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  1. E

    better service carrier

    I live in Hull MA and have Verizon Cell Phone Service. I am been having problems with dropped calls. There support said that I needed a Signal Extender at my home with a cost to me of $250 along with that I would have to have computer service in the home . Is there any other carrier that I...
  2. jsimenhoff

    Cell Phone Reception Study

    Do you know of a bad reception area in northern Utah? The Tom’s Hardware team is on the hunt for places where cell phone signals are virtually non-existent! If you know of a dead-cell spot in the mid-Rockies region, tell us!
  3. G

    Unknown 8 digit short codes

    During the last 3 months, I've seen over 1000 text codes from an 8-digit short code 22223333 show up on my phone usage activity from my provider but the phone never receives the texts on my phone. I receive 10-20 every day at all hours. Does anyone have an idea what these texts are and where...
  4. G

    Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium Review: The Bigger They Are…

    The range-topping Xperia XZ2 Premium adds a 4K display and dual cameras to Sony's formidable Android flagship, but the phone remains stuck in the past. Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium Review: The Bigger They Are… : Read more
  5. T

    My Mobicel Rebel cellphone does not recognize my SD card, I had configured the SD card to Internal storage, weeks later I swit

    My Mobicel Rebel cellphone does not my SD card, this after I had removed the card from the phone and performed a back to factory settings reset. I had switched the off prior to removing the card.
  6. K

    Not DVD but external speaker to cell

    I have a Uc external speaer to be hooked to my cellphone
  7. S

    $200 budget mobile gaming device

    I broke my old S5 this past weekend and I'm looking to replace it with the best device I can get for mobile games, youtube and music. Service doesn't matter as its just at at home device that will only be connected to wifi anyway. I have been out of the mobile loop for a while and not sure what...
  8. W

    Solved! Cell phone gadget for hard-of-hearing

    As one with impaired hearing, I would like a gadget that I can somehow connect or attach to my cell phone so that a loud audible alarm sounds when a call comes in. Is there such a product on the market? Any ideas for building one? How about sounding the alarm when an email message is received...
  9. G

    How to Avoid (and Block) 'Neighbor-Spoofing' Robocalls

    Are you being flooded by spam calls from numbers with your area code and prefix? Here's how to avoid being tricked by these phony neighbors. How to Avoid (and Block) 'Neighbor-Spoofing' Robocalls : Read more
  10. M

    Google dashboard help

    Google dashboard shoes 3 devices using my google account. I am aware of 2 cellphones but I dont know what this LG K8 is. It shows last synced yesturday. When i click review devices it DOES NOT give me the option to remove this device, however I can remove the 2 other cell phones. What does this...
  11. S

    How to lock my lenevo android mobile phone

    Sir in my cell phone gmail account is activate and I couldnot set privacy or password in my gallery and document .How I can lock my mobile
  12. I

    What cable do I need?

    I am new to cell phones. What cable do I need to connect my phone to a Corvette infotainment device?
  13. PhilipMichaels

    Sprint 55 vs. T-Mobile 55+ vs. Consumer Cellular: Which Is Best?

    Sprint and T-Mobile have dueling data plans that target customers 55 years and older. How do they compare, and can they beat Consumer Cellular's senior-focused cellphone service? Sprint 55 vs. T-Mobile 55+ vs. Consumer Cellular: Which Is Best? : Read more
  14. R

    Laptop 200-300? So many choices

    Hello Forum! Ive searched the interwebs and this forum but i didn't exactly find the answer I was looking for..... Anyways, I'm looking for a laptop for: -Basic Browsing -Netflix -Emails -Word Documents etc Only games to be played are Club Penguin and Roblox (8 yr old Child)..... My cell...
  15. B

    I have an SD cord on my cell it go's in but how do I get to it.

    It is a ZTE cell phone and it haves an SD cord it goes in but who do I look at it.
  16. C

    my zte n817 is so slow, can I speed it up?

    I got a zte N817 from Qlink and it is so slow, apps always misbehaving, I only have about 1 or 2 bars of signal strength. Is there anything that I can do to fix any of this? Thanks for any advice.
  17. O

    No sound in the cell phone

    Can anybody help me? I am having a LG G4 but my phone has no sound from the speaker. Can someone tell me the cause and how to fix this? The problem is not hear the sonneries when someone calls Thank you!
  18. E

    Cell phone not connecting to WiFi after I accidentally hit disconnect and not connect.

