Need some advice regarding potential buy


Jul 15, 2009
Hey lads

So next year (around april) I'm going to Japan to study for about a year in one of their universities. Obviously I can't take my gaming PC with me.. I have a Macbook Pro 13 right now that I bought back in 2016 and I'm very happy about it. Since I'm a photographer and edit a lot and plan to do so in Japan daily it has never disappointed me in my work. However, I like to play games as well. Idk if I can take a one year break from that to be honest..

I bought the macbook because unlike other laptops, it's small and light and feels like i'm just taking out a book from my backpack and not a heavy lanky machine (i can also take it to the shitter without problems).

Now my question is, would it be worth selling this MBP and maybe buy a gaming laptop for that study abroad year..? I know this may be about "if u wanna game then do it.." but I'm just wondering if it would be a smart move or a waste of money. The macbook is great, I love the design and all but obviously you can't play games on it. I would go for a MSI GL63 or something like that since (it seems) that it's also pretty small and light compared to other 15.6 inches. (I'd prefer 14" but I can't afford Razer for shit). Selling this one would make my low budget of around 1100 euro here in Belgium.

But should I even bother? Will the other system handle my photography editing and daily school work? Will I regret having to carry around a heavy and big machine with me or is the Macbook Pro just too good to be replaced just for the sake of gaming? Is there something you guys recommend me ? The ideal would be a Razer Blade 14 but yeah.. the budget is just not there.
Only you can decide if you want to swap to a gaming system. If you want a laptop for games, then yes you would need to get something different.

A gaming, or even a normal mid range laptop, will do everything the Macbook can (of course with Windows versions of the software) so you don't have to worry about it not running other things. A gaming laptop is just a normal computer, so anything a computer can do, a laptop will run.

There are no cheaper gaming systems that are portable so again you need to decide what is important to you.