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    Why is my 1T external seagate drive and my 64g usb flash drive always stop on my sharp 40in aqous lcd tv

    My 1TB seagate external hard drive and my 64g flash drive always stop while watching a movie in a Sharp 40’ Aqous LCD TV
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    connection question please

    I've a LCD tv/dvd combo & LCD tv to one HD amplified antenna to pull free local channels; is there a way to connect them?
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    Can a 1920x1080 LCD work a laptop with a 1366x768 default resolution??

    Hi, So my laptop LCD was cracked and I'm look for an LCD that I can replace. My laptop model is the Asus F555L and I was wondering if an LCD with a 1920x1080 resolution would work with my laptop as it's default resolution at the moment is 1366x768? Should I get another 1366x768 LCD or could I...
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    Solved! ASUS X200MA Notebook PC external display not functioning after restart. No main monitor attached because it is broken.

    I have an ASUS X200MA Notebook PX that has a broken lcd screen. What I did is I removed the whole LCD panel and replaced it with an external monitor. At first, the external monitor is functioning and displaying properly but after restarting or shutting down and turning it back on, there is no...
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    I have an older 4year old samsung LCD Tv and I bought a craig sound bar and I cannot get it to work by following the audio in

    I have a Samsung LCD TV and I purchased a Craig sound bar , my TV does not have an optic plug nor does it have blue tooth so I am using the audio in and audio out cables audio out for the TV and Audio in from the sound bar . I have tried to go to the settings on TV and still cannot get it to...
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    HELP! Tell me what happened to my screen.

    Please help! I hope I'm in the right place to ask but I'm horrified right now. My Mom's tablet is in trouble. I have no idea what's going on with the screen. For sure, I never dropped it nor splashed it with any liquid. Please look at these photos (in URL) for your peruse. What could be the...
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    Whats easier Replacing the LCD or Fixing the backlight on a Samsung TV

    I have 2 Samsung UN40J5500 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV 1 has a Bad LCD and the other Has a Backlight issue i want to fix 1 with parts from the other what is the best way replace the backlight on one or replace the LCD
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    New 55" UHD LED LCD Polaroid TV appears rather pixelated

    Recently installed new polaroid tv (PU-553016UHD) but it appears rather low res and pixelated, im unsure as to why this is as the power cord and antenna are both plugged in correctly, i've browsed the settings for a long time and the picture mode setting makes no change in quality, as a side...
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    Is my laptop screen broken or just the connector cable?

    I picked up one of those rebrand 'custom' Clevo laptops from eBay a few months back now and the screen has been incredibly problematic over the last few weeks. I can't pinpoint a specific moment when this started, but I know I questioned the build quality of this thing from the start. The...
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    Two slow flashes then two fast

    Aquos sharp tv lcd , flashing two times slowly, then twice rapidly,. Please help
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    top 1/3 of pictured is greyed

    sharp LCD picture problem
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    Laptop doesnt turn on

    Charged my laptop then it sparked the lcd flashed then went out . .a while after i tried charging again , charging led light on.but while pressing power button charging led light goes out.release power button led charging light goes back on...what could b wrong?
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    iPhone X Is King of OLED Screens: See for Yourself

    The iPhone X's Super Retina OLED screen offers the best balance of brightness, accuracy and wide viewing angles. iPhone X Is King of OLED Screens: See for Yourself : Read more
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    Samsung 35” LCD HD TV

    Need some help with trouble shooting my TV. The volume on it keeps going up loud and then down really low on its own. Initially I thought it was the TV station but unfortunately it is the TV. Anyone ever experience this problem and is there anything I can try to do to troubleshoot this problem.
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    help me please

    has anyone ever bought an ipad pro 2 from walmart and swapped out the screen and lcd with their own ipad and then returned it to walmart
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    optical digital audio output home theater

    My LCD audio output in optical
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    dvd and tv

    My samsung lcd s4 403 tv won't recognize my sony dvp-sr210p dvd. How do I fix this problem?
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    How much is a 5 year old Toshiba 75 inch HD LCD Flat Screen TV 1080p worth?

    Wondering how much a Toshiba 5 year old HD LCD Flat Screen TV 1080p is worth.
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    Laptop has backlight but no display

    Hello, Let me start from here that my laptop used to work fine but as I had difficulty with opening and closing the lid, it started acting weird and almost ruined my life routine. First let me say that on top of my laptop keyboard there is a key that turns the display on and off. So...
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    Alternating blur to perfect picture

    Phillips LCD. The picture goes from perfect to blurry @ every 2 seconds no matter the input and in tv setting menu. Any ideas
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    Solved! picture recovery for droid turbo

    okay so i broke my droid turbos charging jack due to which the lcd has also been affected. is there anyway i can recover my pictures since its completely dead and wont even connect to a laptop or anything. please help
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    How to connect tv to hts ?

    Hi, I have a funai lcd colour tv, model lc5-d32bb/1 and I can't figure out how to connect it to my Samsung home theater sistem 5.1 so I can watch movies from tv with the soround speakers?
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    My SLR Canon Rebel XT camera has no picture on the LCD screen.

