Camera for casual use


Nov 14, 2017

I am looking for a budget camera for casual photography. I am not interested in DSLRs and just need a good quality camera that allows me to take photos without tinkering too much with settings. I will mainly be using this camera for traveling and taking pictures of landscapes/wildlife and for family vacations. Currently, I use my cell phone camera (galaxy s6) and mostly find the photos to be adequate so I am not very picky. I just want something that takes higher quality pics than the cell phone, has a good battery life and is relatively compact. Battery life is important for me because I often go camping, hiking so something that doesn't need to be plugged in too often is preferable.

Doing some research I have mostly found articles about beginner recommendations for DSLRs. I think I can afford to get a DSLR but I really don't think I need it because I will just end up using it as a normal camera without using any of its features. However, if there are any DSLRs that fit my use then I wont mind getting one. My budget is anywhere from $150 to $500 but for a regular camera I would prefer to keep it low. I also am open to buying used cameras.

Would appreciate any recommendations.


Saga Lout

Olde English
You may not like this idea but you can buy high-end cameras such as Nikon and Pentax for very little money if you go back to film. I'm not joking - I bought a Nikon FX80 SLR with a standard 50-80mm lens and a 300mm telescopic lens with a macro switch for under £45 British money.

It take marvellous photos and although I have to finish the film and wait twenty four hours for prints, it got me back into serious photography without spending a grand on equipment.

Just a suggestion.

Phillip Corcoran

Forget film, it's too much hassle now. I've been a film user for nearly 60 years, thank goodness digital cameras arrived and, with the right camera, are now capable of producing hi-res images of excellent quality in the right hands.

Digital is the way to go.


Nov 14, 2017

I appreciate the suggestion but I am not really much of a photographer. Looking for something simple to get the job done.

My confusion is if I really need a DSLR when I can spend less on a regular camera? I will never even change the settings on it let alone the lenses etc. Would it be better than a regular camera if I just use it for casual photography on default settings?



This depends on your level of interest.

The low and medium quality point and shoot cameras might be "a bit better" than your cell phone.
It also comes down to familiarity and investigation.
In good light, you can get pretty reasonable pics from a P&S, if your current cell phone is mostly "acceptable" to you.

Look through here and see what catches your eye, in your budget:!


Mar 16, 2016
Stay away from DSLRs and cameras which look like DSLRs. Those are for people who care enough about photography to invest time and energy learning the finer points for composition, lighting, exposure and so on. For casual photographers, consider just using your phone. If you want just a little better, consider something like a Sony rx100. It has a larger sensor (better image quality from larger sensors), a half decent lens, and fits in your pocket. If you buy used it will also fit your budget.
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