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    Info Asus ZenFone 6 Hands-On: You’ve Never Seen a Camera Like This

    Asus’ new ZenFone 6 can pull off camera tricks no other smartphone can. Asus ZenFone 6 Hands-On: You’ve Never Seen a Camera Like This : Read more
  2. Mark Spoonauer

    Info OnePlus 7 Pro Battery Life: We Have Bad News (and Good News)

    Despite having a large 4,000 mAh battery, the OnePlus 7 Pro doesn’t last as long as other flagship phones. But at least it charges very fast. OnePlus 7 Pro Battery Life: We Have Bad News (and Good News) : Read more
  3. PhilipMichaels

    Here's How to Check If Your Current Phone Plan Is Good (or Bad)

    Cellphone plans are constantly changing. Make sure your carrier isn't offering something better than the plan you've held on to for years. Here's How to Check If Your Current Phone Plan Is Good (or Bad) : Read more
  4. PhilipMichaels

    Discussion Galaxy S10 Plus vs. Note 9: Which Samsung Phone Has the Best Camera?

    The Galaxy S10 Plus and Note 9 both boast excellent cameras. We pitted the two phones against each other in a photo face-off. Galaxy S10 Plus vs. Note 9: Which Samsung Phone Has the Best Camera? : Read more
  5. M

    i have gmail address can i find the person contact number

    i have one person gmail id can i know the id cell phone number or person details
  6. A

    I m lost my my phone oppo a37 so i m block sim cards service

    I m lost my cell phone so i m fully switch off my phone or sim card service another etc.
  7. M

    Keyboard has disappeared

    It is saying that my keyboard is not attached or connected to my Motorola Cruise cell phone had what steps do I need to take to fix that
  8. H

    new cell phone provider // red pocket

    anybody that has experience with red pocket cell phone service,, good bad or other wise ..... Their prices are hard to believe 10 $ a month for minimum service .. 500 minutes 500 texts message 500 mb data .. hard to believe on prices.. 70 countries overseas to call long distance.. are they...
  9. T

    Solved! how do i get mt broken straight talk cell phone to work on a Verizon phone i had in my drawer for yers?

    I have a straight talk cell that i dropped and i heard that you can use a straight talk account on my old Verizon cell phone. How?
  10. C

    My friend’s cell phone says, “the service you have been attempting to use has been restricted”...what does this mean?

    My friend’s cell phone says, “the service you have been attempting to use has been restricted”...what does this mean?
  11. A

    cell phone maker

    i can not remember what the name of this website was, it had a bunch of surgery games and a cell phone maker game where you made a phone and adjusted its features based on who you talked to and made t for
  12. T

    How can I get a puk code for my smart watch I have the cell number

    I don't know what I did or didn't do but I was pairingit to my cell phone. And somehow outs asking for this puk code I have no clue. The number to the watch phone is. * Moderator edit for personal info*
  13. M

    Smart TV it's a element

    How do I stream my element smart TV to my Netflix on my cell phone without internet
  14. T

    How do I read text messages that I receive from others? Can send okay but where to read received ones.

    How do I read my text messages on my Motorola cell phone. I can send them but don't know how to retrieve messages that are sent/responded to me. Thanks!
  15. M

    Huawei p10 Lite -wrong number

    Hello! I have problem. When I bought cell phone I put in it some sim card, just to try it.After that I put my sim card, with my number. And now in settings I have first (wrong) number. How can I change it? Except making reset.
  16. L

    Phone Locator find my phone

    I lost my cool pad Illumina cell phone
  17. J

    Solved! how can i trace my phone using EMEI but the data of my phone was not open

    i want my cellphone to be back as soon as possible
  18. K

    Solved! Buy used cell phone

    What’s the best reputable company/ website to buy used cell phones?
  19. F

    i lost my phone and i forget to back up my data there is a chance or not to get my data back?

    i lost my cell phone and i did not back up my data if there is chance of get my data back please tell me my email is Removed
  20. R

    Solved! Do you sell a device that works good streaming from cell phone hotspots

    Do you sell a device that works good from cell phone hotspot
  21. T

    Solved! Wifi won't show hotspot from cellphone

    I have an Asus R 540s labtop that all of a sudden stop connecting to the internet. Through WiFi, my cell phone I use as a hot. My other devices see the phone like my labtop use to do; now it doesn't even see it listed in the current wifi connection. I tried to delete the wifi but it will not...
  22. H

    Solved! Hi. I have a very similar issue. And have lost nearly all hope. PLEASE HELP!