    My SLR Canon Rebel XT camera has no picture on the LCD screen. Has something gone wrong with the camera or did I press some wrong button? I need help with the question I typed in above. [Title edited by moderator (too long - - truncated & therefore incomplete)]
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    Solved! 46in bravia weird vertical/horizontal lines

    hey all, got an older Sony Bravia (KDL-46W4100) 46in lcd tv that I need some help with. it started developing weird lines/glitches in the screen that run both vertical and horizontal. they started off small, but over time its gotten progressively worse. they are constant and there on main...
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    My Olevia LCD TV won't power on.

    So, I bought an Olevia LCD TV in 2008, and It's been working normally until today, when It wouldn't register the HDMI. I attempted to change sources and then change back to HDMI, and turn off the TV, because that's fixed the issue in the past, but it didn't help. I decided to check and see if...
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    7.1 pc surround system to RCA (LCD TV)

    Hello everybody, I want to connect my 7.1 pc speakers to TV, I dont know if that is possible. This is subwolfer outputs This is 3.5 jacks connected to subwolfer This is 3.5 jacks connected to sound card in PC and...
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    Solved! toshiba 40L1353DB LCD

    toshiba 40L1353DB LCD no picture no sound.. standby light goes from red to green, any ideas as to which board is playing up, this happened a while ago and I turned it off waited and turned it on and it was fine for about 1 week any ideas cheers
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    help me please

    my laptop has a giant line going down the center and what looks like a giant black finger print at the bottom what should I do
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    Toshiba Satellite C75D LCD screen has green pixels

    I have a Toshiba C75D-C laptop and the screen is now mostly green where the darker colors would have been. I've tried a few of the youtube screen fixes and no luck. Any ideas out there or am I looking to replace the screen? Thanks!!
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    Solved! Will a burnt motherboard lead to a burnt lcd ?

    Hi guys, I know for a fact, my motherboard is burnt out, but does that mean my laptop lcd screen is also burnt? Is there a method to test the lcd screen? My goal is to use the lcd as a second monitor for my desktop using a lvds controller board. Thank you for your time. (sorry if the question...
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    Replacing the screen of a Fujitsu Lifebook A556

    Dear hardware wizards. I'm interested in replacing the LCD screen for my Fujitsu Lifebook A556 but I'm having trouble with how to get it opened. Along the monitor there seems to be no screws holding the screen together, hence I don't know where to start. Is there something I'm not aware of...
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    any laptop out there close to these specs? adjustable lcd screen height, no chromebooks

    main use: chrome minimal needs: * 16gb ram * ~25-50 ssd * no gpu needed (but if it has, it has) not a chromebook -- -- cos need desktop apps on occasional blue moons and likely within next 5y or so --- optional, is helpful * prefer an...
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    Acer aspire s3 Display or VGA

    Hi, I have Problem with my laptop acer aspire s3. I'm not sure, is it a LCD cable or VGA problem. I turn on my computer.... after a while the display comes to different colours. I tried with hdmi, but not working....... Any idea is that a lcd cable or VGA or the Cooler System it's not OK...
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    Broken LCD screen, vibrates when charging, recover data

    Hello. My friend asked me to help him with his broken tablet. It is Lenovo B8000 60047. The tablet has fallen on the ground and the screen is cracked. The device is not turning on. When connected to charger, screen blinks for some miliseconds and vibrates every 5 seconds (more or less)...
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    Can I hook bluetooth to an lcd tv so i can hook up a sound bar?

    Can i make my older tv have bluetooth capability with some sort of adapter
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    Solved! Laptop LCD Help

    So I have a 14in HP Envy m4 1015dx and I just recently bought a new LCD for it. It was given to me for free due to a 'broken screen' So I got rid of the old LCD and got this one. I went to go and hook it up just a little while ago and it seemed to be going well at first, HP logo was shown as...
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    In my eos 1200D all the buttons beside the LCD-- menu, playback, setting, display, etc--doesn't work. Only the shutter button,

    In my eos 1200D all the buttons beside the LCD-- menu, playback, setting, display, etc--doesn't work. Only the shutter button, on/off, flash, mode dial works. I don't understand what's happening
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    Laptop Screen black, only partially boots?

    So, a few days ago I got the 'Repairing disk errors. This might take over an hour to complete' message. For a couple of hours, it hadn't gone away from that message so someone decided to turn it off. I believe this may have been a bad decision because now it will not turn on. Here's what...
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    Hi I have Sony NX500 LCD TV. This is to be connected to JBL SB350 Home theatre ,suggest solution

    Hi, I have Sony NX500 LCD TV. Recently I bought JBL SB350 2.1 Home theatre system. I want to LIS
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    Is there a way to hook up my old surround sound amplifiers to my new LCD without my ditect tv going through the amplifier. Doe

    I have speakers installed throughout my home. The speaker wires are attached to a radio shack switch where I can choose which speakers to use. I would like to have my Directv sound (Pandora) to come out of these speakers. Is there an amplifier in my HR 44 directv box and a way to connect wired...
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    Error message "please run channel auto scan"

