What to do with a 2011 iMac

Dec 11, 2023
My old iMac would be perfect as a monitor and I can't believe I have to throw it away!

I have an old iMac (mid 2011) and it's no use as a computer anymore (understandably) but I really want to use it as an extra monitor because the display is still fabulous. It worked on an old Macbook Pro via Target Display Mode (using Thunderbolt cable). But I need it to work on my new Macbook Pro M1. Research tells me it won't work via Target Display Mode. And further research tells me I cannot set up the old iMac as an Airplay Receiver because I cannot update the OS beyond 10 and I need OS12 or later. I thought there might be some software that allows the old iMac to be used as an Airplay Receiver but this appears to be audio only, not visual ... Luna Display is one example.

So my question is ... does anyone know of ANY way I can connect my old iMac (mid 2011) to work as an additional monitor with my Macbook Pro M1? I don't mind installing third party software to achieve this. It just seems a shame to not continue using the iMac as a display, it's too good!