Samsung Q8FN QLED TV Review: Watch Your Back, OLED


Dec 31, 2007
Unfortunately, Samsung does a horrible job updating the software on their televisions. My Dad recently (within the past year) purchased a higher end curved TV (A Samsung), and has experienced numerous UI bugs (Netflix, and Amazon, like to force close <often> shortly after opening them). I figure maybe the TV just needs a software update, so I check the menu and locate the update software selection... it was already set to automatically update, but I went ahead and ordered a manual pull. Well, no update available... and that's when I found that it was running software from 2016!! That's some disgusting "support" from Samsung. I don't care how good the hardware is, if the software isn't up to snuff. Unless Samsung wants to reach out and fix this issue, I will NEVER again recommend ANY products from their brand. Shame on you, Samsung, for not giving a crap about your products after they're sold.