    I have 2012 rca lcd tv model rlc2685a-b. I can't get rid of this error message, and the input source keeps resetting to "tv" instead of "HDMI1" so i cant use the satellite digital box to update the channels. Do you know how to fix this? Thanks!
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    Lenovo Dim Screen

    I just got a Lenovo V110 for my birthday to use for editing photos for my work. The colour is washed out, and the screen has a dim tinge even though the brightness is up 100% and plugged in. We have tried colour profiles (nothing happened) we have tried display settings, intel settings were the...
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    Solved! I have a lcd samsung 19 in can get it to work with regular antenna

    Can't get the tv to work with in door antenna could u please help me thanks
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    Can't get external speaker to work on my Toshiba LCD

    I have a Toshiba 46SL500U LCD tv. It's about 5 years old. Now the problem i'm having is connecting this Logitech speaker i have. I plugged it into the 3.5mm jack on the back of the tv and it won't work. I tried it on my laptop and the speaker does work. Any ideas how to fix this ? Thanks.
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    Mobile connect to Lcd

    How to to connect my Lenovo mobile to Toshiba LCD.
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    How to connect Logitech z506 to sharp aqous LCD-60le650u

    Just need to know how. Electronically challenged grandma
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    LCD TV 32C110U Toshiba

    I think my internal speaker are blown on my tv can i get external speaker to work on my tv or do i have to buy a new tv
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    Toshiba Satellite S55t-C5164-4k

    Does anyone know where I can get a LCD screen for a Toshiba Satelitte S55t-C5164-4k laptop and what the part # would be. Screen is cracked
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    LCD screen stopped working

    Hi. My LCD screen on my laptop has not been working so I bought the new screen part and made the repair by myself. However, after few days, the new screen stopped working. I checked on external monitor, and it was properly displaying. I don't know why the new LCD has stopped working so soon...
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    Replacement LCD Screen

    Anyone know where I can get a replacement screen for a ASUS Touch Screen Laptop Tablet i5 T300L? Thanks!
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    My 42" hisense lcd flat screen TV comes on until display on screen comes on then it goes off. What do I need to do?

    What do I need to do to my Hisense 42 inch LCD flat screen if my power button turns it on but as soon as it displays Hisense on the screen it goes right back off. At first it is red light when the power is off when I hit the button it turns green Hisense displays on the screen and immediately...
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    I found simply replacing my power cord fixed the same issue. Faulty cord?

    Sharp 32" LCD flat screen TV, 2009 model.
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    my hisense 42 inch lcd flat screen was wrking fine than i unplugged it and now it wont turn bck on

    my Hisense 42 inch smart lcd t.v was working fine i unpluged it for and hour and moved it to the liveing room and plugged it back in and now it wont turn back on there is power going through the tv took it apart and every thing looks great no damage at all was wondering how i can fix this i...
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    Flatscreen LCD TV buzzes loudly

    I have a Dynex DX-37L150A11 that begins buzzing extremely loudly after approximately 45 minutes of use. This buzzing persists even when I plug in external speakers or headphones. Additionally, the buzzing noise does not depend on the volume the TV is set at. It starts out relatively quiet, and...
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    Laptop Screen Glitching out

    Hi! I have an old laptop, it works well except just recently its screen started flickering periodically. Like it will glitch out every 2 seconds like old CRT monitors when they went out of sync and the image keeps scrolling on the monitor very fast. I have tried to wiggle the cable at both...
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    Solved! Toshiba LCD Vertical lines help!

    Hi there Been reading these forums a while but never posted. Hoping someone can help here: been given an old Toshiba 40XF355D to see if I can try and get it to work right. The issue was that it was getting intermittent rainbow lines on just one side of the display (far right side). I...
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    Toshiba LCD Model 46PB20E "Power TV" Won't Turn On

    Hi, I have Toshiba 46PB20E LCD that won't turn on. You do hear the "click" of the power board and there even sound but no picture.. It is just flashing twice and stay dark like it is turned off (but as said, it is turned on as i see the green light + hear sound). I tried the purposed solution...
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    Please help me identify the 2015 Razer Blade Pro LCD Cable

    I have a 2015 Razer Blade Pro without an LCD Cable, I cannot find a replacement and it would be far too expensive for razer to replace it. Can anyone identify what kind of cable this is? Please ive been researching for weeks and I can't find it.
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    Samsung LCD TV has sound and picture, but no backlights!

    I have a 52" Samsung LCD TV. When I turn on my TV I can hear sound, and when I shine a light at the screen I can see a picture. The problem is the backlight doesn't come on at all. I am trying to determine which of these boards is causing the problem: - Backlight Inverter Board - Power Supply...
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    Horizontal pixelated lines my LCD screen

    It's been actually 3 Month since this started. At first there was only one horizontal pixelated line on the top. Now there is actually one at the bottom. Below the bottom line I can see some of the top portion of my display (I know it sounds kinda weird but I will attach some pics). The lines...