iphone 6 - restore?


Nov 2, 2017
Last week my phone inexplicably broke- its an iphone 6 128.
I woke up one morning (you may sing this sitting on the porch and strumming your guitar) and the screen was ALL STRIPY!
well- half stripy anyway.
I then borrowed an old iphone 6 16 to use while mine was being mended.
I backed up Big Old iphone 128 to my computer AND the cloud and then removed sim and put it into Borrowed iPhone 6 16
I then attempted to restore from back up many times but it kept failing- iphone 6 16 was too little I suppose. Anyway- eventually it restored SOME things and not others
Contacts and most photos ok but ALL notes, ALL messages .ALL ringtones were NOT restored.
I then used iphone 6 16 for a week.
Now Big Old iPhone 128 is now BACK and mended!
And what is more he still has all my things on him- incl ringtones, notes and messages!
Now - my question IS-
When I put Sim card into Big Old phone 128, how can I keep everything on him the same- I dont care if I lose the photos I have taken on 1pobe 6 16 (I have copied them onto my computer) so I just want to put the Sim back and forget the last week ever happened!
How can I do this do you think?!


Question from bridgetstanford : "Iphone 6- restore?"