I Regret My iPhone 6, Now I Want Android

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Oct 10, 2014

That's great! Personally, I got so used to the limitations of iOS after a while that I didn't notice them. Then I started using Android phones more at work and realized how much I was missing.

Vlad Rose

Apr 7, 2014
I personally like Android phones over Apple phones as well. The one defense I will give with the Apple phones though is there tends to be less headaches with software updates.

I just recently upgraded my Note Edge to Android 5.0 and am having battery life problems to where a factory reset is recommended. This is not usually an issue with Apple phones. While it is not too much of a problem to have done, I know it would be a nightmare for my parents to do on their phones.

It really comes down to if you prefer flexibility (Android, myself), or simple and controlled (Apple, parents).


Aug 14, 2010
Android is a mess. The amount of people that complain about it, friends etc, is staggering. Google is also starting to 'close' everything as they also want to keep you under control.

Good luck with it kids.

P.s. Paid article. It's stupidly obvious. People just want to use their phones instead of forever messing with it. This site can't even be bothered to review the Surface Pro 3


Jul 20, 2015
Hard to say.. WP initally looked like it could be promising, but I find it limiting in it's own way - if it was rootable, would probably be pretty good, but stock as it is, using it much can become clunky and cumbersome at times - takes so long to move around just to do a few simple things, and not customizable enough to add the shortcuts and such you'd like; but ofc being a W8 device, it leans more toward the new metro-y deployment, and less get-stuff-done usable windows that used to be great. Not to mention the comparatively slim offerings for app choices - part of that no doubt being lower developer motivation to cater to a smaller market.

iPhone is not bad, especially w/ jb to give you a decent amount of functionality and user control - not to mention actually being able to access filesystem to get stuff off w/o having to go through convoluted backup restore and whatnot (more a WP issue - esp w/ no root option); but there's always the apple-syndrome of paying exorbitantly more for what you get device-wise, on the grounds of I guess the aesthetics, or "cool" "in" and "hipness" that apple seems to always be trying to cloak its products in.

So it seems the best choice may have to be android; while I don't like google and their blatant disregard for personal user data, privacy, etc. that they exploit for their own benefit. I liked android better when it was a new open source idea and contender - a true alternate option brought about by the community - but I will admit it probably wouldn't have gotten to be as prevalent had it not been backed by a giant. As it's the system on so many different phones, it really gives the most flexibility, and is kind of the only choice if you want a device from most any alternate phone manufacturer. It seems to offer enough customization and user control as it comes stock, plus the root option really makes it the most versatile.

At any rate... well.. guess there's mozilla os...


Jan 24, 2015
The more freedom and more customizable arguments aren't very thought through. Most people will never ever customize their things more than just moving the icons around. Just take a look at your desktop pc. Did you ever download a skin for it so you have different taskbars etc? Probably not, the only thing you did is the same as the options on a iPhone. You can move your symbols and set a background image.

I for my part will stick to iOS just because I don't need more. I don't want these extra options which I will never use because they just make other things worse if you don't use them. Still, I can see why some would prefer Android but I really think that most Android users don't use Android because they think it is better than iOS. I think they just use it because it is pre-installed and then they get used to it and won't switch back because iOS would be different. It is the same as it is with Windows



http://www.tomsguide.com/us/best-tablets,review-1966.html although it's linked to a different site for the full review.

Android versions are a bit out of hand, but that is because they let vendors customize it and run what version they want on their devices. It's pretty much the same thing that causes Windows to have more issues for many people, there are too many versions out there with lots of different hardware and software running on it.

If you want a simple, hit a button and run an app they give you system, Apple is the way to go. For any type of tweaking or many options for hardware and software, MS / Google is the way.
Somebody voices their opinion in an op-ed and suddenly they're getting paid to have an opinion! Putting aside the fact that it's rather insulting, it's really just not even necessary. It's not like anybody said Apple was bad; Valentina simple explained why she had outgrown Apple's ecosystem and was ready for a change.

Going along your logic, one could claim that based on your comment, you're obviously being paid by Apple! It's a two-way road and it's absolutely ridiculous no matter which way you take it.

It's like saying I'm being paid by General Mills because I prefer Cocoa Puffs over Cocoa Rice Krispies and want to tell everybody why Cocoa Puffs are awesome. Short version: because you'll go cuckoo for them.


Jul 24, 2015
I was thinking of switching to iphone after a series of problems with 2 models from the Sony Xperia range. Both had poor call quality and dropped out when trying to use bluetooth. Both Xperias became increasingly unreliable within days of the warrantee expiring.
I also tried 2 different Lumia phones. They had better call quality than the Sony phones, but only connected to one of my 3 Bluetooth devices. While it did connect to the voyager the voice call doesn't work on the Lumia whereas it did on the Xperia The Lumia ringer volume was too low to be heard when I left the phone in another room so I missed a lot of important calls. Plus I couldn't find any of my favorite apps, Shush is a must! Then there was the continuous harassment by adds on my windows Lumia to the point that I'm ready to bin it after 2 weeks.

So now I'm tossing up on seeing if I can get my 12.5month old Xperia fixed so that it will talk to my bluetooth headset or whether to bin the Xperia too and buy a Samsung or HTC.
Any recommendations?
I drive a lot and my hearing is a little affected from too many rock bands, so call quality, bluetooth accessibility and voice dialing are essential. Also I love to use Shush, the App that allows you to silence your phone then have it turn back on at a set time ie when the meeting or movie has finished.

Thanks Russell


Jul 21, 2015

You don't get upset with the application problem on windows phone platform?
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