Question New MSi notebook is suddenly slow and fps drops

Apr 10, 2019
Hello guys. I have a new notebook for like a month and everything was awesome. I was playing csgo on nearly 200 fps, rainbow six siege on 80 with highest settings and now suddenly I have big fps drops in everything and the pc is generally slow. I dont know how it happen. Everything was fine and oll of a sudden it is like the pc was a crap. It has intel core i7, RTX 2060, 16GB RAM. It happend three days ago and I tried everything. I uninstalled lot of games and cleaned my hard drives. After I cleaned them from junk files (12GB???) it is better but still csgo runs on 70 fps and rainbow on 40 on high settings. Do you know what might be happening and how to fix it?
Did you restart windows yet?

Check temperatures of CPU and GPU

check the HDD for errors with it´s manufacturer´s tool

Which MSI model is it?

All windows updates done?

Run usb auto installer with an USB flash drive and boot from it