Making a 'laptop' any ideas?


Aug 30, 2016
To sum this thread up, I have a PC, Laptop, Monitor, keyboard, mouse, ect; what I am trying to do is put it into a case. I would like to take my laptop's screen off of the computer itself and connect it to my PC. The PC's case size is about 15" by 20", height is about 2". Could anyone tell me;
What kind of 'breifcase' I should put it into,
other suggestions, even a complete change to my idea,
where else to look for help,
How I should approach the project,
anything else that you thing I should know..
I am aware that this sounds like a bad idea. but I really need a powerful pc wherever I go.
If you will be showing a product please note that my budget to do this is about $120cdn.
Thank-you, Elliot

The main question is...battery or wall power?

If wall power, just velcro a monitor to the side of your case.

If battery, you need about 10x that budget.