    In a very similar kind of predicament. I have an old Samsung SGH-E317 clamshell-style cell phone with pictures on it that I'd like to transfer to a computer (MAC or desktop). I've tried lots of things. Purchased a "data-sync cable". Didn't do anything. Took the phone and its SIM card to a CVS...
  23. S

    I need call details of my cellphone no. [# removed]

    I needed for recall . on those who called me on 10.11.2018 at 12.00 p.m. to 11.11.2018 at 12.00 a.m. as because that time I was not abled to attand the calls.
  24. S

    Solved! How to get pictures off an LG slider phone

    I have a LG slider cell phone that is no longer active on a plan. I want to get the pictures off it. How do I do this? Can I transfer those pictures to a SD card and then to a PC? Thanks, Gary
  25. D

    looking for a cell phone with no internet capability, only talk and text.

    I have need of an AT&T cell phone, new or used, or a prepaid phone, that does not have internet capability. Blue tooth is fine, but no wifi or cell signal reception. Can someone help me find one?
  26. P

    Solved! to swap a Sim card from Vodafone to 2degrees

    I want to change my cell phone provider to another provider
  27. F

    Cell Phone Unlock

    Have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, T-Mobile, need to unlock it, service on this phone stopped, no sim card. Paid a co on the internet $20 to send code, this morning they want another $40, help please
  28. PhilipMichaels

    The OnePlus 6T Is a Great Value, But What Are the Trade-Offs?

    The OnePlus 6T’s premium features and lower price tag makes it a compelling alternative to pricier flagships, but you need to make some sacrifices. The OnePlus 6T Is a Great Value, But What Are the Trade-Offs? : Read more
  29. B

    Solved! Can I transfer movie on USB from a71

    Want to paste movie on USB from my cell phone oppoa71
  30. J

    Solved! Google bound virus or cellphone account?

    Google play services runs full speed and won't stop. Problem has moved from device to device even with new google accounts. It seems to have someone operating it as it uses accessibility software to control the devices. Turns network on and off sound on and off do not disturb. Pins screens...
  31. V

    Solved! i lost my cell phone vivo v9 how can i recover it

    plz help for serch my cell phone
  32. E

    Audio speaker cell phone

    Is there a problem if i connect my 40Watt speaker with my cell phone ?? Via aux
  33. G

    why is my alcatel cell phone that I just got is overheating????!!

    why is my alcatel boostmobile cell pone is overheating???? is supposed to be new!!
  34. B

    How do I find my cell phone number on my iPhone when I was a ???

    How do I find my iPhone's cell phone number when it doesn't show show me at
  35. R

    It was a landline that i transfered to my cell phone now i want to make it a landline again

    I have a landline number that i transfered to my cell phone. Now i want to get it off my cell phone n make it a landline again
  36. G

    Huawei Mate SE fell into water

    My cell phone (Huawei MATE SE), fell into the water. It turns on ok, but no response on touch. I took it to a store, they performed what they called "chemical bath" but it didn't work. I need to buy the whole display, and I have to look for it by myself (buy on USA and send to my country). Where...
  37. L

    Facebook says the app is download on my galaxy tab 8.4 but isn't it's only on cell phone nit mytablet

    Facebook and messenger disappeared from my samsung galaxy tab 8.4 I tryed reinstalling again but it says it's already installed, I cannot find where it is, When I hit install I only get the option to reinstall on cell that shows up all the time, I do not get the option to reinstall on my...
  38. A

    note 5 not in normal mode

    how to go back to normal mode if note 5 is just showing samsung name on screen even i turn it off almost 10times by using volume key down and off button, still i cannot access normal mode in my cellphone note5. please help.
  39. G

    First charge, Do i use ac plug or use the port like a cell phone

    This is stupid but is it best to use ac cord that comes with it or use the port harger
  40. A

    You Sim card serial number to find a cell phone number

    How do use a Sim card serial number to find a cell phone number
  41. T

    how do I transfer my pictures from a deactivated Pentech cell phone it is old

    I have tried the usb from phone to computer it dose not recognize the phone
  42. B

    Total wireless cellphone

    Just need a plane flip phone my LG from att isn't compatible but they have a 3g LG about 30$ and it's 25$ unlimited talk and text not sure what carrier but They referred me to simply wireless because I had the att phone! Need to update anyway it's from 2015 they also have a Android flip phone 4G...
  43. M

    What Are Presidential Text Alerts, and Can You Turn Them Off?