    Cell phone not connecting to WiFi after I accidentally hit disconnect and not connect. Tried turning off and on WiFi, shut down phone, it Forget WiFi and nothing is letting me change my first selection to correct to connect. Any suggestions
  19. M

    Can I use same number on 2 active phones at the same time? One phone on Verizon and one phone on straight talk

    Looking for Information on same cell number on two active phones on different Networks
  20. D

    How can i check if this cell is my stolen phone

    Im at my friends house my cell phone is missing and this cell. Phone I'm using sure real look like. Like the phone I had
  21. G

    How can I get more storage on my cell phone

    My cell phone keeps saying it's full
  22. Q

    Where can I replace the cell phone at los angeles

    My phone's battery is broken, I need to find the replacement phone battery iphone 7 plus at LA
  23. B

    Rotating cell phone

    How do I rotate my cell phone screen to play games. I have S8.
  24. G

    Solved! Did factory reset and now it's aski g for previous email

    Factory reset huawei cell phone now it's asking for previous Gmail account associated with phone. I bought the phone used what do I do to get it to work
  25. Mike Andronico

    Best Cellphone Monitoring Software

    Here are the best cellphone monitoring programs for tracking what your kids and employees are doing on their mobile devices. Best Cellphone Monitoring Software: Read more
  26. S

    Would a cell phone ever have the disconnected recording if it still in service

    I called my boyfriend and got a recording saying the number had been changed or disconnected. Then about 30 min later I called again and he actually answered the phone
  27. D

    How do I link my DVD player and tablet and Android phone with my magnavox manual old flat screen TV and magnavox DVD player?

    I have a LG stylo3 plus and a tablet and a magnavox tv and DVD player I want to watch YouTube videos on my magnavox tv or DVD player I have YouTube on both devices but my magnavox tv is not a smart TV it's a regular flat screen TV and I don't have a remote to either tv or DVD player I have a...
  28. D

    Solved! Can you take a Micro USB 2.0 OTG Cable Adapter Male Micro USB to Female USB and connect to a cell phone

    Can you take a Micro USB 2.0 OTG Cable Adapter Male Micro USB to Female USB and connect the turtle beach stealth 600 wireless transmitter to a cell phone
  29. F

    How can i save my song free up space without losing my music

    Every time i download music on my cellphone i try to save them i end up losing my songs all of them then have to started over from the beginning download
  30. J

    vivo 5s 1601

    stolen cellphone , it was my niece using my cellphone, and he forgot were he left it and someone stolen it, im trying to contact my number but its only ringing and not answering my phone call,
  31. R

    Hacking cell phone

    How can you tell if someone hacked your cell ..are there signs like strange background noise?
  32. R

    How to view cell phone history calls for a year

    How to view cell phone history to a certain no. for a years calling ..how
  33. G

    how to connect old android cellphone to local brand android tv without wifi

    How to connect my old android mobile to my local android tv without wifi connection
  34. N

    SD card not inserted

    my cellphone is samsung galaxy grand prime plus, I inserted 16gb sd card, after 2 months used(almost 7gb was used). while I am surfing internet my phone was automatically restarting, after that sd card was corrupted. i opened "my files" then it shows "SD card is not inserted" even it is...
  35. C

    How do I change my cell phone provider on Facebook

    I changed cell phone providers and fb sent me an alert saying I need to make the change but I don't know where.
  36. L

    Solved! how many cell phone minutes

    how many cell-phone talk minutes are in 30 gigabytes?
  37. B

    how do I block restricted calls on mt cell phone

    How can I block restricted phone calls?
  38. Graybush

    Solved! How Did You Lower Your Cell Phone Bill?

    It’s no big secret, bills stink! We all want to get the best deal on phone service and we prefer to do it while spending as little money as possible. There’s a ton of information out there regarding the billing process (how to access your account, how to change your plan. etc.) but there’s not a...
  39. A

    can I run Google chromecast with my cell phone data?

