Solved! Laptop LCD Help


Jul 27, 2017
So I have a 14in HP Envy m4 1015dx and I just recently bought a new LCD for it. It was given to me for free due to a 'broken screen' So I got rid of the old LCD and got this one. I went to go and hook it up just a little while ago and it seemed to be going well at first, HP logo was shown as well as the windows 8 boot up, but then after that just black. The screen was still on, but it was just showing black. I went to hook it up via VGA to my monitor that I have and it seemed to be working fine on the monitor, but still no luck on the actual LCD laptop display. I tried everything I could think of in the graphics settings. Set the screens to duplicate, set it to just the LCD...Nothing was working. I went and reset the display drivers too, still nothing. I went in and reset the RAM cards as well and that did not work either. If anyone has some insight as to why this is happening please share it with me! Thanks!