Help with iphone 6


Jun 5, 2016
Actually, the iPhone was perfectly normal...Once i kept the iPhone beside my head and unfortunately that day, water from the air conditioner(above my head)fell inside and made my iPhone completely wet as the droplets of water fell directly on the earpiece...I was shocked to see the iPhone in the morning...I tried to jerk my iPhone and there was huge amount of water coming out from it as if it was a spray can..I removed the sim and opened it up and removed the battery and kept it inside rice for 2 days..

the phone was completely dried and then i tried to insert the battery again and the phone to the surprise turned on and yeah the phone was perfectly normal for more than a month however the plastic indicator in it became red and the screen had certain white spots but the earpiece speaker everything was sounding right...i was running ios 10.3.2...everything was perfect...

After some days when ios 11 was out,i tried to update the iPhone and thats when it all went away.. the phone perfectly turns on and after 1-2 will suddenly flash a black screen and restart...this has been very very annoying..i checked the analytics and its full of kernel panics bug type 210,211 blah blah.. the thing which i couldn't understand is that, how was it running perfectly in ios 10.3.2 but not in ios 11.2(presently)...

Even i replaced the battery and the old screen which had some white spots in it... i also cant downgrade to ios 10.3.2 stuck..:-(..i just need to get rid of the random reboot problem and everything is fine..and i am not in the mood of getting a new one or to get it replaced as it has gone quite old...Any helps would be highly appreciated...Feeling helpless:-((
If you did a backup of your phone in iTunes, you can do a restore and get your old iOS back. Aside from that, nothing you can do with your current phone.