    Toshiba 43 inch with chromecast built-in. Does it have to be hooked up with WiFi?
  40. J

    I can't connect to my Data network

    What's new is that I am now using a 2nd SIM card. I got it while I was visiting Mexico. I also requested my cellphone services provider to disable everything on their SIM card (voice, SMS, data, etc). Now that I'm back home (Canada), I had my provider (Videotron) enabling the services again...
  41. B

    My computers Internet is fast but it’s my cell phone is slow

    I have Xfinity and on the computer I get up to 80 MB on my iPhone I only get 14 MB how can I change that?
  42. P

    if I transfer the pictures from my phone to computer, will I loose the pictures on my phone

    I have a lot of pictures, that i don't want to loose, on my cell phone, That I want to transfer them to my computer. (my question is will I loose the pictures on my cell phone after the transfer is done).
  43. J

    Police radio output

    Can you tell me the audio output range of a UK police radio? Is it above 3 5 khz? The standard cellphone is approx that is my understanding. I am asking as this relates to the relevance or not as to whether people with high frequency hearing loss at the 4khz range have a problem with using the...
  44. B

    Solved! Hot spot/ internet..

    I want opinions on what is better... Buying internet service, having router for laptop, cell phones, and tv. Or Buying a mobile hotspot device? Take this into consideration... PLEASE, I can't spend more than $200.00 total for a year.
  45. 8

    how do put apps and music on my sd card

    i just put in a new sd card in my cell phone and when i go ro the apps or music page i do not see where it says to add to sd card so i am totally comfused.
  46. S

    Can I use a Samsung SDHC EVO Memory Card in my Galaxy On5 Cell phone?

    I am trying to select a memory card for my Samsung Galaxy On5 Cell Phone, and don't the right card to get. Can anyone direct me in the right direction?
  47. S

    Class A headphone amp really useful?

    Hi all... I am just considering whether having a class-A headphone amp is really useful when used with a cellphone's headphone out.... while I am aware of the advantages of a Class-A headphone amp... would it matter if the cellphone's headphone output isnt class-A? I mean... lets say (for...
  48. F

    what cellphone has a 8-12 megapixel camera for the high resolution needed for prints that Tom’s Guide says is necessary

    I was just wondering if any smartphone has a high resolution capability of the 8-12 megapixel necessary for prints that I think I remember reading in the megapixel section of Tom’s Guide. I do not know if really for prints you need a camera not just a smartphone.
  49. F

    How can I find my mobile Oppo A57 through IMEI number

    I lost my cell phone somewhere. please help me
  50. S

    Installing a sd card for Stylo 2

    I have a stylo 2 & 64 gb on sd card my phone cant find the sd card how do i do this... We have tryed different cellphones & different sd card & we cant figure it out..thanks
  51. U

    How to move apps to my SD card

    How do I move my apps from my zte835 cellphone to my SD card.
  52. L

    Praying for a good night sleep.

    how to watch live activity an locations on my 4 teenage children phones, for free. single Mother.
  53. J

    Unlocking Galaxy from StraightTalk

    Cellphone companies like StraightTalk actually use a lot of carriers. For GSM, it's mostly AT&T. That being said, are Galaxys purchased from Walmart for use with StraightTalk "locked" in the first place? These phones may have been purchased on sale at Walmart. They were fully paid for. There is...
  54. R

    How can i get back my old gmail account from my old phone

    How can i get back my old gmail account... i had for a old Android cell phone... i been trying to get back in my old instergram but i can't get the renew the password the old gmail password... and thay a gmail acc make a new pass word to the old gmail but i can't in that acc
  55. S

    Lost the card that my Sim card came in. any important info on that?

    When I got my SIM card, it came in a card that I punched it out of. I lost that card but I remember there being some codes on it. were any of those important and shouldnt be seen by others?
  56. B

    My smart tv is not r cognizant my WiFi but my cell phones does

    My smart TVs not recognizing WiFi available even though our cell phones connects to the WiFi
  57. A

    How can I transfer the contents of my cellphone to my SD card wherein I just like to move them to my SD card

    Phone contents was already full, I just want to them to SD card
  58. X

    what do if my cellphone screen turns black?

    I dropped my phone after how many weeks my phone turned into violet then I remove the battery again and again then my phone screen turns into black Cellphone: Samsung Galaxy S3 Model: GT-19300 Battery: Made in China Cellphone: Made in Vietnam My grandfather bought it from Saudi
  59. D

    I plan To but the Blu advance 5.2 débloqué et jaimerais savoir si c'est compatible avec Virgin.

    Is Blu Advance 5,2 cell compatible with Virgin? Thank so much. It is 5,2, 8gb cell Phone.