All-round camera, with main use for product photos?


Feb 16, 2010
I'm looking to buy my first camera.
The camera will be used for personal/private photos, but mainly webshop product photos.

I see DSLR or Mirrorless Cameras mentioned all over the place, where I guess the mirrorless camera seems to fit my below notes a bit better as to less weight/size. But I am totally open to any suggestions and could see myself go either way (have no experience with either: I am a basic camera user)

Any specific camera suggestions with the below notes in mind?

Use case / must have:
1. Main use is for product shoots (for webshop usage) on a turntable.
Products will be watches, jewelry and wood products. Biggest size of things will probably be a big wrist-watch size x 2
2. "Vacation photos" = random every day family photos
3. The camera can sit on a tripod
4. Being able to "program" the camera to take X photos over a span of X seconds -> example context: One turntable cycle is 15 seconds,> being able to automatically have the camera shoot over a span of 15 seconds would be needed

400-1000 USD

Other remarks/notes:
- Less weight and mobility is a plus
- Video recording in decent quality is a plus
- I am a gadget geek, so the more camera options the better, things like: screen touch, camera settings etc. would be a plus


It depends on the quality you want and how much time you are willing to put in. If you are buying a better camera with the expectation that it will automatically make you a better photographer you are in for a disappointment. If on the other hand you want to learn photography, that is different.