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  1. D

    Solved! MSI running really hot

    Hello, I have an MSI Apache pro and when I'm idly browsing the internet my laptop gets seriously hot. To the point I'm burning my hand typing. It's currently running both fans, the GPU temps are 68 and 89 degrees and its in Green mode. I don't understand why its running so hot and loud while I'm...
  2. H

    Solved! Asus n551jk get too hot on battery and shuts down without a charger

    hi , it started after windows 10 got installed (upgraded itself without asking me), after 4 months that i worked on it only with charger connected (cause it wont work without power), yesterday the cpu got too hot 90degrees, i decided to open it, cleaned it,added new thermal paste now its about...
  3. D

    Best Cooler Pad

    Hi Everyone. I'll buy a new coolerpad for my gaming laptop. I found many options and i don't know which is the best coller one. .. 1.ZALMAN Zm-nc3000 Plus, 17", 220 Mm Fan, 3 Port Usb, 2.ZALMAN ZM-NC2000NT 17 Alüminyum Dual Fan + 3 Usb 3.ZALMA ZM-NC3500 PLUS 4+1 USB 220MM FAN 12"-17"...
  4. Ant Vo

    Is 110°F+ way to hot for a laptop hard drive?

    Hello Laptop community. My laptop is one of those laptops that you wish you could just put aside and buy a new one. That aside, is 110°F+ just way to hot for a typical laptop on Google Chrome? Using Hard Disk Sentinel, I found out that my computer keeps a 111°F temperature at idle and has went...
  5. S

    2011 MacBook Air Overheating

    Hey guys, I have a 13inch mid 2011 MacBook Air that is still under 3year Apple warranty for about 30 more days. Over the last 6 months or so the fan has really started kicking up, I get tons of memory leaks in safari, firefox and chrome, and my CPU temp sits 50-60 and can kick up over 80C. The...
  6. A

    can i manually speed up my laptop fans?

    my touchpad gets so hot that i use an external mouse now. i have a laptop stand so it has ventilation but it seems like the fans are barely on even though the temps are high. is there a way i can set the fans to 100% or at least alter the temps at which they decide they need to speed up? here's...