Question Laptop screen goes very dim when moved(HP Pavillion 15: tpn-c125)

Apr 28, 2019
I'm helping a friend of mine with fixing his HP laptop which is only about a year and a half old. I would really appreciate any input on how to solve this problem.

When I turn the laptop on, the screen is on but its so dim that you can barely see it. Only when you wiggle the laptop cover up and down repeatedly very slowly, will you get the normal lit screen(albeit after some flickering). To do some debugging of the problem, I opened the main laptop component and unplugged/re-connected all LCD related connections on the motherboard. That didn't seem to solve the problem, so I opened the display bezel and found that wiggling the connection of the EDP LCD connector cable to the screen makes the screen work properly but it goes back once its moved. I tried unplugging and re-connecting it to no avail.

This made me suspect that the screen could be going bad, so I got a spare LCD screen that I had laying around and found that it performs exactly the same as the other(only somewhat works with wiggling until moved again). Therefore, the screen is most likely not the issue in my opinion.

I am thinking that the EDP LCD connector cable needs replacing, whats your opinion? Do you think it would be worth a try to clean it with rubbing alcohol? What do you guys think? Thanks once again!

Sounds about right to me. Which would be a cheaper cost than anything else. Cables are much easier to replace. :)

I don't think cleaning would do it.It seems more likely that the problem is damage somewhere in the cable. It happens. Especially if it gets pinched.
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