    FEMA will test the presidential alert warning system today. Here's what to do if you don't want your phone to start buzzing and beeping. What Are Presidential Text Alerts, and Can You Turn Them Off? : Read more
  44. M

    no cell phone

    i just received my Fixd but I do not have a ceel phone at the monent so can I download it on my computer?
  45. T

    How can i remotely see text messages and replies on my tech saavy teenagers phone without them knowing or being able to find a

    My teenager is very tech savvy when it comes to his cell phone. I've noticed a drastic change in him lately. I want to read his text messages and replies without him having any idea that Mom is invading his privacy. Is there anyway to do this remotely to monitor his device without having to pay...
  46. E

    Looking for a Smartwatch to replace my Smartphone

    Hi All, I am looking for a Smartwatch able to replace my cell phone at home. I am wasting to much time on it (youtube mostly) and would like to get it out of my house, we got rid of the TV a few years back but this little screen is turning out to be quite the time vacuum. I wish to leave my...
  47. M

    Laptop tops at 10mbps on 5 ghz wifi

    Hi, my laptop tops at 10mbps on 5ghz wi-fi connection, while my cell phone gets 60mbps. My internet provider says the problem lies in my laptop's wi-fi card, but when I connect my laptop using the cell phone's wi-fi tethering connection I get at least 40 mbps. So my problem seems to be software...
  48. B

    My landline will not accept cell phone calls

    Why does my Comcast land line reject cell calls?
  49. S

    I did not save his phone number

    Hi! This is urgent and extremely important. I have an acquaintance whom I met last Wed afternoon in Delhi . We got our SIMs from Delhi. Problem is I did not save his phone number correctly. Instead of saving his cell phone number, I saved his SIM SERIAL NUMBER thinking that was his cell phone...
  50. F

    I am using huawei y5ii. I charged my cellphone next day my sim card is not working....and I put my sim card on another cellpho

    I am using huawei y5ii.. My problem is this few days back my cellphone is on charging next day my sim card is not open is my sim card burnt? Or lock itself because I don't put any codes I go to setting open sim management but that sim is not open my device shows green light when sim is active...
  51. J

    Recovery old photos

    How can I recover my old pictures from a old cell phone someone stole? And I can't find it on Google.
  52. D

    How do I smart view my S8 plus cell phone to my TCL flat screen TV

    How do I smart the you my S8 plus cell phone to my TCL55 inch flat screen TV with no Internet
  53. F

    Sim Card Help

    I have a ZTE cellphone and a sim card in it but it wont read it. I cant move anything to it plus in settings if I hit on a app all it say is uninstall and forcestop but no ( MOVE TO ). I've read on other sites people have the same problems with this cellphone. IT wont read the sim card. I cant...
  54. G

    Phone won’t turn on

    My mother in law has the ZTE Z223 cell phone. My daughter dropped the phone on the floor, and now the phone won’t turn back on. I placed it on the charger and the screen lit up, but it still wouldn’t turn on. Any help if any would be great.
  55. A

    Does an unlocked moto z force droid XT1650-02 will work in Canada ?

    I would use this cellphone in Canada but I need to buy it in the USA. Help me please
  56. L

    Freetel cell Phone

    Need to unlock my sim for my freetel phone
  57. D

    how to track my lost vivo cellphone

    how to track my lost vivo cellphone
  58. J

    I have a HTC One cell phone with Sprint service how do I change the AT&T service

    I have a HTC One phone Sprint service how do I change the AT&T service
  59. S

    plz help me I am searching my phone

    how can I find my cell phone I have imei no. email address cell phone no. I have box can you please help me answer me by email [don't post your email address on the forum]
  60. A

    How do I retrieve and erased voicemail on an Apple eight cell phone

    How do I retrieve it and he raced voicemail on an Apple eight cell phone