone recommend one?
  48. T

    How do I transfer my picture from iPhone 5c into iPhone 6?

    How do I transfer my pictures from the iPhone 5c into iPhone 6s??? Please help??? Thank you
  49. F

    Features of Iphone 6 and Iphone 6s Plus?

    Which one has most advanced features Iphone 6 Or Iphone 6s plus?
  50. J

    iPhone 6 With Straight Talk

    I have a IPhone 6 Plus that's through US Cellular and plan to get it unlocked. Will it work with Straight Talk if I get it unlocked? Even if it's US Cellular? My area is yet to have 4G so will that affect it also? Please answer to if my phone will be compatible with BYOP through Straight Talk...
  51. D

    Find genuine iphone

    How to find genuine iphone in market? There are fake mobile are available in market it's also looks like similar to the iphone6. so i'm little bit confused. Can you tell me to find original iphone6 in market?
  52. TheRealBeandip

    Audiophile on-ear headphones for Iphone

    I want to get a pair of good audiophile headphones for my Iphone 6. Currently I use a pair of Bowers and Wilkins P5s. Ive used them for quite awhile and dont like the sound. They get distortion and chirping at high volumes, also the treble is ear piercingly high. On my PC I use a pair of AKG...
  53. L

    Iphone 6 waterdamaged

    Phone dropped in toilet. It still worked for 15 minutes, in which time I both plugged it into a charger and made one or two posts on facebook asking what the best solutions were. It went totally dead and hasn't come back to life since. Only 3 months old.
  54. B

    Unlock Sprint iPhone 6 Plus for Verizon

    How do you unlock a Sprint iPhone 6 Plus for Verizon?
  55. D

    How to transfer my kardashian Hollywood game from Samsung Galaxy s5 to my iPhone 6?

    I had a galaxy s 5 and I played the kardashian game on it. I am really far in to the game like level 28, now I have an iPhone 6 and I don't want to start over. How can I transfer the game?
  56. C

    iphone help plz

    When I used my iphone6 and went on kik my phone sayed virus then I had to get out then when I deleted kik it never said it again and i downloaded it again and it keeps saying the same thing and with my iphone4 and 5 dont not say that ever or my tablet computer can you help a 10 year old girl plz...
  57. L

    two phones into one?

    okay. I have an AT&T iPhone 4S I use for both hm and wk. My boss recently bought me a Verizon plan iPhone 6 plus. What is the best way to "forward" calls from the old phone to the new/work phone (don't want to carry both). I don't want to get rid of the old number on my 4S. This is "supposed"...
  58. tomsguideUS

    iPhone 6 (Plus) Tips and Tricks

    Apple went big with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The new phones have larger screens than Apple's previous offerings, and are also running iOS 8, which added a bunch of new customization options and Apple Pay. Did you buy or receive an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? Check out these tutorials to...
  59. L

    So the new iPhone 6 is $299.99 but it says with 2 years service agreement , so my question is do we only pay 300 for the phone

    Iphone 6 ' I would like to know more about this can you guys PLS Inform me good
  60. G

    How To Set up Touch ID on iPhone 5S, 6, and 6 Plus

    Touch ID gives your iPhone and iPad additional protection by allowing access to your device only through your fingerprints. With Apple Pay enabled on your phone, you'll need this extra protection just in case you misplace your phone (and by extension, credit cards.. And here's how you set up...