Question Can I split Speaker output to another amp? Wattage?

Oct 9, 2021
I am trying to send audio to a small 100 watt amp to power my Transducers/Bass Shakers on my chair. I tested the amp/shakers and it all works fine coming from a headphones jack. But I don't have any more outputs on my AVR(Denon S750H)). It doesn't have any Line Outs. And the headphone jack mutes all speaker output. I have tried splitting off the Subwoofer output, but that did not work very well. I had to turn the AVR's Subwoofer channel from -12 to +12 (the max) to get a noticeable shake out of it. I talked to an Audio Store about that and they said it was the wrong signal(I don't know much about that stuff). I just didn't want to do that anyway.. Bad for my SW and it didn't shake well...

Can I split off a speaker(F/L) from my AVR to this 100 watt amp?

I've read forum posts about using a Line Level Converter. My AVR outputs 110 watts to each of it's 7 channels. But I can't find a Line Level Converter that says it can handle 100+ watts??

And would a LLC affect the audio to the AVR speaker(F/L)???
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