iPhone 6 Plus not turning on after repair

Jan 8, 2019
Hey all,

I have had the touch IC flicker on the top of my iPhone 6 Plus for a while now. I have gotten away with placing a piece of tin foil under the metal guard which houses what I believe is the graphics unit, at the top right corner of the phone circuit board.

Today the flicker issue re-emerged, as it does from time to due to the tin foil becoming compressing and not making contact with the back of the screen board, causing it to become unresponsive.

I opened the phone up while it was still on (done it many times before with no problem), it had about 10% battery, proceeded to remove the metal guard cap and replace it with a thicker tin foil. After closing it up it does NOT turn on anymore. I have tried force restart, re-attaching the touch screen & camera connector cables but nothing so far. Any ideas on what might caused it or a fix? Also, any chance it can still be backed up although it does not turn on?
Greatly appreciated! Thanks !


There is no way to know what caused it to break since we can't see it and what exactly you did. But opening up a device while it's running is a very bad idea. If you want the maximum chance of breaking something, work on electronics while they are on.
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