Class A headphone amp really useful?

Mar 4, 2018
Hi all...

I am just considering whether having a class-A headphone amp is really useful when used with a cellphone's headphone out....

while I am aware of the advantages of a Class-A headphone amp... would it matter if the cellphone's headphone output isnt class-A? I mean... lets say (for argument's sake).... my headphone output on my phone is class-B... and I use a class-A headphone amp with it... doesnt that nullify the benefits of the class-A amp since the signal it receives from the phone is already 'distorted' by the class-B?

So... unless the class-A amp has some way of correcting that 'distortion'... the class-A aspect of the amp becomes negated?

A Class A amplifier will faithfully reproduce the entire waverform that is passed through it.

Class A amplifiers are usually used for HIFI applications.

So it will faithfully reproduce the crappy sound your cellphone produces ...

A real class A amplifier draws full power from the power supply regardless of how loud you are playing it. Not conducive to long battery life. It could add a certain sweetness that could compensate for harsh cell phone output. It's a band aid but not a cure. I think they are more intended for use with digital audio players than phones.
Most audio amplifiers are class AB. Class B is more for communications rather than music.
Mar 4, 2018

Thanks for the response... but I know that already... that didnt answer my question....
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